The Story of Hero Among Heroes ch.171

Weekly chapters (2/2)

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Translator: Raizu
Editor: Shirayuki

Chapter 171 – Istrea’s Move

[Honestly, I didn’t think he would take action so quickly.]

Ares laughed and muttered at Zekka next to him.

There is a letter in his hand. This is the report of the last few days given by Zecca.

And there was a clear description of how Alfredo and his friends “purged” the Istrea aristocrats.

[Well, this makes it easier for me to move and they can’t hold onto my weaknesses… let’s just say that both are good.]

That said, Ares gently put the report on his desk.

Istrea’s power struggles were already known before he entered his land.
The Chancellor faction to which bureaucrats involved in political affairs belong, including Alfredo.
And the aristocratic faction to which the prestigious aristocrats of Istrea belong, led by Rajj Gomes.

They are in conflict with each other, their powers are in opposition… and they are in a very unstable situation despite the crisis that involved the survival of the nation.

Alfredo and the Chancellor are struggling to protect the country, but the aristocrats are trying to pull their feet to retain more power.

Ares was also informed that the aristocratic leader, Rajj Gomez, was trying to establish contact with Byzeld even before he entered Istrea.

Don’t be fooled by the behavior of a small person and there are times when such a person makes unexpected movements.
Therefore, he predicted the possibility that he would be dragged in the fight against Byzeld in the future and even devised countermeasures in advance.

[And if that happened, I was thinking of using it further… but that’s no longer necessary.]

Ares laughed.

Fake information will be sent to them to disturb their movement or launchiing a surprise attack from behind when they joined the Byzeld… There was no limit to what they could do.

And that’s not all. Ares wanted to take advantage of them only after they were wiped out.

Eliminating the rebels will bring great benefits to the Chancellor faction, such as Alfredo. By doing so, it will be possible to have more influence in Istrea, and it will be easier to govern the eastern continent in the future.

Istrea is now completely in his hands. He doesn’t think there will be any betrayal.

But in this turbulent world, Ares doesn’t know when an ally will jump out of his palm.

With that in mind, it must be advantageous to have a lot of cards against your opponent.

[Well, it would be hard for them to benefit too much. Also, even here, if they pull your leg every time, it may be affected to some extent. I think this was good.]

And he thinks Eldan, the head of the faction, is also capable, but it’s likely not only his plan. Perhaps that Alfredo must have taken immediate action, thinking about what happened after the war.

After all, the man named Alfredo is excellent. That’s why…..

[It’s the same with getting the eastern continent… but that guy has to drag me along into joining with whatever he wants…]

It was Ares who said that and laughed happily.


It’s been about 5 days since he entered Istrea. It seemed that there was some confusion as the aristocrats were wiped out, but it was already expected by Alfredo. He was prepared for such a situation in advance and there was not much confusion.

During the quiet process, Ares had various discussions with Irene, Eldan, and Alfredo about future developments.

The main content is also about the war against both Dormadia and Byzeld.

[After General Sigurd and General Darius have returned, replenished and rested, I’m planning for them to advance their troops to Horus and Toronto. Istrea will provide them with logistical support… Please arrange for supplies.] 

Ares explains to them, pointing at the map.

[I know your Excellency’s strategy, and it’s a force that makes it possible. But… Even if you think about it, isn’t the number too small when dealing with these two countries? Although I’m sure they will win, I don’t think there will be any damage…?]

Ares nods to Alfredo’s words.

[Yeah. For that…]

Ares said that, pointing to Horus, then Toronto… and the city beyond which was the capitals of several ruined nations.

[All the people of these lands are suffering from invasion. Let them riot and hunt the enemies down from within the country.]

That said, I looked at the faces of the three.

[…But wouldn’t that damage the innocent people?]

It was Irene who showed a sad expression in Ares’ words. Upon hearing the words, Ares smiled reassuringly and opened her mouth.

[The freedom you get without doing anything will break soon.]

He takes a breath and continues his words.

[If you settle for the freedom that you have been given, they will only wait for help in the face of the next disaster… but can you call it true freedom?]

Asked Ares.

True freedom is what you win by your own hand.
And if one wants to protect the freedom he has won, he must use his wisdom and muster the courage to protect it at the risk of his life.

And that’s… what it means to get true freedom.

Three people lost their words to Ares’ words.
And Irene bowed deeply and apologized.

[His Highness’ deep-laid plans and thoughts… I am deeply impressed. It was not my place to interfere. I apologize for that.]

[No, I understand your Majesty Irene’s feelings. Actually… I want to help them more honestly….]

With that said, Ares laughed at Irene.

[In any case, in order to end this war… we need the cooperation of everyone in the eastern continent. Let’s work closely together.]


Starting from a meeting, various consultations and then further discussions…

After entering Istrea, Ares’s day ended in no time.

[There are so many things to do… Should Zion bring George too…?]

With that said, Ares thought of the two faces.

[No, why don’t those two come instead?]

Zion is innately troublesome and George is obsessed with developing the territory.

[I went to the north last time, but this time only the Lord is enough! Please give me time to read a book once in a while.]

Recalling Zion’s face, which refused to conquer the eastern region, Ares laughed.

And then, when the night was late…

Suddenly, Ares was invited to Irene’s room because she wanted to speak with him.

While sitting on the sofa in the center of the room, Ares looked around.

(Umm… uncomfortable…)

A women’s private room; The interior is neatly arranged and it was not understated that white lily seems to symbolize her grace.

And… I could see a luxurious bed like a royal family in my sight, and I couldn’t help myself.

Ares is a well-known hero all over the continent and has many wives, but… he is still nervous in a woman’s room.

(What on earth is this call at this time…)

Maybe it’s a trick… when he thought about that.


The sound of the door opening reached Ares’s ears and Irene came in slowly.

[Sorry to keep you waiting…]

[Ah, no, that’s…..yes!?]

Ares responded immediately, looking in the direction of his voice… and then involuntarily turning away.

The reason why Ares turned away… because there was a figure of Irene wearing a pale pink sleeping garment which her naked body could be seen through.

You can clearly see her full breasts because of the thin underwear that she wore.

Ares couldn’t hide his nervousness.

[Y-Your Majesty! Isn’t this a bit bad for you?]

Said Ares in a hurry.
Yes… he is so calm and amazing in military and politics, but… He was still inexperienced to this, so much that Gilbert calls him a [little kid]…

On the other hand, Irene was looking at him with a different feeling than when she came in.

(I heard that he has many wives…but it seems he is more naive than I expected….)

Irene was also in tension until she entered this room.

Over the past few days, they had been somewhat in awe of his politics and military tactics through his sheer calmness.

So what does it look like in a situation like this?

She heard that he has many wives beforehand.

He may be very sexually active.
Maybe he is just looking at a woman as a tool.
She might be treated roughly…

Even though she was prepared, she was also a woman. Going with an unfamiliar man… was very courageous.


Now, looking unexpectedly at Ares’s appearance… Irene smiled. And it eased Irene, who was just as tense, and gave her an upper advantage.

[For the time being, the leader of a country is not good to be looked at like this! It’s too bad! First of all, please change your sleeping clothes first…]

[Ares-dono… I always wear this outfit when I go to bed… is there something wrong? ]

[No! I said it’s alright except you can do it when you’re alone!]

Irene smiled gently at Ares’ words. When she saw Ares in a hurry, the person that she thought [terrifying] was changed became [cute].

[I don’t think those are the words that should come from Ares-dono who’s a hero that has many wives these days. I’ve heard that heroes prefer… a [variety] of things, you know?]

With that said, Irene approached Ares and took his hand.

[Ares-dono… I have a request.]

[W-what is it?]

Ares sweat profusely.

And then Ares lost his words to the words spun from her mouth.

[Please go to bed with me… can you hold me?]

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