29-sai Dokushin wa Isekai ch.46

Weekly chapters (2/2)

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Translator: Raizu
Editor: Mirp

Episode 46 ~The story just developed way too fast~

I casted another long range transfer to return back to the Arachnean village.
It might seem easy for me, but that single transfer alone covered about a hundred kilometers or more, didn’t it? That’s about the same as the distance between Alfen and Crossroad, which takes around 2 days on horse drawn carriage. The average travelling speed of the carriages in this world was around the same speed as the bicycle from my original world. So that would make it around 15km/hour, I guess?

The carriage usually travelled for 6 hours a day, which meant it covers around 90km in a day. Since the trip took 2 days, the distance between Alfen and Crossroad should be around 180km.
From Crossroad to the entrance of the Great Sea of Trees, it took from early morning to sunset. There was a fight in the middle, but I walked on foot for the most part of the journey. Since a human’s walking speed is around 5km/hour, that should make the distance around 30km. From there to the Arachnean village… ah, I need to find out the distance between Alfen and the Beastkin village first.

[For now, I think I’ve skipped a total of 400km in one go. Two weeks on foot in just an instance, the power of transfer magic is way too awesome.]

I broke through the sound barrier with flying magic the other day. So if I fly with all my might, I will probably be able to traverse the distance within 20 minutes. Now that I think about it, the businessmen of my original world also did this kind of travelling, didn’t they?
By the way, why did I suddenly think that I won’t get any profit out of all this? Un, I wonder why. Ah, there’s that.
Everything went well until I brought Marl to the beastkin village. For some reason Kusuha also tagged along with us. I was just about to introduce Marl to Deborah, Torn, and Yamato when she suddenly interrupted me.

『Let me ask this before we start negotiating. Is there a woman who would like to be with Taichi-san here? If there is, please come forward right now. There will be no second chance. If you don’t come forward now, then please just give it up.』

I wonder why she said all that. Eee.
At the same time, I really didn’t know that there was actually such a thing. And it was growing with momentum without me realizing it.

[Ye, ye! Yes!]

The first to react was Shitan. The look of her stretching her small body to be a bit higher while flailing her hands in the air to get our attention was cute. That fluttering figure of hers with her tail curling was no different than that of an angel.
And then, from behind, Sherry also raised her -I had no idea why- fist up. In addition to that, Karen also caught even more attention by raising a podium with her earth magic to stand up on.
Three little girls actually stepped forward. It was the greatest salvation for me that the gazes that were directed at me was『warm』. Otherwise I might’ve died on the spot. Mentally.
Well, even if one says that they are coming forth to marry me, the best they could be at the moment is becoming our mascots of some sort. Perhaps if they’ve grown into an adult. I’m a gentleman, so YES to lolita, but NO to actually sleeping with them. I’ll be sure to protect them. So, how about that? I’m sure it’s fine that way.

[Ah, yes, yes, me too.]

Melchina, this rotten elf also raised her hand in a relaxed manner.
Eeh? When did I even acquire her flag?

[Because Karen said that if I marry you, I’ll get to eat sweets everyday.]

[Just how cheap can you get!?]

She’s just in for the free food and sweets. Is she really okay with just that?

[Other than that, I’m actually in the mating period. Doing it with the beastkin won’t give me children, so I have to find a male human or another male elf. This came at the right moment. At least you don’t smell as bad as any other I might find on the road outside.]

Having said all that, Melchina let out a smile. Ah, what a magical smile. It actually made my heart skip a beat. You cheating rotten elf. Suddenly showing such a sweet and cute smile. You might actually make me fall in love with you at this rate.

Her reasoning was very grounded though. It’s not dreamy and not based on love either.

Hold on a sec, didn’t she say mating period? I’ve read a lot of materials regarding elves back in my original world, but there was none about this.
Also, Marl had shown no reaction so far. Can you please not give me that kind of look? I unconsciously trembled when she glanced sideways at me.

[Are you really alright with such a light feeling? I must warn you now, Taichi-san will grow even further in the future. You’ll have to stay on his side all the time. Are you prepared for that?]

[It’s fine for me. How long will it be, 50 or 60 years tops? That’s not such a long time for me. Instead, are you fine with having me? Short lived humans tend to change their mind very fast after all.]

[You are frank, I like that. Wait until you fall prey to the ancient magic.]

I became worried when Marl showed her trademark crooked smile at the unsuspecting Melchina. Melchina-san, quickly, apologize! Apologize before you’re made into making an unsightly face that everyone else could see on bed!
Ah, no, no. Actually let’s just do that.
Boys like me simply couldn’t ignore the novelties of having a relationship with an elf after all.

[Ah, um, me too…]

Deborah, who shrunk her huge body as much as possible, also raised her paw.
Brute, you too?
No, I may have already triggered the flag with this bearkin a long time ago. I just didn’t want to admit it myself.
Deborah’s body is certainly fluffy, and her round short tail is pretty cute. That tightly packed abs, when she showed it off, it’s there alright. Can’t deny that she has her own form of a physical beauty.
BUT, she’s a bear. Can we even properly have sex once we got married? I’m proud to admit that my strike zone is fairly wide, but furry is not my regular stuff so I’m not very familiar with it.

[The number tripled just in a single day, Taichi-san. You are really popularー, aren’t youー?]

Marl’s piercing gaze was directed at me. She might be smiling, but her eyes told me otherwise.
Me? I was sitting duck in the middle of the square where the negotiation should’ve been held. It’s almost like a public execution now.

[Umm…esteemed sister, female beastkins tend to be instinctively attracted to a strong male, so I guess it cannot be helped?]

That’s right, Tina. Support me more. In the first place, this result is actually unpleasant for me. I had no such thing as erotic feelings for the little girls and Deborah. In other words, it’s a selfless and free love for fluff, not the physical or emotional type of love. It’s the so-called platonic love.
I had not expected that it’ll lead to me having even more brides-to-be. This is a huge miscalculation. In other words, I can’t just feign innocent here, right?
Negligence is a mistake. Isn’t it this problem in the first place? Rather than becoming self adequate and free of charges, didn’t I just push myself into becoming a lord of some land?

Yes, you brought this upon yourself.

[Now that I think about it, Taichi-san always goes here to hug and pet them right! What a bully! I also want to be rubbed and petted by Taichi-san!]

Marl stomped her feet dejectedly. Ah, she’s jealous.

[No, come on now, it’s not like I’m a sex maniac or something. Let me say this confidently. My number one will always be Marl, I can at least make this clear.]

[If so, then please pet me, get your healing from me! Is it because I don’t have beast ears and a tail!? In that case, I could develop a potion to grow…..!]

[I’d like you to develop such a potion, but it won’t fit Marl. And it’s embarrassing to talk about all this in front of a lot of people like this!]



I firmly hugged Marl as she jumped into my chest. Marl’s scent gave me a feeling of reassurance. Moreover, her breasts had grown a bit during these past few months, so the feeling of her body pressing tightly against me is pretty good as well. Ah, how warm.



Before I noticed it, the tightly packed square was now almost empty. Looking closely, there was only Torn sitting on a log, picking and scratching his ear. Don’t tell me he has fleas on his fur?

[Arghーit’s itchy. Oh? Are you finally done?]

[Where are the others?]

[When you two started quarrelling, they left on their own. I had to stay behind since I’m your acting guide. It seems that I got the short end of a stick here.]

Torn tiredly flicked his fallen fur off his hand while answering. I still don’t get it though.
Still scratching his ear, Torn guided us to the well, where not only Fram and Deborah, but also Pamela the rabbitkin and Relix the black pantherkin were waiting for us.
Mmnn, the atmosphere felt delicate.

[Oi, what’s wrong?]

When Torn took the initiative to call out, everyone’s eyes immediately turned toward us. Fram who had known me for quite a while had this awkward air around her. Deborah had a troubled look. While Pamela and Relix had subtle expressions in their face. Hmm?

[Your lady, she’s a bit, you know.]

Pamela gave up before finishing her speech.
Is it Fram? Fram was originally from the Karendil kingdom. So I guess it’s difficult for her to get along with the beastkin and beast-eared people right away.
But if she showed a sign of discrimination, the beastkins should’ve been angry. But instead, they looked sympathetic. What happened?

[What happened, Fram?]

When I approached and talked to her, Fram wrinkled her eyebrows and turned away as if embarrassed. What is going on here?

[No, it’s just that I only realize how flawed the value I have up until now. The way I see it now, they are no different from us humans…]

After saying that, Fram threw her gaze all over the village. One could see a beastkin working to repair the roof, or female beastkins chatting merrily while doing the laundry, and beastkin children laughing cheerfully as they played tag.

[What transpired in the past will always be difficult to discern properly now. We will never know who was actually the bad ones here, as the fact had been tangled with the roots of evil in a jumbled mess. Either way, continuing to resent something is not positive, nor is regret.]

[I guess, you’re right.]

[Indeed. That’s why I’m trying to create a country where beastkin, arachnean, human, and all other races can live together. Sounds great, right? In my country, everyone will be able to live happily in harmony without any distinction. If we can show them how successful we are, then even the Karendil Kingdom will have to change their mind. It’ll be a dictatorship by me, and for me! Hahahah!]

I honestly think democracy is important, but then I wouldn’t be able to mold the country the way I like it. Of course, I’ll still listen to the opinions of those around me. It’s not like I can do everything on my own, so I’ll just delegate those kinds of jobs to people who are capable of it.
I’ll still have the final say though.
The ultimate goal is to build a country that could run smoothly without me, where I can speak as I want, whenever I want.
Convenient? Selfish? I don’t know about others, but that’s how a king should be in my vision. I don’t know if it’ll work, but there’s always trial and error.
Fortunately, I have many people with the know-how on governance who I can rely on.

[What you’re saying sounds like a joke now. But it’ll be amazing if it comes true.]

[Taichi-san is steadily approaching that goal. It’s respectable already.]

Pamela and Relix spoke up for me. Feel free to praise me more.

[That is because it is Taichi-san! And this is just the beginning, yes?]

[Marl-san, can you please stop raising the hurdle?]

What more does she want me to do? Nah, we’re still in the middle of progress.
Seeing me having a troubled look, a smile spilled on Fram’s face.

[Affirmative… I’ll also think on how I could help]

[Please do. If you have any idea, feel free to tell me, okay?]

[Am I included as well?]

[Of course.]

Fram who gave me a melancholic look smiled after hearing Marl’s words. That’s right, beautiful women are best when they smile.

[Come on now, go speak to Deborah now.]

[Ah, isn’t it a little too fast for that?]

The rather small bodied Pamela pushed the huge Deborah from behind. At glance it looked like a rabbit was playing around with a bear, making for a comical scene.

[Deborah-san, can you please tell me more about the beastkin?]

[Hee!? Ah, ehh, if you’re fine with me then.]

Deborah looked upset when Fram took the initiative to talk with her. How come this bear changed from her usual sexy realist image into this shy and clumsy image? Had she changed class into an actual bear?
Well I can only hope that she can get along with Fram.

[In exchange, I will tell you about my Master.]

[Hold it right there, what are you going to tell her anyway?]

When I approached them, Fram simply gave me a smile and said that it’s a secret between women. Now that it’s come to this, there will be no way for me to know.
It’s a bit troublesome for me.


Me, Torn, and Relix had no choice but to get away since it suddenly turned into a secret women-only talk, especially after Marl also joined in. By the way, I’m hungry, so how about looking for something to eat?

[They should’ve done smoking the meat of the Giant Forest Lizard that we hunted the other day.]

[I’ve eaten forest lizard meat before. Is this Giant Forest Lizard any different?]

[It’s just bigger, much much bigger I mean. It’s actually larger than a horse, so it could just swallow a prey around our size whole. The taste is similar tho.]

[What was that again, sounds scary.]

Isn’t that already like a small dinosaur? In any case, I enjoyed the lizard skewer so I’m looking forward to taste this one.
I saw Kusuha and Tina when we arrived at the storage house. That’s a surprising combo there.
Log tables and chairs were arranged near the storage house. In addition to that, a lot of utensils for cooking, making the area look like an open air dining room.
The two were in the middle of enjoying tea.

[Ah, Taichi-sama.]

[If it isn’t Milord.]

The two called out as soon as they noticed my call. Relix and Torn went ahead to the storage to retrieve some food. I wonder if it’s alright for them to take out stuff as they like. Won’t Yamato be mad at them? Well, perhaps the only one that’ll take the bullet is Torn alone though.

[Are you two taking a break?]

[You can say it like that. But why are you here, are you not scared of me?]

[I like hanging around with Kusuha-san.]

Tina smiled after saying so. She’s probably scared, but she’s very careful not to show any hint of that while being around Kusuha. Kusuha in return looked at Tina with a gentle face, most likely aware of this.

[She is a very excellent girl.]

[That’s a real Princess for you. There are other kinds of Princess tho, one of which who ran away from home due to various reasons]

[It was horrible… but thanks to that I got to meet Taichi-san.]

Tina made a bitter smile as she said so. If I were in Tina’s position, I would’ve probably strangled Marl once or twice already. I guess she’s just a very kindhearted kid after all.

[Really… I am not a kid anymore, you know?]

Tina seemed to be embarrassed when I stroked her head. But since she didn’t directly tell me to stop, it means that she’s not against it that much.
And then, the three beastkin came to us with tea in their hands.

[As your soon-to-be bride, I’d like to be stroke as well.]

Karen hugged Tina, pushing her away from where my hand was. Tina seemed surprised since the girl hugged her all of a sudden, but she soon smiled again. Karen probably thought that me stroking Tina’s head was some sort of developing skinship.


[Too much stroking…]

Since I stroke with such speed my hand left afterimages, she directed an annoyed gaze at me after sweeping my hand away. How cruel.

[Ah, excuse me, you can stroke all you want if it’s me. Please don’t cry, alright?]

After placing the tray filled with tea cups on the table, Shitan quickly took my hand and put it on top of her head. Shitan, are you an angel? You must be.
When I glanced at Kusuha while stroking Shitan’s head, I noticed that Sherry was pouring tea for her. I also didn’t miss the little twitches on Sherry’s fox ears. What to do, I guess she’s thinking that.

[Kusuha, stroking the head can also be used as a praise.]

[Ah? Ahh… that’s right, umu, umu.]

Kusuha gave me a look as if she’s seeing a genius before proceeding to stroke Sherry’s head. Naturally, her hand came in contact with the fluffiness that is Sherry’s fox ears. Oi, Kusuha, watch your expression. I do understand how you feel though.



Torn and Relix returned bringing various foods and of course the smoked Giant Forest Lizard meat. All of us sat down while enjoying the tea brewed by Shitan.

[Oi, you idiot, isn’t that way too big.]

[If all of us here eat it, I bet it’ll be gone after a while.]

They told me that it’s huge, but what’s served on the platter was bigger than I imagined. It looks like an entire hind leg, but it’s huge enough for the 175cm tall me to hold with both hands.
Behind Torn who was carrying the plate as if it’s nothing, was Relix, carrying a bucketful of fruit and bread. This is no longer a light snack, but a full blown lunch already.

[Spider sister, let’s eat together.]


[It doesn’t really matter for us if you look a bit different than others. Many of the parents here have different looks than their children after all.]

The usually quiet Relix chimed in as he cut the smoked meat into a plate with a bread and presented it to Kusuha. What’s with such a cool remark coming out from him?

[I see… thank you]

Kusuha smiled and received the plate of smoked meat and bread. Relix silently nodded and proceeded to continue slicing the meat. Whataguy, that Relix. What’s it called, hard boiled? Nah, it feels more like a strong sense of paternity. Cool Daddy Relix.
Meanwhile I chewed on the portion of smoked meat that was given to me.
The first that caught my palate was the texture-which was softer than I expected, the saltiness, and the taste of the aged meat. The next moment, the unique scent of smoked meat whiffed into my nostrils.
Also, the meat was still greasy and juicy enough despite being smoked, making it a good combination with the bread.
Tina caught on how I ate mine, and tried imitating it by putting the slice of meat on the bread. When I was about to send the bread into my mouth, our eyes happened to meet. When I gave her a nod, we took a bite at the same time. I thought she’d have trouble eating the hard bread.
But she chewed it elegantly and continued as it is.

[Isn’t this the first time for you to eat something like this?]

[Yes. Using hands or taking a bite at it directly like this, I would have been scolded in the past.]

With a laugh, Tina looked at the bread and smoked meat in her hands. Compared to the food she used to eat, this was so crude it can’t even be considered a dish. But nevertheless, Tina seemed to enjoy it.

[I longed for this kind of thing since I was a kid.]

The smile that Tina showed when she said that surprised me.
Gununu, they’re sisters after all. The destructive power of that smile was comparable to Marl’s. Speaking of Marl, I think she has eaten many more simple but delicious dishes like this that she no longer felt the need to eat elegantly all the time.
Meat or skewers that were just sprinkled with salt and roasted well. Soup made from salted meat and dried vegetables, porridge, etc. Even simple bread that was made from dough stuck onto a stick.

[I think you’ll have more opportunities to eat things like this.]

[I’m looking forward to it.]


That said, Tina had very little combat skills, so it would be a little difficult for her to participate in an adventure.
Judging from the level and skill, Kusuha and Melkina are by far the strongest among the brides. They are Arachnean and Elf respectively, who were good at fighting in the forest. I think they would synergize well if they teamed up.
The runner-up was Deborah. When it came to Marl and Fram, Marl was probably stronger now. In fact, Marl could make full use the likes of alchemical bombs, poisonous gas, and acids now. At first glance, she may even defeat Kusuha and Melkina. A while ago, I had a great time playing an “Anything goes” mock battle against her.
Karen and Sherry are proficient in magic, so depending on how they do it, Fram might even lose …? Thinking now, doesn’t that mean Fram is the weakest at the moment?
Not to mention the level, the difference between the presence and absence of magic is quite large. Should I help her do some swordsmanship and magic training next time?
Tina and Shitan are out of the question. First of all, they had almost no combat skills. Their statuses when seen with the appraisal eye were as follows.


Name: Tinava Blanc Miscronia

Level: 2
Skills: Etiquette 3, Performance 2, Negotiation 1, Service 1, Water magic 1, Royal charisma (love)
Title: Second Princess of the Kingdom of Miss Chronia (Third place of succession to the throne), Unhappy (former), Successful person (current), Those who overturn fate
Crime: None


Name: Shitan
Level: 4
Skills: Cooking 1, Housework 1, Sewing 1, Service 1, Dismantling 2, Super olfactory, beastification
Title: Beastkin, Village Girl, Supreme Fluff
Crime: none


As you can see.
Tina has Water Magic 1 so it may still be barely possible, but Shitan does not have any combat skills. Since they are still young, they may grow depending on their training, but I don’t think they are suitable for combat in terms of personality.
There are some concerning spots, such as Tina’s title, then Shitan’s dismantling skill and the beastification.
Marl who just had a girls-only gathering came to join us while I was thinking about that.

[Ahh, look at all of you eating those delicious meals. Why didn’t you tell me, Taichi-san!]

[No need to make a fuss, there is still enough for all of us.]

As soon as she ran up next to me, I threw a piece of smoked meat into the open mouth of the greedy Princess.
Marl chewed happily. How come she can be this cute?
When I suddenly shifted my gaze to the side, there was a bear staring at Marl.

[Come Deborah, say Aaaーh]

[Me? Uh. no, I…]





I mercilessly stuck out the piece of smoked meat against Deborah who kept trying to refuse. In the end she relented and ate the smoked meat from my hand.

[Fuhahahaha, delicious, isn’t it?]

I felt like I had won somehow, so I said that with a big laugh. But Deborah glared at me with a begrudging look in return. I wonder why.


[Nera-sama’s spiritual pressure…disappeared…!?]

[It hasn’t disappeared! It hasn’t fully disappeared!]

[Actually, I thought that the spiritual pressure had increased, but turns out that was not the case.]

[Are you telling me I am dead already?]

[Nera-sama, enough with the joke.]

[…..I still have a method left]

[I hope so.]

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