The Story of Hero Among Heroes ch.169

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Translator: Raizu
Editor: Shirayuki

Chapter 169 – Entering Istraea

[Margrave Ares Schwarzer, hooray!]

[Hurray for the Margrave Army of Schwarzer!!]

Many people of Istraea cheered toward the reinforcements who saved their city… no, saved their country.

[Hurray to the Arcadia Empire!!]

Some even bear the name of the Arcadia Empire, which was a hypothetical enemy.

Ares rode Sein and moved forward with a cramped smile.

[I’m not used to this kind of thing…]

[From their point of view, we are their saviors… So this kind of hospitality is obvious I guess?]

Shu and others who were next to him were sneering as a matter of course.

[Sigurd and Darius will be arriving here tomorrow… So for the time being, let’s meet them first before thinking about the next battle. And also…]

Ares glanced at the window of a building. When I squinted, I saw men staring at me bitterly.

[It looks like Istrea isn’t solid either.]

[There are those kinds of small people everywhere, but if they are malicious, we can make predictions based on what you can read…]

[I don’t think they can understand that. Well, Alfredo will probably get rid of them early before they make any moves because he’s excellent.]

Ares said that and laughed, and proceeded toward the castle gate.


Istraea Castle, Throne room.

Sitting at the center is Irene, who is currently reigning as the Regent as Queen Istraea.

Beside that is Chancellor Erdan, and on the contrary, Alfredo, who looked confident.

Some malicious intent had been directed toward such Alfredo. When you listen to them, you can hear the voice of grudges.

[That traitorous guy… He sold Istraea to Arcadia.]

[…what kind of demands will they ask? It probably would be the same as if you were invaded either by Byzeld or Dormadia.]

Eldan sighs deeply at the poisonous words.

[Those idiots… their heads would have been separated from their necks if we’re being invaded… How come they didn’t realize that…]

However, Alfredo, who was exposed to the malicious intent, laughed with a cool face.

[Well, let me just say… sooner or later, they will be rewarded too.]

While saying so, Alfredo looks at Irene’s face. She also has the expression that looked like her heart is not here at all.

The Margrave army defeated the two nations who had overrun the eastern continent and almost swallowed Istrea in just one battle. It is the first meeting with the young hero Ares Schwarzer who led that army. No matter how much she has been in charge of national affairs for many years as a regent, it is no wonder she is nervous.

Depending on her response, Istrea could be in jeopardy again.

(Or perhaps something else… maybe she is worried about that person.)

Alfredo apologizes to her in his heart. During the other day’s conversation, Irene nodded to Alfredo’s proposal.

She is also a politician, but she is also a woman. Even if I understand the importance of the proposal I proposed the other day, I think she is reluctant to accept it from the bottom of her heart.

When Alfredo was thinking about that…

The soldier rushed into the throne room and said that Ares Schwarzer had arrived. His words change the atmosphere in the throne room immediately.

While watching the situation, Alfredo stopped thinking at once and thought about what was about to begin.


When Ares entered the throne room, the eyes of those who were there gathered at him.

The dignified appearance of wearing a white armor with the dignity of a King. Coupled with his neat features, it’s like watching a mythical Hero.

In addition, a foreign swordsman standing next to him made his figure even more appealing.

The aristocrats, who only knew the peacefulness of Istraea and knew nothing about the outside world, were silent as if they were drunk.

(Muu… As I expected… He changed the air in this room in an instant…)

Alfredo cannot hide his surprise when he saw the situation.

The suspense that had filled the room and the malicious thoughts of the aristocrats earlier were instantly crushed.

The heavy air flowed into the entire room. It was Irene’s words and actions that broke that situation.

When she stood up, she went downstairs and knelt deeply.

[My name is Queen Irene and I’m the Regent of the Kingdom of Istraea. I don’t know how to thank His Excellency Margrave for the reinforcements. Thank you very much.]

The Queen bowed her head, which is an act of decency. The Istrea aristocrats were amazed at the sudden event.

Ares also opens his mouth without worrying about the appearance of such aristocrats.

[Raise your head, Your Majesty Irene. I am a friend and only a nobleman in the Arcadia Empire. It will not be a good example to others if the Lord of this land bows her head.]

When he laughed, Ares gently took Irene’s hand and let her stand and return to the throne.

Irene turned her gaze on their touching hands and blushed a little… but soon she returned to the face of the politician and then she tightened his expression and sat on the throne.

After that, Chancellor Erdan told Ares a formal courtesy and Ares heard it [while standing]… it was a ritual that seemed to need to follow the rules…

Both Irene and Alfredo… and many aristocrats turned their consciousness toward [Ares himself] more than the content.


After the ritual in the throne room ended, Ares was sent to the private room next to the throne room. Only Ares and Shu are there.

Ares looks at the room.

A private room that seems to be everywhere in the royal castle. However, he did not overlook the fact that the room was magically prevented from leaking to the outside.

[Well… Is it apparently the main subject from here? I can’t let my guard down.]

As Ares reads the situation, after a while, Queen Irene, the Chancellors Erdan and Alfredo, who govern state affairs, enter the room.

Three people who move the country appear in this confidential room… This is apparently the true intention of Istrea. Ares prepared and waited for their words.

After seeing the three sit in their respective seats… Irene suddenly bowed deeply towards Ares.

[Thank you very much for this time. Thanks to you, my Istrea was able to keep a lifeline.]

[Your Majesty… as I said earlier…]

[There are no other subordinates in here. At least please let me thank you.]

Like her, Eldan and Alfredo also bowed.

[Ares-dono… I also want to say my gratitude. Thank you very much. If you hadn’t come, our necks would have already been lying around.]

[…we are allies. We have a [secret agreement] with Alfredo there. You don’t have to be afraid like that.]

When he said that, Ares smiled and opened his mouth.

[Rather than that… let’s talk about what’s important now. What should we do in the future?]

Irene and the others nodded to Ares’ words. In this way, the summit meeting, which will hold the fate of the eastern continent in the future, started.


[From now on, we are going to split into two and advance the army.]

Ares told Irene about their future strategy. A map of the eastern continent is placed on the desk they surround. Ares first pointed to the northern land.

[Shu and I here are going north and hitting Dormadia. There is information that the hordes of demons are currently operating in about three corps in Horus territory. We’re gonna defeat them one by one.]

Ares says lightly, but from the perspective of humans of Istraea, it is only a nightmare for the demon beasts to act in groups.

Usually, demons and demonic beasts form flocks, but they never become a large group that can be called an [army corps]. Demonic beasts are creatures that work alone.

It is precisely because such a demon beast was organized into an [army corps] that Dormadia succeeded in ruining the continent so much in such a short time.

They heard that the demon beasts in Horus are currently in three locations. Apparently, they are divided into three corps.

Each corps has a general who seems to be a demon and may be trying to re-invade Istraea if there is an opportunity while ruining Horus.

[Margrave, I would like to briefly say… That number of demon beasts, even though they are divided into three, aren’t their numbers considerably huge?]

Erdan’s question is natural. If you want to destroy each one, shouldn’t you aim to split their corps more? 

But, Ares answered the question in full confidence.

[No, it’s rather convenient. The biggest problem for us is that the demon beasts are scattered around and act like guerrillas. No matter how much you crush it, they will spring up again. King Dormadia, Dormages… is an Orc King, the highest-ranked demon beast in the orcs… I think they will realize it at the end halfway through. That’s what we thought.]

The words of Ares make the people of Istrea utterly speechless.

[…in this battle… I’m going to [destroy] them. I’m hoping to get them their rewards for what they have done here. For that purpose… it’s better for them to be in a big group.]

Sweat appeared on Alfredo’s forehead.

Destroy the army of demon beasts… it’s not normally possible. However, the man in front of me says it like nothing.

So formidable.

Alfredo once again felt the awesomeness of a man named Ares.

Ares continued his words without knowing Alfredo’s thoughts.

He pointed to the east side of the map and changed the topic.

[On here… I’m going to send two Generals, Sigurd and Darius, to the direction of Byzeld. Do you know Darius?]

Irene, Eldan, Alfredo: all three nod at the same time.

The Principality of Grants, which was adjacent to the eastern continent and its guardian, [The Warrior of Grants], are also famous here.

He is [an ally who should never be an ally].

[Sigurd’s heroism is comparable to Darius, and… he leads the [Dragoons]… the strongest unit of our army.]

The words [Dragon] made Irene stunned. Does it mean that he has taken care of that [Dragon species]?

In that case, the battle situation will change significantly depending on the strength alone.

Zackard, the King of Byzeld… He seems used to fighting as well as his bravery. Unlike Dormadia, there is a possibility that enemy cavalrymen will be placed and use guerrilla tactics. However, even if that happens… [Dragon] can deal with it by scattering the cavalry and attacking in a wide range.]

Guerrilla tactics are used when dealing with a large army of soldiers. It’s very effective when you’re stalling or steadily reducing the number of enemies.

But…what happens if you throw in a dragon?

If it is a dragon, even if only one is deployed as a mercenary, you can deal with the cavalry. All you have to do is destroy and burn everything in the hiding place.

Three of the Istrea people lost their ability to speak with Ares’ words.

The tactics that correspond to the two countries and the strength of the soldiers and the strength of the dragon species that make it possible… I am more afraid of the power beyond their own imagination.

Ares suddenly changed the story here.

[Oh, by the way, I have one request.]

Alfredo responds in spite of the sudden words.

[What is it?]

Seeing Alfredo’s expression, Ares opened his mouth with a bitter smile.

[Oh, don’t be nervous. I’m looking for a person…]

After taking a breath, Ares continues his words.

[I’m looking for the survivors of the Byzeld’s royal family. I’m sure… I think he was Zackard’s youngest brother, Leonhard.]


After Ares and Shu left… Irene sighed a little and Erdan collapsed. Alfredo, on the other hand, is staring at the map.

[It’s more than you can imagine…]

Alfredo nods to Erdan’s muttering.

It’s scary in a nutshell… I don’t want to get involved if I can.

[But… I think there is no other person who is so encouraging if you think of him as an ally.]

It was Irene who responded to Alfredo’s words.

[Alfredo… I have decided.]

That said, Irene stood up quietly.

[My Istrea will go together with him. Certainly… I felt scared. But at the same time… I felt a sense of relief that I hadn’t had for a while. If he is with this Istraea… No, even if it’s only by extension, I think he is the one who will guide us to rule the eastern continent.]

Both Alfredo and Erdan nodded to Irene’s words.

[Therefore… I fully support him, and… I will strive to connect the Margrave and Istraea with the [strongest bond as possible].]

Upon hearing the words, Alfredo stared at Irene with a reading-like look, and Erdan involuntarily looked up at the sky.

The silence stood for a while. And it was Erdan who broke it.

[If your Majesty decides, we’ll obey. We’ll move to make it easier for you to do it in the future. First… look for the royal family of Byzerd. And also…]

[It’s the movement of our own aristocrats.]

Alfredo opened his mouth to cover Erdan’s words.

[Fumu… right now, if we’re just relying on Margrave, we’ll just wait for our destruction. As far as we can see, they won’t do anything crazy. We have to take immediate action before they move.]

Then Erdan turned his gaze toward Irene.

[Her Majesty… Until now, we have considered Her Majesty’s will and left them alone without dealing with them. And they are being overconfident and are now destroying this country…]

[Eldan… I already know…]

Irene interrupted Erdan’s words with a painful expression… and continued.

[To be honest… I didn’t want to do this kind of thing, but… I can’t change them for the sake of the well-being of the country and the people. Please try to be [gentle].]

Eldan and Alfredo heard the words and bowed deeply.

Only a few days after Ares entered Istraea… Istraea will also undergo a major change in the [aristocrat] problem that has not been dealt with until now.

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