Glutton Berserker ch.182

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Why I do feel that Myne is the best girl?

Translator: Raizu
Editor: Mirp

Chapter 182 – Wrath and Gluttony

Raine was being her usual self.
Instead of contacting her parents, she decided to focus on research instead.

No other choice, I had to be the one to inform Mugan.
I asked Seto to prepare a fast horse messenger to alert Mugan about his daughter’s well being.

[You really have a lot on your plate.]

Seto laughed bitterly, before handing the report to his subordinate.
Originally, it was a necessity to inform the capital about all the happenings in Hauzen.
I guess I’m just making more trouble for myself at this rate.

[By the way, I haven’t seen Eris-sama around these days. Do you know where she is going, Fate?]

[Ah… if it’s Eris, she’s looking for a way to get ‘there’]

I looked up, towards the Gallian continent floating in the air.
You can’t simply walk there since it’s floating high in the sky.
If it’s just going there, I could ask Roxy to carry me in her angel mode.
However, using angel mode was taxing for both Roxy and Snow. Using it just as a means of transportation would be a waste.
Moreover, the girls would start complaining if I were to treat them like that.

Therefore, Eris said that she’d go to find a better method.

Though I still had no idea what this ‘better method’ is.

[I just hope it isn’t something too gaudy.]

[Fate has an unusually low trust in Eris-sama, doesn’t he?]

[Why of course. Looking back, it’s only natural to think that way now.]

[Can you give me an example?]

[Almost everyday, Eris sneaked into my bed, while naked. Thanks to that, I barely have enough sleep.]

[What! That’s… I’m jealous!]

Seto seemed to have a little crush on Eris.
I wish he had a better thing to do.

[Is that so?]

[You! It’s Eris-sama we are talking about. Not only is she the Queen of this Kingdom, she’s also a very beautiful woman. For her to take the initiative, only for you to not react at all, are you really a man? What the hell are you dissatisfied with?!]

[Calm down. You’re talking too fast!]

U~n, at first I was naturally surprised and excited by the naked Eris.
However, humans would grow used to something if it happens everyday.

That also applies to the sight of naked Eris.
I simply grew used to it.

Even if she laid naked on the bed, to me it’s already like a part of the scenery.

[I think she’ll do that again tonight.]

[Really!? What a luxury… Eris-sama’s naked body! Outrageous! Truly outrageous! What an envy! Please allow me to take your place, please!!]

[Calm down already.]

Now that I think about it, Seto probably just got affected by Eris’ Lust skill.
The way he reacted made me think so.
Perhaps because Seto showed more respect to Roxy than Eris, the former did it for mischief.
When Eris returns, I really should warn her not to sprinkle her Lust skill around so brazenly.

She might argue that it’s a necessity to maintain her charisma in the eyes of people, but I don’t want her to cause unnecessary confusion within my territory.

Even now, Seto was sighing while calling Eris’ name.
Behind him was a little girl who kept giving him a cold stare.

[Papa… he’s talking about Eris-sama again.]

[Huh! Ann… it’s not like that…]

[You promised!]

[I’m sorry.]

It seemed that Seto was forbidden to act enamored at Eris by his own daughter.
A father was being scolded by his young daughter.
What a sad and pitiful scene.

[Didn’t you still have work to do? Just get back to work already.]


Ann dragged away the dispirited Seto.
Un, they’re having a crisis in their parent-child relationship.

I should really tell Eris to tone down her mischief on Seto.

[Really now, what are you doing at this time.]

This Her Majesty play of hers is really problematic sometimes.
While I was sighing, somebody suddenly hugged me from behind.

It’s easy to tell who this was, as there’s only one person who’d do this.
It’s Eris.
Just when I was wondering about her… she’s back.
Though this feels different than usual.
Somehow, the feeling on my back is different.

[The volume is not right…]

[What do you mean?]

Turning around after hearing that voice, I was greeted by the sight of white hair and tanned skin.


She never did this kind of thing before.

[What is it?]

[It hurts….]

Her tremendous strength was spilling out from her hugging hands.
It’s breaking.
If I don’t do anything, my spine would break for sure.

Even with auto-recovery and auto-recovery boost skill, I doubt the damage could be fixed.

Unable to bear with it anymore, I raised my hands in surrender.

[I give up! I give up! I just mistook you as Eris, that’s all]

[…..I get it, for now]

She released me before my spine broke.
Fuu~, that was close.

I almost got myself incapacitated even before the upcoming battle on the Gallian continent.

[What’s wrong, doing that all of a sudden?]

[I think I should try to imitate that ero act once in awhile]

[Why again?]

[To get rid of her scent.]

This is it.
Right! Recently Myne had been quite attached to me for some reason.
At first I thought she was just playing around by acting like a pet cat.
However, she’s actually a tiger with a cat face.

If we’re not careful, crack! That kind of thing could happen.

So I’ve been staying vigilant around her.

It feels like our relationship up until then was not as attached as recently There’s a certain sense of distance between the both of us.

However, that distance disappeared after we managed to win her back.
The girl was quick to be attached to me.

On my part, I’m not used to this kind of closeness yet.
And it’s making me surprised. I wish she’d inform me first before doing something like this.
Will I get used to this just like with Eris’ naked sleep habit?

Anyways, it’s strange.

[Fate, are you listening?]


Myne looked at me angrily for not listening to her.
If she had the black axe in hand right now, she would’ve already put me skyhigh.
Myne swelled her cheeks like a squirrel.
What’s wrong with her? Thinking so, I unconsciously laughed.

Myne smiled.
It’s something that has become familiar as of late.
One of the expressions that Myne regained.

After overcoming her past, Myne regained her sense of taste as well as emotions
Saying that she wanted to try something new, she’s been learning how to cook from Roxy. although I always ended up as the taster.
Regardless of her skill in battle, her cooking still needed more effort to say the least.

Myne, while staring at me shyly, said,

[About that time… Fate, what is your answer?]

What Myne said back then… wouldn’t that be… no, that shouldn’t be it.
The other day, I was taking a bath in the mansion.
It somehow became a mixed bath because Myne forced in.

And the girl confessed to me there.

It was probably the only place and time where I would probably be alone.
But before I could think up an answer, more girls came intruding.
These girls were Roxy, Mimir, Eris, and Snow.

They were complaining why is it okay to have a mixed bath when it’s only with Myne.
In the end, the answer to that confession had to be postponed.

[Is it about the confession back then?]


[I, uh…]

I like Roxy.
When I was about to say that, she lightly pressed her finger on my lips first.

[I know.]

Myne simply won’t let me speak any further.
She instead fast-forwards the conversation.

[Does Fate hate it?]

[I don’t hate it. I’m happy.]

[If so, that’s already enough for now.]

[What do you mean?]

Myne simply smiled happily without letting me know the answer.
Instead, she replied with wisdom that someone who had lived as long as her would probably get.

[I have all the time in this world. Time was never of consequence. Fate too.]

[Don’t tell me…]

Myne said that she had lived for more than 4000 years.
Her long life seems to be related to her possessing the Mortal Sin skill.
In other words, I too could live an incredibly long life.

[I can afford to let Roxy have you now. But in 100 or 200 years, Fate will be mine alone. And we’ll be together forever.]


[No problem.]

Oioi, that’s a very long time in the future.
It’s true that as a normal human being, Roxy wouldn’t be able to live that long.

[Myne… you.]

[It’s for saving me back then. Your karma.]

[You don’t have to make it sound religious.]

[Then, law of cause and effect!]

Myne happily hugged me again.
I don’t know what will happen 100-200 years later.
Just as Myne chose to live her life to the fullest now, I also chose to believe that there is a better future ahead of us.

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