The Story of Hero Among Heroes ch.170

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Chapter 170 – Istraea’s Noble Rebellion

[Damn! That traitorous Alfredo!]

The Istraea noble Rajj Gomez shouted as he was about to return to his room.

[He will regret it.]

[He must be being cocky because of his familial relationship with Her Majesty.]

[If we keep going like this, we’ll just be robbed of everything by the Margrave of Schwarzer…!! We shouldn’t just hold our hands anymore!]

Following him are the nobles of his faction.
They are in tune with Rajj and expressed their opinions as they pleased.

When Rajj sat down on a chair in his room, he bit his nails and made a moody expression.

The color of impatience can be seen from the face.

Rajj Gomez was in his mid-30s.
He had a thin beard on his blonde hair and was known as one of the most beautiful men among the Istraean aristocrats.

His title is Marquis. He grew up without any inconvenience, partly because of the high-ranking aristocrats of the peaceful country of Istraea.

He got everything that he wanted: status, fame, luxuries and even women.

Since he got everything, what he wants the most now is [The Istraea Kingdom itself]

Thus he had always aimed to be the marriage partner of Queen Irene.

By becoming the Prince Consort, she reached the position of [Regent] that she is currently in charge of and took over the country as it was… He had been planning such a plan with the nobles who followed him from the day he took the title.

By teaming up with aristocrats one after another, the prime minister Eldan has now created a great force that cannot be ignored.

However, the plan, which seemed to be going well, went bankrupt.

One is that Irene didn’t look at him at all.

Although Irene is already over 30 years old, her beauty is not overshadowed but rather her beauty seems to increase with age.

And… she has a mysterious charm and even the Rajj that gets used to women sometimes receives the urge to attack her.

That’s why I thought he was the right woman for him as the leading aristocrat.
And for years, Rajj has been meticulously planning to get her.

His plan was to build a large faction and then openly welcome Irene as his wife, backed by his faction.
It can also be said that Rajj knows all about the creatures called [women].
He is still single and yet has experienced many women. That’s why it’s easy to trap her who doesn’t know a man other than the former king… He thought so.

However, Irene’s attitude didn’t catch up to that. Yes… She didn’t care about the pressure of many aristocrats and she also wasn’t interested in his invitation.

Irene never turned her attention to Rajj at all.

And the second reason is the invasion of Dormadia and Beiseld. But for him, it could be called a bolt out of the blue.
The more information he collected, the more pessimistic the information was about these two countries.

Far from getting Istraea, his current lifestyle is in danger.
Because of the current peaceful Istraea, he has been able to do whatever I want.

So he decided to change his policy.

Dormadia is a demon beast country. Therefore, he cannot take any action toward this country.

But, it’s different with Byzeld.

King Beiseld is a human being, although it is said that he was [like a beast]. He is capable of making negotiations.

In this way, Rajj decided and made a secret agreement with Byzeld… and made a [verbal promise] to protect his life and position on the condition that he advised Queen Irene to surrender and open the gate when they invaded…..

…he doesn’t know that Zackard doesn’t care about such things.

Rajj laughed, saying that this was a relief. As it is, he will serve the king of Byzeld and will trust Istraea’s administration to him… He shallowly drew such a plan on his head.
But again, an unexpected development happened.

That was the participation of the Margrave of Schwarzer.

They came into Istraea as Heroes after kicking Dormadia and Byzeld.

Based on his information gathering, it seems they came guided by Alfredo, who is also his political enemy.

Rajj was now in a difficult situation.


Only a few days after Ares Schwarzer entered the castle.

The aristocrats of the kingdom were still in discussions in Rajj’s room.

The main discussion is how they will move in the future.

Rajj was impatient. If it becomes clear that he had been in secret contact with Byzeld… He didn’t think that he would be spared the crime of death, but probably he wouldn’t be in Istraea.

Eldan and Alfredo’s spies are capable. He hadn’t been found out yet, but they may eventually reach him.

Before that happened, he now had two ideas.

One option was to shift the blame to the nobles in front of him and then escape.
However, he may have missed the timing. Originally it should have been done before Margrave entered the capital. There is no doubt that it will be unnatural and suspicious after he enters the castle.

When it comes to that, there is another way and that is what they are currently discussing: a coup d’etat.

The Margrave had just entered the castle with such hospitality and I don’t think many aristocrats will move like this.
Furthermore, he heard the Margrave army that was heading for Byzeld will arrive here tomorrow.

So before that…

Defeat the political enemies such as Eldan, Alfredo and also the Margrave and I’ll surrender Queen Irene as a gift.

It was regrettable for Irene, but it can’t be helped here. He himself is more important now.

Rajj sees the aristocrats in front of him. The discussion looks strange.
They rarely have such a bloody experience and are terrifyingly excited from the perspective of the Rajj.

[We should change Istraea!]

[Rajj is the new King!]

That was the moment when the aristocrats shouted and the excitement was at its peak.

The door of Rajj’s room opened with a loud noise.

The ones who rushed-in like an avalanche are none other than the ones who protected the peace of Istraea, the [Istraea Knights]. Although their numbers are small and unsuitable for battle, they are still a unit with a number of elite heroes.

[Fu… so rude!]

[Know your place! Scum!]

[Who do you think we are?!]

Aristocrats cursed the sudden invasion. However, the members of the Knights did not respond to such swearing and tied them up.

Due to the rapid development, Rajj doesn’t have any choice besides giving up. In front of him who was stunned, a man, not a knight, stood in front of him.

[You are… Alfredo…!]

[His Excellency Gomez… No, let’s call this place the rebel Rajj.]

[…There is no reason for me to be called like that by someone like you!]

Rajj’s face is angry and bright red. Alfredo continues his words without worrying about such a thing.

[…..Rajj-dono, no, the rebel Rajj Gomez. You have conspired with Byzeld to commit treasonous acts against the kingdom.]

Upon hearing the words, Rajj’s complexion changed from red to blue.

[Wh-  that’s stupid. Where is the evidence…]

[Here is your evidence.]

Alfredo threw several letters to him.

[Both are letters of communication between you and the Kingdom of Byzeld.]

[W-why this!?]

[You did make a mistake at your last action.. Marquis Gomez.]

With that said, Alfredo smiled with his neat mouth.

[You… and the aristocrats here… I’m afraid that many already know that you all attempted to rebel. If you spoke so loudly like this… obviously the ones outside will notice. It’s a pity that you didn’t realize that there was a knight outside…]


Rajj distorted his face.

[Well… I will not forgive the rebels. You are all guilty of death. Private property is confiscated, leaving the bare minimum. Your faction will be banished from Istraea…]

When I heard that, Rajj became nervous.
The other aristocrats went into a frenzy.

[Stupid! We are aristocrats! How come we’re being sentenced to death?!]

[I don’t like it! I don’t want to die, I don’t want to dieeee!]

[You scum … Don’t say anything you want!!]

However, Alfredo coldly told them.

[What you were trying to do was treason against the nation. Death is a matter of course. You can’t say you were an aristocrat but didn’t know?]

Until now, they have enjoyed the privilege of being aristocrats and have come freely.
As is often the case in every country, their growth was terrible for Istraea in times of peace.

Aristocrats who were taken in were crying. While watching the figure, Rajj whispered to Alfredo.

[Your Majesty! Does your Majesty know of such an abusive action!?]

Queen Irene is well-known with her compassionate heart. However, both Rajj and Alfredo noticed that it was too sweet.

Alfredo gently shows a piece of paper to Rajj while looking at him with cold eyes. Rajj looked through the paper… and collapsed with a blue face.

It was Irene’s autograph for an arrest warrant and a power of attorney to leave everything to Alfredo for the future.

[You know everything, including the punishment you will receive after this.]

Rajj silently hangs on the words.

[It is Her Majesty’s gratitude to give the minimum amount of goods without taking the life of the rest of your faction…]

With that said, Alfredo sat down at the same height as Rajj and continued his words.

[Your Majesty has decided to dedicate all of Istraea to His Majesty the Margrave and gonna follow him… His Excellency Gomez… The times are changing; This continent and Istraea too.]

Rajj did not respond and was taken to the knights.

Thus, in just a few days after Ares entered the castle… At an unpredictable rate, Istraea also underwent a major change.

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