The Story of Hero Among Heroes ch.167

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Chapter 167 – Eastern Expedition 3 ~ First Match vs. Byzeld ~

King Zackard of Byzeld looked forward with suspicion.

Two days after entering the territory of Istrea.

The mysteriously prepared food of the villages cultivated his spirit and he was about to head for the Royal Capital of Istrea.

In front of him was an army that he had never seen appeared.

[What the hell… Are they…?]

Zackard murmured.

An army that he has never seen in this eastern continent that he has tried to conquer. Seeing that army, he couldn’t hide his confusion.

[I didn’t know that Istrea had such an army?]

It is a famous story that Istrea has no soldiers. They have taken a strategy of emphasizing domestic affairs and leaving the military affairs to other countries.

Therefore there should be no soldiers on this territory.

However, many soldiers are lined up in front of Zackard. He was able to see their skills from the army that acted in a trained and well-disciplined manner.

[Even if you look at it that way, it doesn’t make sense. I guess I should check it.]

As soon as he said so, he moved the army on his left flank.

And the formation of the opponent changed quickly as if in response to it.

When he thought that he had split into two to pincer them, but it got swallowed like a living thing.

A one-sided massacre unfolded. Zackard had no choice but to say nothing about this. He hurriedly tried to instruct the army’s right flank to rescue the left. It was at that moment that he saw something impossible in front of him.

[What do you mean…? A dragon !?]

Yes, a dragon appeared and attacked the army’s right flank. Following the dragon is an army of enemies. They rushed in with great momentum.

[Your Majesty !? The number on both the left and right flanks had been greatly reduced. There may be enemies coming to this main army soon. It is better to retreat at once… Guahhh!]

However, it was Zackard’s own sword that closed the mouth of his vassal.

[That’s for saying something stupid… I think it’s better to see what kind of person he is.]

His own army was definitely collapsing. There were many annoying screams from both the right and left flanks. Nevertheless, Zackard grinned and smiled fiercely.

Then, he picked up his beloved halberd which has a terrifying magical power and straddled his most favorite blue-haired horse-shaped monster.

[Now, it’s getting interesting. Let’s make a visit to that side.]

As he said so, he went to the center of the enemy army without going to the right or left.


[He is moving.]

[Yes. It looks like he is heading directly towards us.]

Darius’s reply is answered by a [Dragon’s Eye] spy.

[As expected. In this situation, I figured that he would be curious about the enemy general’s face and would come charging in. It’s bad for Sigurd, but I’m the one who settled for this.]

Darius told Sigurd that he would stay in the center, while Sigurd went to assault the enemy’s right flank.

Sigurd was looking at me with suspicion, but in the end, he accepted it and went into the enemy’s right flank. And, as Darius expected, Zackard attacked the center, ignoring the right and left flanks where the unilateral massacre was unfolding.

[Well, his aim may be to take the general’s head.]

[General… But, there are two generals here, Sigurd-dono and Darius-dono…]

[I doubt that guy knows about it. It’s because he’s heading here now.]

Darius stood up with a grin.

[Well, let’s welcome him. I’m looking forward to seeing what kind of face he has.]


Zackard runs through the Margrave Army of Schwarzer, as if running through an uninhabited field.

Even the elite of the Margrave’s army cannot stop his momentum.

Zackard is heading to the center of the enemy. There is no reason but intuition.
But he knows. There is definitely a [being] there. A monster.

There was someone that stood in front of him.

[I won’t let him do anything he wants… I’ll be your opponent!]

The main voice came from Darius’s younger brother, Erhard, who was leading the army.

Watching Ehrhardt… Zackard laughed with his nose.

[Hmph, it’s not this guy.]

[What are you talking about?]

[…What I mean is you’re not the one that I’m looking for!]

As such, Zackard advanced his beloved horse as if ignoring his existence.

[…Kuh! How dare you to make fun of me!]

Erhard is furious and he stuck his spear at Zackard.

It was at that moment…

[Begone, small fry!]

Zackard’s halberd flashes. Erhard received the blow without any time to prepare.


A shock that he had never received before penetrated his whole body. And he was blown to the side with his beloved horse.


Struck by the ground, Erhard couldn’t breathe. However, he has to be prepared to prevent the second hit.

At that time, when he held his spear with a flickering consciousness…

Zackard already went far away.

From Zackard’s point of view, he was a trivial opponent… he was no different from a soldier.

He is aiming for someone else… There are two people with overwhelming martial arts that he felt on this battlefield.

Zackard repeated the assault, relying solely on intuition, and…

He found it, he thought.

[Are you the general in here?!]

That being said, Zackard aimed his halberd toward the warrior… he swung the halberd down toward Darius.


He knew that overwhelming [violence] was approaching.

Darius straddled Deathscythe and held his beloved spear [Houtenga] under his arm.

[Oh, do you understand it?]

He looked in the direction of the [sign] while calming down the vibrant Deathscythe.

[Hey, let’s sound the gong once again. Don’t get close to him.]

A bronze rhythm is carved into a certain rhythm. This signal is an instruction to [Do not deal with the enemy general].

[You don’t have to throw your life for nothing. Cherish your life.]

Darius left after having said that much and started running forward.

[Well, I’m excited. Let me entertain you!]

In this way, Darius and Zackard… the battle between the warlords who fought a historic match began.

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