Santairiku Eiyuuki v1i2

Weekly chapters (1/2)

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Translator: Raizu
Editor: Mirp

Volume 1 Interlude 2 – Carolina’s Notes

His Majesty the Emperor rarely laughed.
So, anyone who knew His Majesty the Emperor would surely tilt their head in confusion.

Father would surely tilt his neck, Lord Augusto too. Bishop Lucalios possibly had some vague ideas…..

Perhaps it’s just my feeling… But His Majesty’s mother was the only one who noticed it.

His Majesty rarely laughed.
Neither angry nor sad.

Then, what kind of smile did His Majesty have?
It was something that you wanted to know.

Indeed, whenever His Majesty the Emperor was in a good mood, there was an image of him laughing with a big smile.
I could also easily imagine it like that too.
To the point that His Majesty was always smiling.

It’s just a smile.

There is only a difference, His Majesty does not feel that way.
That [Smiling Face] does not go beyond something like a mask, which was not different from what we call an expressionless face.

His Majesty’s facial expressions and behavior often did not match his emotions.
For example, His Majesty had previously been angry toward the mercenary captain Dalios—–General Dalios.

It was the time when he told the general to become his subordinate.
His Majesty at that time was certainly scary.

However… His Majesty wasn’t really angry at that time, nor was he in a bad mood.
Rather, he was very pleased that he obtained an excellent subordinate at that time.

His Majesty Emperor was that kind of person.
His Majesty never showed his feelings, and always expressed completely different feelings to deceive the others.

In the first place…
Did His Majesty have no feelings? That’s not the case.
Because of our long relationship, I can tell whether it’s a fake expression or a real expression.

For example… He was in a good mood when he was eating delicious food.
When we laid together… When he said he loved me, it made me happy.
When I ate the poisoned melon…although I didn’t see his expression, I knew that he was angry.

Well, even if that was acting, there was no way I know about it.

Nevertheless, I like and love His Majesty.
When he said [I love you], even if it was [acting] that still made me happy…
Even if it was turned over, the fact that he has taken care of me and treated me carefully would still remain.

And even if His Majesty hated me, or he comes to hate me, I will still love him and continue to love him.

But… perhaps I might be a weirdo.

As I mentioned earlier, His Majesty’s mother is probably aware of this fact too.

That’s why she’s not happy about His Majesty…
That person probably thinks His Majesty is eerie, and ended-up afraid of His Majesty.

But at the same time, like Hadrian IV, I think she has the consciousness that he was a child that was born from her stomach.
Occasionally, something like guilt appeared and disappeared.
I’ve never had a child yet, and maybe it’s just my presumptuous to say (write?)*. But maybe she wants to make up with him. (TL Note: *The raws written like that)

That said, I wouldn’t correct things for me to report His Majesty to improve their relationship.
This is a problem between His Majesty and His Majesty’s mother, so it’s not something that I can interfere with.

Above all, His Majesty does not intend to improve his relationship.
He doesn’t care about that person, even though she is his mother.

Surely, it might not be the recognition of the level something like [I just borrowed your womb for a while]…..

I don’t think it’s good to hold such a feeling too…
His Majesty surely asked me for motherly love that he was not able to get from his mother.

If it’s like that, then I can say that I gained the most.

Speaking of love, His Majesty was definitely not a virgin.
He was obviously used to, and really good at it.
I was a virgin…but isn’t it a bit unfair?

But the question is, where did His Majesty lose his virginity? That’s what I thought.
I’ve always been with His Majesty, but I’ve never seen him hugging another woman… Even if I asked the eunuchs and servants, I still don’t know.

The eunuchs and servants said that I am His Majesty’s first partner.
…..Is that true?

However, there is no reason for them to tell lies.
Because the disadvantage of telling a lie to me, the future Empress, is great… that’s why I believe them.

By the way, recently His Majesty seems to be enthusiastic about a servant named [Shiffany].
They laid together in the backyard of the Palace.

Over all places, why do you do it there? I got complicated feelings between a mixture of amazed and a little jealousy.
Even though I have already prepared, it doesn’t feel good that the person I love, loves other women as well.

But well… that doesn’t mean I can deal with His Majesty by myself.
For me, only His Majesty is my companion, but I understood that His Majesty is not the same way.

Besides, the concubine system purpose was actually to protect women.
If it was monogamous… If I couldn’t give birth to children, I would have been criticized and might have to divorce.
For the Emperor and the Empress, sexual activity was an extremely political act of making a successor rather than a love activity.

However, in case of polygamy system… at worst, someone else could be pregnant.
My responsibility can be split-up.

But, well… this system was established by our ancestors, also known as the [Womanizer] Large Debt of Bald Demon King, so the thought of protecting women is probably an afterthought.

…..Will His Majesty, who has the blood of our ancestors, turn out like that too?
If so, does he become bald? Hmm…

Anyway, as long as my father is alive, my position will not be shaken.
His Majesty trusts my father, and that’s because he needs him.

And also…
His Majesty is thinking a lot of things, more than we are.

Even if the act seems to have no meaning at first glance, the meaning seems hidden somewhere.
Perhaps the Great Purge this time… is a prelude to some big political work.

In fact, His Majesty had recently sent a letter somewhere.
And before long, it seems His Majesty will go to meet with someone.

Was there someone who could make His Majesty go out on his own? Although only King Fars or Her Eminence the Shrine Maiden Princess, but…
What His Majesty thinks, I cannot understand at all.

Now then…..
Recently, there is one thing that made me doubtful.
Does His Majesty really mean to say, [I don’t have any interest in being an Emperor] that is what he said.

He said he wanted to go on a trip, but…
Would anyone who was thinking of going on a trip can really make that bone ash porcelain?
Even the coffee, its preparation was also good.

In the first place, His Majesty had more self-esteem, vanity, ambition, and a monopoly desire than ordinary people..
Do you really want to go on a trip?

I decided it’s a lie.

I believed it at that time, but… when I think about it later, it’s too unnatural.

Most people who don’t want to go into politics or war, they won’t be able to think of any strategy and attack the enemy’s territory in high spirit.

From the beginning, His Majesty intended to ascend as the Emperor.

So why did His Majesty want to escape?
The answer is simple.

I’m sure His Majesty tried to test us.
How much I… No, how much my father, Sir Augusto, Patriarch Lucalios, His Royal Highness Titus, Edmond, other bureaucrats, eunuchs, and people want for his coronation to the throne?

Come to think of it, Hadrian IV is also a pretty dangerous political enemy to His Majesty at the age of twelve.
He must have thought that….it would be dangerous if some of his potential vassals would be working with Hadrian IV.

That’s why he often says that he wanted to quit, or to give the Emperor’s title to His Highness Titus? It is surely not just fooling around, but an act to make certain.

If His Highness Titus showed any ambition for the throne, His Highness would have been killed the next day…
If my father, Sir Christos, or Sir Lucanos were showing an attitude of being [not motivated] to His Majesty, moreover making political movements without permission and ignoring His Majesty… Even if he was his fiancé’s father, his own uncle, or his own teacher… I’m sure they would be given the death penalty…

His Majesty is… a person who will do that.

If possible, I don’t want to write this…

If my thoughts are correct, His Majesty will definitely do it, so I’ll write it down.

His Majesty the Emperor.
It is a violation of etiquette to read in Lady’s diary.
So lewd.

You always want me to show you my underwear.


[Oh… I was shocked! Who knew that Carolina’s personality was also bad…]

[No, Master. I don’t want to be told that by you. Carolina-chan too]


Author’s Note:

Well, some sense of discomfort that some people had hopefully cleared up.
However, whether it’s true because it’s from a Carolina perspective.
For the mind of Hercule, only Hercule knows it.

Well, there is no doubt that he trusts people but never trusts them.

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