The Story of Hero Among Heroes ch.162

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Translator: Raizu
Editor: Shirayuki

Ch.162 – Silent Anger

Harline Fort was situated on the border between the frontier and the eastern countries.

It’s a place Ares deemed important as it can serve as a base for gathering information and defending from the eastern countries.

Thus its defense had been solidified and more soldiers were stationed there.

And now, for the first time since the fort was built, a huge number of soldiers had gathered there. It caused a tingly and tense mood to surround the fort. It’s clear to everybody that war is just around the corner.

The gathering soldiers were led by the renown heroes of the Frontier, Second Army commander Sigurd and the Third Army commander Darius. They had been stationed here since a month ago, making all the necessary preparations to march out at any given time.

And then the tension soared into the sky… when the Lord of Frontier Ares himself, accompanied by the fourth army commander Shu, arrived at the fort yesterday.


As soon as he entered the fort,

Ares read Zekka’s report, and clearly became angry afterward.

Seeing Ares like this, Sigurd who had known him for a long time was naturally surprised. After all, his Lord… was the kind of person to deal with mostly anything calmly.

Having been serving him for a long time now, this would be the first time he saw Ares showing his anger in front of others.

Even the usually carefree Darius and the calm Shu were disturbed by Ares’ expression. 

[Zekka… is this report really true?]


[If it’s true…that means the east has already become a living hell.]

Zekka remained silent. There’s nothing else he could add since it was indeed, the fact.

Ares immediately tossed the report paper away. Sigurd picked it up and read it. Darius and Shu also joined in from the sides.


They too were stunned by the content.

The situation in the eastern countries investigated by Zekka and the Dragon’s Eye was clearly written there.

[Pillage, rape, massacre… These are pretty much every horrible acts that an army could do.]

Ares muttered.

Dormadia made use of magic beasts as their army.

For them, both humans and demihumans alike were nothing more than food, slaves, and incubators for offsprings.

They had done even more unspeakable deeds than imagined. 

Meanwhile, Byzerd was no better.

All the proud and honorable knights that Byzerd once boasted had been completely purged, leaving only those who share similar desire with its new king, Zackard the Usurper King.

With those at the top being like that, the soldiers ended up following their example, becoming greedy, power chasing bastards. They’re no different than a huge band of bandits right now.

And… they treated the defeated countries no better than Dormadia did… one can argue that they’re even worse since they’re humans too.

The conquered countries no longer looked like a country, but more of hells on earth.

The entire eastern region would be devoured by these two countries soon.

[This is outrageous,]

Being the boldest among them, Darius openly frowned and bemoaned this wretchedness. Eckhart and Lauren, who acted as his deputy general this time, also showed their anger. 

Sigurd and Shu remained silent, but their faces clearly filled with fury.

[Zekka… where are they now?]

[Dormadia has taken control of all but the Horus Kingdom’s royal palace. It is said that their magic beast army has been seen along the border of Istrea. Byzerd has also almost finished occupying Toronto. Their army has also advanced to Istrea’s border.]

[…their marching speed is faster than I expected.]

[Both are aiming for Istrea’s fertile land. The one who conquered the land will have greater advantage over the other.]

Everyone present turned silent after hearing Zekka.

[However… the conquered will be devoured clean without leaving anything…right?]

Ares muttered in a small voice.

[Should we just crush them to dust?]

Everyone who heard that could feel the rancor in his voice.

Ares is not fond of fighting. He prefers a method that is as harmless as possible to both sides, and willing to take a great length to carry it out. Knowing his penchant, the military strategist Shion painstakingly devises the path and strategy to reach that end.

But this time, he said it clearly:


Ares then began to give orders, as if he had resolved himself now.

[Tomorrow morning, the entire army will march through Renato to Istrea. From there, the First and Fourth armies will engage Dormadia. The Second and Third armies will face Byzerd.] 

After a short break, Ares continued.

[The generals heading to face Dormadia will be myself and Shu. Sigurd and Darius will head in the Byzerd direction. The command of the army will be shared between the two, so please consult with each other before moving.]

Hearing the order, Sigurd simply nodded, Darius laughed fearlessly and Shu solemnly stared back at Ares.

[No matter the circumstances, they’ve crossed the line they never should. Let the world know the consequences of such acts. Thoroughly…]

Taking another breath, Ares finally said.

[Destroy them.]

After that, the four armies of the frontier headed by Ares quickly marched toward Istrea. 

And here began… the world famous tale of the『Hero Sovereign Eastern Conquest』, also known as the『Eastern Continent Extermination War』.

The curtain has finally opened.


Author’s Note:

The East Continent Arc has finally started.

To be clear… It’s muddy.

War is the main content, but when it comes to conflict between people. Naturally, something such as human nature will come out.

From murderous depictions, violent things, relationships….. Robbing, using, and consuming.

I think that kind of scenes will come out.

That’s why Ares can’t be a Saint Prince… He will be forced to make choices as Politician.

Originally, I was aiming for a light war record, so I didn’t want to write much. By all means, it happened when I focused to write the war.

If you feel uncomfortable, please forgive me.

We will looking forward for your continuous support.

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