I Was Called Incompetent ch.33

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Translator: Raizu
Editor: Shirayuki

Episode 33 : Responsibility

When we got near town, loud cheerings boomed as soon as the townspeople confirmed my appearance.

Everyone was waving at us.

Perhaps because it’s a crisis that threatened the entire town, the townsfolk’s reaction was equally huge.

[Everyone was extremely anxious. Thank goodness.]

[Ahahaha! It’s like a Hero’s return!]

[Right now I’m still just an adventurer though. But… one day.]

It’s something I must achieve. 

Because that’s how I would be able to affect the world.

[It should be possible if it is Rhode-sama. And I… will aid you in to reach that goal]

[Yeah. Thanks… Levi.]

[It’s nice to be young indeed…]

Heracles grinned as she teased us.

Everyone seemed to say the same thing, didn’t they…? Well, whatever.

A huge crowd had gathered at the town entrance to welcome us back.

When Heracles tossed the now-dead “giant” near the town entrance, all the townsfolk present went [Wooow…] at once.

[Alright then, it’s time for me to return. This should suffice, yes?]

[Yes. Thanks, Heracles. I’ll be counting on you again later.]

[Umu. Next time bring out something tougher to chew a bit. Well then, O Possessor. Until later! Ahahaha!]

Heracles returned to the notebook with a hearty laugh. We then entered the town as the townsfolk cheered.

Many applauded or cheered my name. Some even asked to shake my hand. It weirded me out a little.

I felt a bit uncomfortable about it, but thanked everyone for the appreciation.

Levi also looked happy about it. That alone was enough to make me feel satisfied.

While I was interacting with the townsfolk, Tenea-san and the other adventurers showed up.

Seeing their bright faces: 

[Welcome back, Rhode-kun. And thank you for protecting this town. Thanks to you, there can be peace again in this town.]

Heracles did all the work though… but I’m glad that the town was left undamaged.

[I simply called in a reliable companion. But I’m glad that the town is safe.]

[Yet another of your familiars? Like the one who mended my arm?]

That said, Tenea-san stretched out his right arm to me for a handshake.

When I accepted that handshake, he smiled back at me.


Guided by Tenea-san, we entered the top floor of the adventurers guild office, where Lanna-san and an elderly man awaited us.

After checking my appearance, the elderly man rose up from the sofa and bowed to me.

[Welcome back, Rhode-kun. This person is the Mayor of Historia, Dagreid-san.]

The mayor himself? 

Please excuse me…

[I’m Mayor Dagreid. Thank you for saving the town. Your help is greatly appreciated.]

The mayor looked dandy despite his already gray hair. He seemed to be a kind person at a glance.

Perhaps he was a former adventurer.

It’s not uncommon for a formerly strong or popular adventurer to become a mayor of a town.

[No, I’m glad to be of any help at all.]

[Dagreid-san and Rhode-kun, please make yourself comfortable. Lanna, would you please bring us something to drink?]

[As you wishー]

After Lanna-san left the room, we took a seat on the sofa while Dagreid-san and Tenea-san sat across the low table.  

[Well, Rhode-kun. I’m here today not only to thank you, but also to talk about various things. Of course, Tenea is also the same. So what do you think about this matter?]

This matter is most likely about the “giant” who went straight toward Historia.

[That’s right… something did feel off. When the “giant” appeared, there’s actually a village nearby. Normally, it shouldn’t go straight toward Historia without attacking that village first. Moreover, aren’t there usually telltale signs when monsters with two names make an appearance?]

[So that’s indeed how… Tenea also has the same opinion, yes?]

[Yes. The thing is… monsters are not stupid. But its attack coincided with the time when most of our A rank adventurers are out of the town, leaving only the town guards to defend the town. It shouldn’t be aware of that kind of info. On a normal occasion, it should’ve been possible for the guild to handle this without Rhode-kun’s help.]

[Now that I think about it, it’s weird that the flame wyvern dared to make an appearance near the town, despite it being clear to the creature that the adventurers would be out to kill it.]

[Umu…even Rhode-kun has the same suspicion. The Inferno Wyvern may have been just an unfortunate coincidence, but the flame wyvern and this cyclops… I feel that they moved with certain intention]

As he said so, Dagreid-san took out a newspaper and spread it out on the table for me to see.

[“Monster appearances in various places!? Two names appearing near big towns!”…? This is…]

[Yes, the very same thing is happening not only in this town, but also in other towns all over the continent. Most managed to defend themselves, but some suffered severe damage.]

According to the article, many other towns experienced monster attacks just like what happened to Historia.

Not to mention that most of the names listed here are the names of major towns.

[Dragons and monsters are fundamentally different, although they do have similarities. Usually, only monsters or dragons with low intelligence would dare to attack a reasonably large town. These kinds of invaders are usually too weak to deal significant damage. They might damage the town in some cases… but they would always be subjugated soon after. Monsters with second names or other powerful S rank or higher monsters rarely aimed for big towns because it’s easier and more effective to attack small villages or prey on lower grade monsters. Perhaps adventurers also stumbled to their path.] 

There is truth in what Dagreid-san said.

These smarter monsters hate wasting food and energy. They would devise the most effective way to eat as that is the best way for them to grow stronger.

Of course, there were some exceptions. Some individuals with second names sometimes attack towns as a show of strength.

Well, monsters also have their personalities after all. It’s just that their common sense and way of thought differ greatly from humans.

Now that I think about it, some of their actions actually resemble humans.

Although I shouldn’t be the first to think about this.

[Something big is going on here… that’s my assumption. The end to the long and peaceful times may have only begun now.]


For the last 2000 years, there had been no huge conflict between humanity, dragons, or monsters.

In fact, there were too many wars happening between humans themselves.

Although it has somewhat died down now, many countries are still having skirmishes on their borders.

[I have a bad feeling about this. Although it’s probably just a hunch coming from my former adventurer self.]

[Yes. Not when we humans are still warring each other. We need to do something.]

[I wanted to talk to you because I feel that you’ll make for an excellent adventurer. It was just a guess on my part, but so far it’s spot on. Same with this bad feeling I have… anyways, what are you going to do after this?]

[I will be going to the capital after staying here for a few days…]

[As I thought… as a mayor of this town, I would prefer that you stay here, but that would be too selfish of me. Well then, Rhode-kun, be careful on your way. And if possible, I’d like you to help solve this abnormality. If it’s you… I have a feeling that you can do it, although it’s just a hunch.]

Dagreid-san shook my hand with a smile on his face.

[I will do as much as I can.]


After that, Lanna-san appeared with a tray of tea cups. The conversation had already shifted to stories about the capital by then.

On our way back to the inn, I thought to myself.

Correcting abnormalities?

First, there are the incompetents and now this. The more I noticed the abnormalities in this world, the more worried I became.

But I feel that anyone who notices these anomalies bears the responsibility to right it.

I couldn’t just pretend to not see it.

Moreover, I’m not alone in this.


Suddenly Levi held my hand. 

Her hand felt so soft on mine.

And warm.

[It is dangerous to walk around while your mind is preoccupied by something else.]

[That’s right… but because of that, I get to hold your hand like this]

[Muu… how sly.]


[Never mind, it is nothingー]

[Tell meー?]

This warmth… I’m sure everyone has someone important to them.

And I realized that I bear the responsibility to protect those important to me.

There are cases where people lost their loved ones due to monster attacks.

On the other hand, there are the incompetents, suffering from the twisted concept forced upon the world.

What can I do… for Levi and everyone?

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