I Was Called Incompetent ch.30

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Translator: Raizu
Editor: Mirp

Episode 30 : Trident

Why, why, why, why, why, why, why, why, why, why, why, why, why, why, why, why.

[Haah… haaah…!]

Don’t wanna Don’t wanna Don’t wanna Don’t wanna Don’t wanna Don’t wanna Don’t wanna Don’t wanna Don’t wanna Don’t wanna Don’t wanna Don’t wanna Don’t wanna Don’t wanna Don’t wanna Don’t wanna Don’t wanna Don’t wanna Don’t wanna Don’t wanna Don’t wanna Don’t wanna Don’t wanna Don’t wanna Don’t wanna Don’t wanna Don’t wanna Don’t wanna Don’t wanna Don’t wanna Don’t wanna Don’t wanna Don’t wanna Don’t wanna Don’t wanna Don’t wanna Don’t wanna Don’t wanna Don’t wanna.

[Haah… cough cough….. haaaa!]

I have to run away I have to run away I have to run away I have to run away I have to run away I have to run away I have to run away I have to run away I have to run away I have to run away I have to run away I have to run away I have to run away I have to run away I have to run away I have to run away.

[Oi, look here! It’s over here!!]

It was a moment of despair.

[Haa… haaah….!]

All I wanted to do was bask in the sun for a while.

[She’s not here! Look around!]

So I simply headed to the streets as is.

[A little more… No no no no… Just a little more…!]

At that time, I came across a happy looking family.

[It’s in here! ! Over here! !]

They looked back at me as if they’re staring at trash.

[N, nooooooooo!]

Before I knew it, I already attempted to pummel them.

[Surround her, surround her!]

Why I did that, even I don’t know.

[No more way left to run… you damn incompetent!]

That’s it… it’s over… ahaha…..


[Rhode-sama? Why are you grinning like that? It makes me feel a little uncomfortable.]

[Oi, Levi… no need to put such a disgusted look…]

It was two days after wyvern subjugation.
Hagar-san said that he’d finish his work in about 4 days give or take.
I spent two days taking simple requests from the guild, and I planned to spend the remaining 2 days relaxing.

Since that night, my distance with Levi had basically disappeared.
Things we never really did before, like joking around, we can now do it freely. I’m happy to see her acting relaxed around me.

[I was kidding. So, is there something?]

[Really now… Hey, take a look at this.]

Levi leaned closer to me to have a better look at the notebook.
Such a simple act, but it filled my heart with comfort.

[Ah, it is increasing.]

[That’s right. Two more pages lit up. Could it be because Solomon convinced them? So I thought I should start to get to know them. I think it’s a good idea to not keep them waiting for too long.]

The requests I received for the past 2 days were so easy, me and Levi could finish them without relying on Materialization at all.
And if you noticed already, there’s another reason.

[Are we going to spend the next two days while waiting for the armor that way?]

[Yeah, do you mind, Levi?]

[I do not mind. From the beginning… I had the same thoughts as Rhode-sama after all.]

Levi smiled.
How cute.

By the way, so far we had met Excalibur, Caduceus, Brionac, Aegis, Balmung, Failnaugh, and Solomon for a total of seven.

[There are five more to go. First, I think it should be Trident.]

[We borrowed Trident’s power the other day. I guess it’s better to repay that debt first.]

[Yosh, let’s summon Trident then.]

Solomon said that Trident can be a bit troublesome… which made me wonder why it chose to aid me.
And there are many other things I’d like to hear as well.

After I took out Trident from the notebook, Levi handed me a piece of paper.
The whole process took only 5 seconds.
……isn’t that way too fast?


Trident Spear of the Sea God

A divine spear created by the Sea God.

It carries an unimaginable power, said to be able to cause natural disasters.

Capable of manipulating water freely.

Rank : 【SSS】

Ability : 【SSS】


It was a short explanation. But on the contrary, I knew how powerful the weapon is.
As Solomon said, this spear carried a tremendous power.
Anyways, let’s have a talk with it.

When I casted Materialization magic on it, the spear was enveloped in a mixture of gold and blue swirl, before gradually turning into the form of a human.
Slender and long limbs like those of Brionac’s, and a height not much different from mine.
What appeared before us, was a beautiful woman.

She’s wearing a golden dress with a daring low cut on the chest area. On her hand, the three pronged spear that was her weapon self.
Once she materialized completely, she brushed her long blue hair, then looked at me with her golden eyes.

[Ho…well well… this is a first. Lord Master-dono. This mistress’ name is Trident. It is an honor to finally meet you in person.]

What is this? She seemed like a nice person, didn’t she?
Even so, she’s overwhelmingly beautiful… I found it a bit unbearable.

[Oh, it’s nice to meet you too, Trident. Thank you for aiding us with your strength the other day. I’m looking forward to working with you again in the future.]

[Fufu…this mistress is glad that our power is of any use. Then, is there anything this mistress could be of service?]

[Ah, I just want to have a talk for now. Like, why did you decide to lend your aid to me?]

[Ah, it was for a simple reason, really…..]

Trident suddenly approached and brought her face closer to mine, while also hugging me.

[Wha!? Hiii!?]

She bit me lightly in the ear, giving me goosebumps all over my body.
She then whispered in an oh-so-sweet voice.

[Because this mistress adores a man like Lord Master-dono. Fufu… feels so ripe to eat.]

[T, T, T, Trident!?]

[T,Trident-sama! Please stop!]

Levi unusually became frantic, trying to pull Trident away from me.
Once she peeled me away from Trident, Levi immediately bowed and apologized to the latter.

[Oyaoya, so you have claimed ownership to Lord Master-dono? What a shame…fufu]

Trident, who licked her lips and giggled after muttering [Fine, fine], continued to talk to Levi.
By the way, my goosebumps still hadn’t settled down yet.

[This mistress lends our power only to those we like. We fell in love with Lord Master-dono’s temperament. That is the reason. Do you not agree too, little one?]

[Ah, yes… somewhat.]

[It appears that the trash-for-a-head Solomon spoke ill of this mistress… Well, no need to heed his raving. This mistress will aid Lord Master-dono. And we do not have any particular wish, for now. Speaking of which… I wonder how far Lord Master-dono could go?]

Trident let out a suspicious giggle once again.
I don’t think she’s joking all this time…

[Well, as long as it’s within the realm of possibility for me…]

[Fufu… This mistress will be looking forward to it. Well, we should return now that this conversation is over. Please call us again when Lord Master-dono needs us.]

[Thank you, Trident. I will in the future.]

[Ah, and one last thing. Do it more slowly… at night]

Trident propped my chin with her finger, whispering to me at a distance where our noses almost touched.
The goosebumps on my body acted up again…

[T, Trident-sama…!]

[Fufu… pardon, pardon. Well then]

I undid my magic, and returned her to the notebook.
Only now I could finally understand what “the most beautiful in the entire world” really looks like.
Her beauty was otherworldly.
That really made my heart pound…

[Rho, Rhode-sama…]

[It’s okay, Levi. No worries.]

Hearing me saying so as I stroke her head, Levi smiled back to me albeit with slightly teary eyes.
She’s so cute after all.

[Alright then, let’s call the next one. Now that I think about it, very few of them actually had wishes.]

[Perhaps they never imagined that one day they would have their own human body. I think, for them, it is a pleasure to be able to move freely and use their own power without having to be wielded by someone.]

The fact that they could talk and walk the earth like a normal human is probably like a miracle already for the divine armaments.
In any case, I’m glad that my power can bring happiness to others.

[Then, next is…..]

At the same time, the communication stone started emitting light.
Apparently someone is trying to contact me.

[Hagar-san…? Is it not a bit too early?]

[Anyways, I’ll answer this first. Yes, who is this?]

『Ah, it’s, it’s me!』

The loud voice coming from the stone belonged to Lana-san.
By the way, when I completed the simple request the other day, the guild asked me to link my communication stone with theirs.
She sounded somewhat in a panic this time…..

[Ah, Lana-sama. What happened? You sounded panicked…]

『Te, Tenea-sama…..has fallen!』




Trident’s illustration taken from the Light Novel.

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