Santairiku Eiyuuki v1i3

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Translator: Raizu
Editor: Mirp

Volume 1 Interlude 3 – And so He Became Worthy of Being the Hero

[As usual, such a sinful man. My Master is.]
[Shut up, Asmodeus.]

The Dream world.
After paying the [Compensation] for the regular contract, Hercule was chatting with Asmodeus.

Hercule made a contract with Asmodeus six years ago.
Hercule was about ten years old at that time.

Thus, Hercule was still a virgin.
And became well-versed..

To periodically supply vigor and magic power, and the additional vigor and magic power when used.

The two of them signed a contract on the condition.

Even if it’s not being used, Hercule needed to sleep with Asmodeus once a week, and he needed to be squeezed dry.

Asmodeus was the highest spirit, and can be considered as a powerful spirit among the 72 pillars spirits, it’s also a demon.
That is why its energy cost was poor.

However, its ability was enormous.

The illusion of deceiving sight, hearing, smell, touch, and even taste, and getting into the dreams of others, you could do those things that ordinary magic, sorcery, and the other spirits cannot do.

[Good grief, there is a girl who cares for you so much. My Master is a really bad person to be with such a bitch demon like me.]

[Then, let me out of this dream. I’m tired, you know…]

Hercule sighed.
Caroline said that Hercule was matchless, but toward Asmodeus, he still cannot win against this succubus.

Moreover, even though Hercule’s shape things can be called as fully monster-like, his actions were still far from breaking Asmodeus’s sexual limit, and on the contrary, he recovered by the next day.

[Oh my, Master. Have you forgotten your contract with the demon? The breach of contract is forbidden.]
[I know. The contract with the spirit and the demon is absolute.]

There are some things that must be absolutely protected when performing spirit arts, also known as demon summoning arts.

First, make a firm contract with the demon.
The devil always seeks for a loophole in the contract. Therefore, we have to make a perfect contract with no loopholes.

Next, absolutely keep the contract with the demon.
Even if you use all of your wits to avoid it, as in the world of fairy tales…
The demon is persistent.
If you break the contract, disaster will surely come without fail.

Next, don’t make an emotional gap.
The demon will try to rebel as soon as their Master shows a chance.

Next, do not leak the contract details to the others.
It is the same for both humans and demons that the contents of the contract should not be told to others.

And then…
For the last, build a relationship of trust with the demon.

Although it seems to contradict with the four mentioned above…
The demon was also a living thing after all.
And, it is to have unexpectedly deep emotion.

Therefore, a relationship of trust must be created with the demon.

If we can trust each other and develop friendships…
The relationship will continue until the contract is broken or one of them dies.

[But. Your energy consumption is too bad. It’s very difficult to use.]
[Haha, everyone is also saying that. But for some reason, everyone can master me. The Legendary King, The Thunder General, and your bald ancestors too.]
[Why do you just say terrible things only to my ancestors?]
[Because it is a fact.]

Asmodeus seemed to miss her former Master.
She squinted her eyes and looked back on the old days, her appearance was like an old woman.

Although, her bunny girl appearance now was according to Hercule’s taste.

[I only made a contract with Heroes or with someone who can become a Hero. So I can guarantee that you will become a Hero, a Great Hero who will make a name for yourself in history.]
[Well, I’ll take it with a grain of salt for now.]

Hercule shrugs his shoulders.

[Oh my, it’s unusually humble for an overconfident Master.]
[Compared to those names, no matter how genius I am, I’m still overshadowed. Well, I don’t know in a few decades though.]

As expected, Hercule was also not so overconfident.
He knew his current ability.

[Shall I tell you something about the Masters who I have contracted so far?]
[There was no one who has killed less than 100,000 in his lifetime.]
[As I thought.]

The former master of Asmodeus was a world-famous Hero.

Someone who was called an invincible King in his life, who has gained victory by assaulting himself to open a path against opponents whose numbers were several times his own.
He was a man who had an ambition to conquer the world, although he collapsed in the middle of his dream during his expedition to Shindera.
Moreover, he was also a man who proved that he can defeat a large army by using the mobility of the cavalry.

The other person is a man who by himself challenged Lemuria, a great power with a total force of over 500,000.
A man who was invincible and defeated the Lemurians to the depths of horror until he was defeated by a young hero in the fifth battle.
A man who demonstrated hammer and anvil tactics by using the mobility of cavalry.
A man who was not afraid of 300,000 infantry, tens of thousands of cavalry, and even a thousand war elephants. He is the only man who is still feared by the Lemurians until now

The last one was a man who reunited the divided Lemuria.
With his unified force, he saved Lemuria and became an Emperor, gaining glory.
A charismatic mass.

Their lives were colored with glory.
However, don’t forget.

There was a mountain of corpses that supported that glory.

[If you kill a person, you’re a murderer, but if you kill 100,000 people, you’re a Hero.]
[I think it’s different, Master. Despite the genocide, there are many people who treated them as great sinners, not just Heroes.]
[Then, what do you think is different?]

Asmodeus smiles mischievously and answers Hercule’s question.

[It’s possible to dress up.]
[Dress up?]
[The Hero is the one who can dress himself beautifully in the pile of corpses that he has built. He can turn an originally ugly, dirty, and filthy corpse into a beautiful, brilliant decoration. That is what the Hero is.]

And Asmodeus looked fondly…

[Therefore, you can also be a Great Hero.]


Hercule sighed.

[Oh well. I don’t really like the idea of a Hero. But this time around, stop describing people as if they were evil.]

[What are you talking about, it’s the opposite you see.]

Asmodeus laughs loudly…

[A man can kill at most 100 people with malicious intent. But with good intentions, you can easily kill 10,000 or 100,000 people. That’s why you are a good person. There is no doubt. A little vanity, strong greediness, and profound selfishness. Although it’s not possible to sympathize with other people’s pain.]

That’s what Asmodeus said to Hercule…

[Oh well.]

He did not affirm nor deny it.

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  1. (The Legendary King, The Thunder General, and your bald ancestors too)
    Just a heads up, the real world equivalents to these three great leaders would be Alexander the Great, Hannibal Barca and Julius Caesar in that order.

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