The Story of Hero Among Heroes ch.177

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Translator: Raizu
Editor: Shirayuki

Chapter 177. Eastern Expedition 9 – Beast King


Regulus received Shu’s surprise attack with his big sword and bounced it back.

Shu blew backward.

[As expected… I should say that… but!]

That said, Shu released his fighting spirit and magical power.


Along with his yell, Shu’s body shines silver-white with the spirit.

Murakumo-style combat technique [The Boundaries of the Warrior].

Also known as [Martial Arts Magic].

Regulus showed puzzled expressions for a moment while watching the changes in Shu and carefully looked at him.

[What on earth…..?]

[I want you to know it with your body!]

That being said, Shu jumped into Regulus’s rear at a terrifying speed.

Regulus was surprised when Shu approached him at an overwhelming speed, which is different from before.




The sound of iron colliding with each other echoes on the battlefield.

He was upset but took on Regulus’s sword. However…


The martial arts-enhanced blow was enough to blow off the large body of Regulus.

Regulus was blown backward and slammed into the ground.


[It’s not over yet!]

Shu attacked Regulus, who had his stance broken. However, even in such a situation, Regulus can still receive a blow from Shu.

[Not bad but!]


With that said, Shu performed his greatest skill in that position, even though at the moment both his sword and Regulus’s blade were still clashing.

[The Roar of the Dragon!]

A huge amount of magical power gathers in Shu’s favorite sword, [Raikiri].


However, Regulus is a formidable enemy. When he intuitively felt a strange sign, he immediately deflected Shu’s sword and flew away sideways.

At the same time, the dragon released by Shu slips past him and soars into heaven.

[Kuh… Did you manage to slip away…?]

Shu who missed the golden opportunity ground his teeth.

Regulus also clicked his tongue while looking sideways at the magical dragon that flew away.

(This man…is not an ordinary person. I’m horrified if I accept his attack as it is.)

When he groaned in his heart, he turned a keen eye on Shu.

[It doesn’t seem like I can hide my strength anymore…?]

When he muttered that, Regulus grabbed the bracelet on both of his upper arms and drops them on the ground.

It was that moment.

[What!? Both his magical power and fighting spirit increased!?]

Different than a moment ago, Shu got upset this time.
Ares, who was watching on the side, was also looking at him, amazed.


A long roar of the beast’s lion.

At the same time, the appearance of Regulus changed.

There is no white lion appearance like before. A golden lion, similar in color to the mane, was standing there instead.

[I heard it from ancient times… Beast King…?]

Seeing that figure, Ares mutters unintentionally.

It’s unknown whether he heard it or not. Regulus also opened his mouth.

[It’s been a while since I’ve been in this appearance… It will be either I can manage to maintain it or you manage to maintain yours… Now it’s a game against time.]

That said, Regulus wielded the big sword. Along with that, strong pressure was released from the big sword.


Shu received it with his blade, but lost momentum and was blown backward.

An overwhelming power different from before… With that in front of him, Shu wrinkled his eyebrows while taking a stance again.

[Beastification…I called it. Is this the final mystery of the descendants of Beast King Lionel…?]

Regulus repositions his big sword. And this time, Regulus attacked Shu with vigorous momentum.

The metallic sounds echo on the battlefield many times.

The battle between the two was as beautiful and fierce as a dance.

Regulus, who clashed with Shu’s blade, saw a gap in his posture and tries to stab with his big sword. However, it is brilliantly warded off. When Shu moved to cut down again, Regulus received it…

Smiles appeared on their faces and they seemed delighted to see a rival with who they could use their full power.

After several collisions, both of them kept a distance and adjusted their breathing.

And when they tried to hit against each other again.

Clap clap clap…

[Yes, that’s enough.]

Ares’s laid-back voice echoed on the battlefield with the sound of dry clapping to pour cold water on the battle between them.

Regulus draws wrinkles between his eyebrows. Meanwhile, Shu moved to return to Ares’s side.

[Shu. I’m sorry, but I want you to stop this time. I know that you still want to fight… However, if it keeps going like this, both you and he will fall down together.]


That said, Shu subdued his slightly dissatisfied face and Shu released his martial arts magic.

[I’m sorry.]

[No… if it’s as my Lord said.]

Regulus is confused by the interaction between the two.

[What do you mean?]

Regulus was suspicious. However, Ares grinned without worrying about such a thing.

[It’s just like I said.]

At the same time as those words, Ares’s body glowed silver-white this time then moved his body lightly.

Seeing that figure, Regulus showed an astonishing look.

[Now then, I’d like to finish it soon… I think it will take a little longer. Should I be your opponent this time?]

With that said, Ares turned his holy sword on his right hand toward his opponent.

[Get out, Excalibur.]

In accordance with Ares’ words, a pale blade appears on Ares’ right hand.

[Now, I’ll deal with you, the Beast King. I’ll do my best  not to bore you!]

With that said, Ares attacked Regulus with vigorous momentum.


Regulus felt flustered as he received Ares’s sword.

(This guy… it’s equal to the swordfighter earlier… no, he is likely better…?)

After meeting dozens of blades, both of them took a distance again and watched each other.

(And… he is tough… he changes his stance many times to adapt to the way the fights are going at that moment… it’s really annoying…)

While fighting, Ares changed the Seven Swords of the holy sword at key points. When clashing against each other, he uses the [Holy Sword] Excalibur. When he wants to keep a distance, he will use [God Sword] Oldeus. For clashes in power, he uses [Cursed Sword] Gram. And if there is a gap with his opponent, he used [Magic Sword] Murasame.

However, Regulus is also cannot be taken lightly. He dodges sometimes and prevented those onslaughts while defending.

After clashing together countless times with their swords… the two moved away again.

[…As expected, it’s what I thought. If it’s like this… I cannot make a decisive move.]

Ares grinned and smiled fearlessly.

And when he saw it, a chill ran through Regulus’s spine.

(What are you going to do this time!?)

Nothing is scarier than someone who doesn’t know what to do.

The skills that he had never dealt with. The weapons that he’d never seen…

Regulus waited for Ares’ next move with a keen eye.

Without understanding such a thing. Ares took a big breath… and repositioned the Seventh Heaven sword. And… continued his words.

[Now, if you are my opponent, then I will surely be able to use it!]

With that said, Ares holds Seventh Heaven in front of his chest and spun his words.

[Twin longswords. Two blades destined to dispel evil given from heaven.]

At that moment, Ares’s sword was split into two.

[Come! Heavenly Sword Gemini!]

At the same time as Ares’ words, a slender blade shining white appeared in both of his hands.

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  1. Couple edits
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    1. Fubar on my suggestion. Should be
      “ At the same time as Ares’ words a slender blade, shining white, appeared in both of his hands.”


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