I Was Called Incompetent ch.32

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Episode 32 : Heracles

[Come out, Heracles!]

A huge club and a great bow emerged from the notebook.
When I picked both weapons, I could feel my body boiling with explosive strength.

[Wha, what a great strength…just holding them alone…gives me the sense of overflowing strength…]

[Yes, even I could feel it too…]


Heracles’ World Tree Club and the Hydra Greatbow

A large club and a greatbow formerly wielded by the legendary hero Heracles.
He made these weapons himself, but with Heracles being deified after his death, the two weapons were later considered legendary armaments.
Heracles never really named his weapons, so these two weapons were collectively referred to using his name.

Due to his immense strength, no regular weapon could withstand being wielded by Heracles.
Therefore he crafted a crude club from a particularly large branch of the World Tree Yggdrasil, and wielded it as his weapon ever since.
It is said that he had smashed countless monsters to death with this club, as the World Tree’s power rendered it nigh unbreakable.

On the other hand, the bow was also made from the branch of the same World Tree. The hydra’s leather used as the bowstring gave the bow an ability to infuse the arrow with deadly poison.
The bow itself cannot be notched without a considerable amount of strength, but its range and power were unrivaled.

The wielder of these two weapons would be granted with increased vitality, allowing to heal minor wounds almost instantly.
In addition to that, they also granted explosive strength just from wielding them together.

However, they cannot be used to attack a woman.

Rank : 【SSS】

Ability : 【SSS】


[They’re huge though… I wonder if I can wield them properly.]

The club and the greatbow themselves were as tall as myself.

[Ah, they are surprisingly light. Perhaps because they were made from tree branches? Both of them combined only weigh 120 kilograms.]

ONLY 120 kilograms…?
That was still a large number… but they were still individually lighter than Balmung.
Anyways, that means I could use Materialization magic on them just fine.

[Mu, Rhode-sama, hurry up. It is surprisingly swift footed.]

[Ugh, we shouldn’t get too close. Let’s go.]

I didn’t know which one I should try to Materialize first. When I tried it on the club, nothing actually happened.
Wondering why that happened, I casted Materialization magic on the greatbow. This time, the two weapons started to float by itself, emitting golden light.

Materialization magic didn’t work when I applied it on only one of them, which means that these two weapons were considered as one entity.
Perhaps it’s because they were made of the branches from the same tree. Now I get it why both of them could inhabit the same page.
I have to use my magic on both of them to properly Materialize them.
Is it because they held such an immense strength?

While thinking so, the two lights mixed together in the air, creating a ball of brighter light.
The light gradually molded into a shape…

[I, isn’t it a bit too big?]

[It is… big indeed.]

The light swelled into a humanoid shape that was much larger than any other divine armaments that I have materialized before.
This person was more than twice as tall as me, so probably about 4 meter in height.
The wavy, burning red hair reminded me that of the lion’s mane.

What appeared before us…was a woman.
Moreover, a fairly beautiful one at that.
She was dressed in a simple waistcloth and brown breastplate, showing off the rest of her body.


She slowly opened her eyes. And after looking around to her surroundings, she finally noticed us.
Apparently we were too short for her to see the first time.

[So there you are. I didn’t notice at all, O Possessor! Ahahahaha!]

Don’t laugh that loud… it will notice us… It really noticed us!
When I turned my head around to check the ‘giant’, it was already running toward us.
We were caught with our pants down…!

[Ni, nice to meet you, Heracles! Errr…..]

[No need to say more, O Possessor. Is that the creature I need to slaughter? Leave it to me.]

Heracles banged her fist into her almost comically large chest, then started drawing her greatbow.
When she did so, the bow let out a sound as if something had been forcibly cracked open.
A huge arrow of light suddenly formed in Heracles’ hand, as she took a deep breath and drew the bowstring further.

[Hear hear! My name is Heracles! Dreadful mayhap my appearance, but my spirit is true! Wild and savage I may look, but that was the furthest from truth! The moment you think otherwise, then that will be the last mistake you will ever do, forevermore!]

Levi and I had to cover our ears because Heracles’ voice was too loud, but even then the noise still managed to sneak into our eardrum.
The moment Heracles released the arrow, a shockwave hit my body.
The arrow of light easily penetrated the “giant’s” shoulder, sending it sprawling in the air.

[Tha, that giant actually…]

The “giant” spun in midair for several moments, before finally landing headfirst on the ground.
F, for real…?

[Ah, I forgot to apply the poison! Well, whatever! O Possessor, time to crush its skull to smithereens!]

[Ye, yeah…]

Putting the greatbow on her back, Heracles kicked the earth as she drew out the club hanging on her waist.
Fast couldn’t begin to describe it.
She was like the wind.

[Ah, Levi! We should go as well!]

[Ah, yes!]

Both of us were staring in daze due to how amazing the scene was. But we also need to join the fight.
The “giant” had already risen back, shaking its head.
It really deserved its second name if that attack didn’t kill it instantly.

[Ho… it’s huge!]

In a blink of an eye, Heracles already stood in front of the “giant”, watching it with a happy look on her face.
Like a child finding a toy right in front of her.

Heracles was already much bigger than me and Levi, but the “giant” was three times as large.
The “giant” swung its right arm at Heracles who was standing right in front of it without hesitation.
Despite having drawn her club already, Heracles simply stood there unmoving.
The gigantic fist of the “giant” fell upon Heracles.

The fist slammed right on Heracles’ head….but she didn’t even flinch, as though that gigantic fist means nothing to her.
Her neck didn’t even as much as leaning slightly.

[Fumu, just a tinfoil can. What a bore…]

After saying so, Heracles finally made a move. She swung her club low, sweeping the “giant’s” leg clean.
With its leg disappeared, the upper half of the “giant’s” body fell down to fill the empty space. Not to mention the “giant”, even me and Levi were left amazed.


[Ahahaha! You’re no longer as big now. Well then, be proud that you get to be killed by me… You barbaric existence.]

The next moment, the “giant” was no longer a giant.


[Sorry, Heracles. To have you help us carry it back to the town.]

[Sure sure. I have completely evaporated the legs, so it’s a tad bit lighter now.]

Heracles laughed again while she nonchalantly dragged the “giant’s” body whose head had been crushed by its arm.
This woman was way too strong…

[By the way, why did Heracles willing to help me?]

[Nn? Right… it’s because I saw the light within you, Possessor. Or something like that.]


[Un. It’s hard to describe it. The light, it feels similar to my creator’s.]

The legendary Hero himself?
That would be too much of a compliment for me.

[I’m not really sure about that… But thank you. I look forward to working with you from now on. So, is there anything you want to do?]

[What I want to do? It’s obvious. To fight against a strong opponent. I’m not interested in anything else.]

I see.
It’s a simple and clear wish.
Perhaps it’ll be fulfilled soon enough.

[Okay. I’ll call you when I find a really tough opponent.]

[Yes, please do. Though I never thought there will be a day when I get to fight as myself. I have a Possessor to thank for that! Ahahaha!]

[Glad if you’re happy.]

[Even so, I never thought that Heracles would materialized into such a beautiful woman.]

[Oi oi… Don’t say such an ironic thing, please?]

[N, no! I really mean it!]

[I have the same thought, Heracles.]

[I, is that so? Then I guess thank you for being honest! Ahahahaha!]

She seems like a genuine and kind person.
The number of reliable allies has increased once again.
With this, the town should be safe.
We took our sweet time returning back to Historia.


[Nnー, that was dangerous. It was beaten that easily?]

[Fuーmu. What’s wrong? Having a hard time making a decision?]

For them, it was within expectation that the “giant” would eventually be beaten.
One can even say that it’s their plan from the beginning.
In short, it’s just a sacrificial pawn.
However, they didn’t expect that it would be defeated so easily.

[It’s just a small fry in the first placeー]

[That’s right. But those 2 are surprisingly strong.]

[What was that again? Is it some sort of summoning magic?]

[Guess so. Probably a summoning magic.]

[So how will we report this?]

[Nnー….well, as it is? By the way, I feel like I’ve seen that woman before.]

[The huge one?]

[No, the one dressed in maid clothing. Where was it… maybe it’s thousand years ago… Uーn…]

[Isn’t she a demonkin?]

[I guess? We should report it to that guy.]

[Well, let’s go home for now.]

[Well, the cyclops was trash, but the others seemed to fare better… let’s go back.]

That being said, the two disappeared in a flash.




Heracles’s illustration taken from the Light Novel.

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