Glutton Berserker ch.183

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Translator: Raizu
Editor: Mirp

Chapter 183 Angel Mode

Myne was in a good mood.
She’s been spinning around me for a while now.

[Is this some sort of ritual or something?]

[I’m trying to get into whichever way Fate is looking at.]

[No no, you’re trying way too hard to do that. It’s weird.]

[Un? Sloth said it would do me good to do so…]

Again with this “Sloth said it”.
Recently, Myne had been acting really strange.
When asked about it, she always replied that it was by Sloth’s suggestion.

[Don’t tell me Sloth also told you to do that hugging earlier?]

[Nn? That was just me. Actually I may want to do it again real soon]

[Fine… just don’t break my spine next time.]

[I will keep that in mind.]

If she’s looking away from me like that, I have a feeling that she’ll forget it anyway.
I guess she wants to hug real tight from time to time.
She’s planning to stay with me for a very long time after all, so I should at least understand her.

[Ero hasn’t come back yet?]

[Yes, she hasn’t. She said that she’ll return once she gets ahold of the means to travel to Gallia.]

[Isn’t she just eating the grass on the road somewhere?]

[Of course she isn’t]

[What if she’s been kidnapped?]

[Don’t get ahead of yourself.]

She possessed a mortal sin skill and was fairly strong in combat.
Only those with power surpassing that could hope to kidnap Eris.
What first came to mind was the sacred beastkin.

Eris had this past connection with the sacred beastkin Libra.
I still don’t know what happened between the two. Eris didn’t seem to want to talk about it either.

When I saw her showing such a moment of weakness whenever Libra is involved, I couldn’t get myself to ask.

Still, I do know about two things.
Libra has another nickname; Tuner.
And the divine decree he received was most likely to [eliminate anything that can cause disturbance upon the world.]

If it’s true, then Libra wouldn’t stand still seeing that Gallia continent had risen to the sky.
At the same time, we as the holders of Mortal Sin skill…

While talking to Myne, I was continuously keeping watch for any sign of magic power that approached Hauzen.

So I would know if Eris returned.


[Yeah, this magic power signature belongs to Eris.]

Speak of the devil.
Eris was heading toward Hauzen at tremendous speed.
Moreover, there’s another magic power signature following her.

[This is…don’t tell me…]

[Libra, without a doubt.]

Why is Libra there with Eris!?
Recalling how Eris said that she wanted to get rid of Libra herself this time, she must’ve hated that guy very much.
Then why?

Eris always acted unusual around Libra. She said that she’d fight him, but her fearfulness was obvious even to me.

Could she really partnered up with a person who caused her so much trauma?


[But there is no mistake. Those are Libra and Eris’ magic power.]

Myne immediately rushed back to her room to pick up Sloth.
I had been placing my hand on the handle of the black sword on my waist all this time.

At times like this, a certain reliable partner with a particularly bad mouth would already give me some advice.
However, there’s only silence now.
In the last battle――fighting against the sacred beast Aquarius, I lost Greed.

Libra was the person who set up that battle.
Now I have my own grudge against him.
Moreover, he also tried to exterminate Hausen entirely. He may have thought that it’s the only way to prevent the Door to His land to open up.

[Fai! This sign!]

[It’s just as you thought.]

Roxy, probably noticing as well, rushed to me.
She was already decked out in her battle gear, ready to fight at any time.

[Eris-sama… Why is she together with Libra?]

[I also want to know why.]

[Indeed. It is nearly unthinkable for those two to actually act together.]

The two were approaching Hausen from the south.
I tried to look for them from the hill where my mansion is. Can’t see them yet.

[Is Libra aiming for Hausen again?]

[Who knows. The door to His land is already opened. What lies here is only the underground city Grandeur. There are only ghosts who refused to be resurrected there…]

It’s even stranger that he moves around together with a mortal sin skill holder like Eris. But according to Raine, there was lots of valuable ancient information left inside the underground city Grandeur.
Is he coming here because he wants to keep that ancient knowledge a secret?
No, if that’s the case he would’ve acted much sooner.

It’s simply too hard to understand Libra’s goal, no matter how hard I think about it.

[We can’t have Libra inside Hausen. Let’s meet them outside.]


When I was about to run, someone called me from behind.

[Then I will stay behind as an answering machine again.]

When I turned around, there was Mimir.
Today as well, she’s wearing a neat looking maid uniform.

[I’m sorry, again.]

[It’s alright. I’ll be watching Fate-sama’s heroic figure from here. I’m no longer a Holy Knight after all…and not even a warrior.]


[Come now, I’m but your maid servant. And also your sister.]

She gave me a maid salute with a slight smile on her face.

[Fai! Hurry up!]

I heard Roxy urging me to go.

[Brother, come on now, go forth!]

[Yeah, I’m off.]

[Be careful on your way.]

Like the maid to her lord… and like a sister to her brother, Mimir bowed deeply as she saw me off.

I stroked her head gently in return. It’s not like this is our final farewell.

[I leave Hausen in your care.]

[Yes, as you wish.]

I nodded back after Mimir raised her head and nodded.
Then I turned toward Roxy, who patiently waited for me.
The signs of the two magic powers had been getting closer and closer.

[Sorry for the wait. Let’s go.]


Making full use of our stats, we rushed out.
If we use the main road, we’ll probably injure the passersby though.

[Let’s go through the rooftops.]

[I suppose that is for the best…kyah]

Roxy let out a little yelp.
She’s not even falling or tumbling. What in the world is she…
When I turned to her, there was already the crimson haired Snow latching on Roxy’s back.

[I’m playing too~!]

Perhaps she had misunderstood us running on top of the roofs as playing some sort of a game.

[What a bully to leave me out!]

[We are not playing here.]


Snow looked back at me while tilting her head.

[Yes. We are leaving Hausen to head south. Where Libra is.]


Upon hearing that name, Snow’s expression instantly changed.
Her countenance became more alert.
And she grabbed hold on Roxy even tighter.

[Let’s fuse!]

[Eeeeh, right here right now!?]


[I haven’t prepared my heart yet.]

It was a forceful fusion without waiting for Roxy’s agreement.
Wrapped by dazzling light, Roxy Angel Mode appeared with a bang!!

Unlike me, she had four white wings.
And an angelic halo shone above her head.

She looks divine no matter how many times I look.

[Fai! Can you stop gawking at me and get going already?]

[Ah sorry. I just think that you look beautiful]

[….I am glad to hear that, but it is not the time for this kind of thing!]

[I know. But now that you’re in that form, why not make a full use out of it?]

[I guess it cannot be helped.]

Roxy flapped her wings and started floating in the air. She then swooped in and hugged me.

My feet slowly lifted off from the rooftop.
This floaty feeling is somewhat comfortable to me.
Flying in the sky feels good no matter how many times you have experienced it!

[Alright then, I shall go full speed ahead!]

[Please do!]

It’ll be even more exciting from here.
The reason was simple.
Roxy had been training herself to be more proficient in using this Angel Mode of hers ever since she first obtained it.
I helped her in this training, so I knew how it was pretty well.


A tremendous air pressure hit me.
Sound of air being broken through at a piercing speed of sound echoes through Hausen.

If I didn’t have the protection of Area E, my body would’ve probably turned into scattered pulp.
But with this, we should be able to reach Eris and Libra in no time at all.

I need to know what in the world is going on.
The two could’ve been fighting at the moment. Libra had never really hesitated after all.
It’s always good to be careful. I thought so as I clenched my grip on the black sword’s handle.

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