Santairiku Eiyuuki v1i4

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This is really a long chapter. Almost 19 pages.
It contain description and review of the Hercule’s father and big brother by the Author-sama.

If you haven’t read the previous chapters/volume 1, you might be confused, because these two characters playing important roles during Hercule early reign.

I think it’s good because we can get fresh new perspective outside the main story.

Well, enjoy and stay safe everyone~

Translator: Raizu
Editor: Mirp

Interlude 4 – Big Evaluation Meeting

The late Emperor Hadrianus

He was Hercule’s father.
The moment when Hercule ascended the throne, the country was still undergoing reconstruction… That’s why the late Emperor Hadrianus became the subject of criticism.
In short, he would be compared with Hercule.
Therefore, I made and imagined him as a person who was not so good even in work.

But, whether or not he fell into the category of competent or incompetent.
You might say that he was [quite] excellent?

In that case, why was The Lemurian Empire declining?
That’s what you might be thinking …

It’s a simple story.
It is not that Hadrianus caused the Lemurian Empire to decline, but the actual reason was that Hadrianus was crowned during the decline of the Lemurian Empire.

If he had been crowned at the golden age of the Lemurian Empire, he would definitely have been treated as a wise ruler.

The traditional social and military systems had collapsed, and the Empire’s territory at the crossroads of other civilizations had been invaded by many barbarians…
In such a situation, he still managed to maintain the territory of the Lemurian Empire and handed it over to Hercule!!

So, it can also be said.
The decline of the Lemurian Empire was an inevitable part of history, and Hercule was irregular.

There is no doubt that Emperor Hadrianus was an excellent Emperor, who worked hard to maintain the Lemurian Empire, so it can be said that he was a Great Emperor.

Hercule himself actually admitted that.
In fact, Hercule had never rated Emperor Hadrianus as [incompetent, idiot, puppet ruler, senile].
Although, as a father, Hercule did not evaluate Hadrianus at all…

As the late Emperor, he really appreciated him highly, expressing his gratitude.

That’s why I would like to score his abilities.
The full score is 100 points. The average score is 50. A bad score is 25 points.


Military affairs…… Forty points

Isn’t it a suddenly harsh evaluation!!
That’s what you might think …

Yes, there was nothing that he could do with his lack of military talent.
His talent might be below the average.

This was an innate ability, so it can’t be helped.
While there are natural inborn great commanders, there are also people who can only be below average no matter how hard they try.

There was also the aspect that the opponent that he fought was out of his league.

The opponents who beat Hadrianus, were all first-class generals.

Especially the present King of the Fars Kingdom, named Sasan VIII…
Whether Sasanian VIII had the same military talent of either 30 points or 40 points, or if he had a score of 60 points, 70 points, or 80 points, the result wouldn’t change.

You can’t beat the natural genius, the hero of history, and the blessed soldier.
So, being defeated was obvious.

Diplomacy…… Eighty points.

It is a high score. 
Where? Is that because you do Dogeza diplomacy by paying tribute?

Yes, that’s right.
The dogeza diplomacy was right on the mark.

Rather than fighting an unwinnable opponent, which will end up reducing territory or paying reparations…
It would be thousands of times smarter to kneel down from the beginning, and make requests to retreat by paying tribute.

By continuing to pay the tribute, he didn’t break his stance of [The Emperor who made one-sided and generous concessions], however as the result, he did damage the authority of the Lemurian Empire.

Well, maybe most of the Lemurian people will blame Hadrianus for this, and even in history future generations will not be changed…
The war that cannot be won, it might as well be defeated.

During the reign of Emperor Hadrianus, the Lemurian Empire lost many territories…
However, important locations such as the province of Misr and the province of Syria had not been taken.

He successfully defended the Lemurian Empire, and handed over the territory to Hercule.

Well, many of Emperor Hadrianus’s diplomatic achievements were the result of [An outrageously excellent diplomat] appointed by Emperor Hadrianus himself.
After all, the achievements of his subordinates are the achievements of the Monarch.

By the way, nobody knew if Emperor Hadrianus intended it or not …
Emperor Hadrianus’ tribute diplomacy was causing great damage to the Kingdom of Bulgaron.

The enormous wealth and luxury that Emperor Hadrianus brought to the Kingdom of Bulgaron was fundamentally destroying the economy, culture, society and military of the simple and sturdy Kingdom of Bulgaron from the inside.

He taught luxury life to the nomads who lived a simple life.

How does this accomplishment end…?
Well, I can definitely say that it will help Hercule a lot later in the story.

Economy / Finance…… 70 points

Above average.
In the first place, the tax system cannot be changed so much.
Hercule did well because of his experience.

As a result it went smoothly, however it is also quite possible that the economy, culture, and society of the Lemurian Empire were completely destroyed if it was handled poorly.
Like what happened with Emperor Caracalla. (TL Note: Emperor of Ancient Rome who reigned from 198-217)

First of all, Emperor Hadrianus managed to maintain the current tax system so far.
With this alone, we can raise his average score or higher by 60 points. 

The remaining ten points are tax reforms.

Although Hercule criticized Hadrianus’ monopoly on salt…
In fact, the salt monopoly was a huge success at first.

Before the illegal brewing salt appeared on the market, it properly supported the finances of the Lemurian Empire as an alternative to poll tax.
In other words, it can be said that Emperor Hadrianus succeeded in tax reform.

Well, it didn’t solve the problem drastically.

Foresight…… 80 points

Yes, I think this one should be included in the military evaluation… 
Despite his military talent, I wonder if the reason for his good intuition was a little different compared with being able to sense the change of the times …

That’s what I thought, and set it aside.
About what?

It’s about the cavalry.
Emperor Hadrianus changed the military system of the Lemurian Empire, which was centered on infantry, to become focused on cavalry as the center.

He realized that the coming era would be cavalry.
And then, Hercule has effectively used the heavy cavalry Clibanarii created by Emperor Hadrianus.

Regarding this, I thought it would be okay to put in 80 points.
However, he didn’t have the talent to make best use for the cavalry itself.

Domestic affairs…… 80 points

This is also a high score.
For this person, it’s easy…

He successfully ruled the country, while having financial difficulties due spending money on military expenses…
That’s right.

First of all, the public works.
He strived to maintain flood control and irrigation facilities as much as possible. Besides, he was also doing the minimum maintenance on other infrastructure development.
Thanks to that, Hercule only needed a little repair or making some corrections for a moment.

In case you have financial difficulties, usually you want to cut down on public works projects…
At very least, Emperor Hadrianus maintained the bare minimum.
As a result, the damage from rivers flooding has been minimized.

He was a person who could keep an eye on the places that need to be done.

He was also taking measures against famine and epidemics.
In each case, the damage was kept to a minimum.

And importantly, he kept the bureaucrats and the army under control, and maintained centralization until the very end.
During the war period, local powers tend to become independent, but…
Emperor Hadrianus kept it down under control, and he also suppressed the growth of the aristocratic power.

Human resources…… 90 points.

There is almost no complaint about this.

[Hercule’s subordinates were mostly inherited from Emperor Hadrianus’s period.]

From that, you can see the perfection of Emperor Hadrianus’s human resources.

He definitely has an eye for human resources.
Especially the maintenance of the bureaucracy…
To have human resources ready around Garphis, Christos and Lucanos.

As you will see in Chapter 2, Emperor Hadrianus had appointed an extraordinary talented diplomat.
Good job!!

The Throne succession…… 90 points

First of all, these are the most amazing ones…
Hadrian IV (eldest son) and Hercule (third son) were compared with each other, and the latter was chosen.

Let’s explain it in an easy-to-understand manner.

There was no doubt, even though he was not excellent and caused only problems, his subordinates were very good, and if he had an assistant, the first would be a 50-year-old politician who was likely to do political activity.

The other was twelve year old and an excellent elementary school student, who had been featured on TV.

Which one should you choose as Prime Minister?
Think about it.

Perhaps most of Japanese would choose the former, right?

In terms of seniority and common sense.
As expected, an elementary school student cannot be chosen.

I don’t know if you know about Fujii 7th Dan, but he’s not an elementary school student but a junior high school student. (TL Note: Souta Fujii 7th Dan, the youngest Go Player with first title)

Emperor Hadrianus chose the latter.
And it’s a bullseye, a big correct answer.

To tell the truth, at the time of choosing Hercule as the successor, 70 points can be given.

The rest?
That is to say, he made Garphis, Christos, and Lucanos into Hercule’s guardians.

Since Christos is his uncle, he is unlikely to look down on Hercule.

Garphis is politically hostile to Christos, but he makes his daughter Carolina as the sole fiancée of Hercule, so he will serve as a backing for Hercule and able to make some agreements with Christos to some extent.

After that, Lucanos will be included as a coordinator for the two of them, and also as a representative of the priesthood. Lucanos was also appointed as an educator at Hercule, thus providing a solid backing.

All three of them were superior, and their personalities are also excellent.

And by appointing the three of them together as guardians of Hercule, they can monitor each other so they won’t abuse their power as a guardian, nor neglecting Hercule.

It’s really splendid, it’s clearly done well.

If the top of the army and navy combined with each other, even the top of the priest turned to the backing, there is nothing to be scared of.
In addition, with the support from Long-eared elf tribe aristocrats, the foundation for Hercule will not be shaken.

The good bureaucracy supported the young Hercule.
The vassals will manage the Empire until Hercule becomes a splendid Emperor.

I think it’s perfect.

Unfortunately, if he lived for another ten years, I would have scored 100 points.

Hadrianus planned to appoint Hercule as co-sovereign before making him an Emperor to teach the young Hercule about political matters.
To obtain the support from the non-Long-eared elf tribe aristocrats…

And also, he intended to [dispose] the rebellious aristocrats, and his eldest son, Hadrian IV, as his last dirty work.

But he died before that happened…
Therefore, minus 10 points.

The long-eared elf tribe Hadrianus could have lived a little longer than the average age.

But what will happen to the Lemurian Empire ten years from now…?
I honestly don’t know.

This perhaps has been the best timing.
Based on the experience.

Parenting…… 25 points

Yes, the following cannot be helped..
That stupid son, Hadrianus IV, is the responsibility of Emperor Hadrianus.

A child’s personality is largely determined by the education of his or her parents at a young age.

It’s self-responsibility, but children can’t choose their parents.
Or rather, it is the job of Emperor Hadrianus to raise the successor.

Did he raise Hercule?
He didn’t raise it, but he grew up by himself…

I mean, regarding growing up …

If it wasn’t Hercule, it would very likely Hadrian IV would have gone in a different direction due to missing his parents love.
In fact, the relationship between Hercule and his mother is in the Ice Age.

Everything is bad for Emperor Hadrianus.

Religious policy…… Forty points

As for this, more details in Chapter 2.
Well, it was Emperor Hadrianus’s mismanagement. Hercule will end up wiping the mistakes later.

However, the possibility for it to end well, would depend on the time and timing.
If it went well, it will be a solid 90 points…


Hadrianus IV

Hercule’s big brother.
Well, to be honest, there’s nothing to say about his abilities.

Is he really the son of Hadrianus III?
Is he really Hercule’s big brother?

He was incompetent.
Sometimes a black kite gives birth to a hawk, and sometimes a hawk gives birth to a black kite.

Or rather, that seems to be more realistic.
Perhaps, he inherited only the bad parts of his father and mother…

By the way…
Regardless of their ability, Hercule and Hadrianus IV are still brothers.

Let’s list the common points.

Ikemen. (To be honest, both of them are pretty beautiful.)
Athletic ability. (Both are well trained, so they have a good physique.)
Pride. (Both of them surprisingly have high pride.)
Ambitions. (Both of them are known as the incarnation of greed.)
Vanity. (Their desires to want something was strong)
Narcissist. (Since both of them are the most handsome and excellent in the world)
Self-centered principle. (They will always be convinced that they are absolutely right. If they make a mistake, it’s not that they did wrong, but the world that doesn’t match them.)

And maybe there are still more, but both of them look exactly like each other.
Two of them who hate each other, are without no doubt the same family.

Well, if you have someone who has the same personality with you, while they keep trying to fight even though they have no chance to win, of course you’ll hate them.

The difference between the two is just their abilities, and to put it bluntly, the difference in their natural talents.

It’s because Hercule was so talented, even though he had a trash-like personality inside, it favored oppositely to make him attractive.
On the contrary, for Hadrianus IV… Yeah, it can’t be helped.

There are things in the world that can’t be helped by effort…

However, Hadrianus IV himself couldn’t help to be helpless, it might have been depending on how he was raised.
That’s why…
Immediately, consider why he got angry and strayed off from the path.

The first cause is that overprotective parents

Speaking of templates, templates.
Spoiling someone is not love.

When you try to raise unrestrictedly, the result will obviously, they will grow beyond your imagination.

The second cause is the sudden and half-hearted abandonment from the parents

The parents who reflected on spoiling too much.
So they decided to become stricter for correction.
……Although it was natural to do, there is no way a child who has never been told to stand up before, would be able to stand up after suddenly being told to [stand up] immediately.

What’s more, during the halfway process, even though the father did it thoroughly, but… the mother was still spoiling them in the shadows.
Hadrianus IV was too adorable. It can’t be helped..

From this moment, information that is inconvenient to you (mainly the words of your father) will be shut out, and only information that is convenient to you (mainly the words of your mother) will be absorbed.

When this happens, humans become no good.

The third cause was the surroundings.

Since Hadrianus IV was seen as a successor, he was respected and praised highly by the people around him.
The ones who had praised him, to be more specific were Edmond, Titus, Christos, and Garphis.

Edmond wanted to make the next Emperor, Hadrianus IV, to remember him and was looking for promotion for his career, meanwhile Titus appealed that he had no ambitions and wanted to immerse himself only in art.

Remember that Christos is Hercule’s uncle, but at the same time he is also Hadrianus IV’s uncle. 

Of course, Garphis was also competing for flattery against Christos.
By the way, Carolina’s first fiancée was Hadrianus IV. (Carolina was born a few months earlier than Hercule, so Garphis propose the idea implicitly)

However, Hercule was born.
At that moment, people disappeared from around Hadrian IV. No, they were gone immediately.

I want you to think about it.

Titus: [ As expected from dear brother! As expected! You are the next Emperor! I can’t even reach your feet!]

Edmond: [Oh my, His Highness is wonderful! I am honored to serve your Highness!]

Christos: [I’m so proud that His Highness is my nephew! I’m sure you will be the Hero who will save the Lemurian Empire!]

Garphis: [I recently had a daughter… how is it? No, she is still young so I think it’s still too early to get engaged… that’s what I thought. I’d be happy if you could consider it!]

These guys, the moment when the child is a boy, Hercule was born…

Titus: [Peek a boo! It’s your big brother, you know~! Oh! He held my hand! As expected, my younger brother. My lil bro! He is still not tall enough! Please grow-up early and ease your big brother worries! Hm? His Highness Hadrianus…Ah, that reminds me that I had an older brother. I completely forgot about him.]

Edmond: [Oh! Even though he is still young, he has the dignity of a Hero!! I’m honored to serve you!! Please listen, my name is Edmond. Edmond, you know~! Please don’t forget it. Eh? What about His Highness Hadrianus? Eh, yeah, there were people like that.]

Christos: [Oh!! What an extremely gallant baby… As expected from my nephew! For the first time…I embraced my nephew!!]

Garphis: [Yeah, He is the same age as Carolina… I have to talk to His Majesty the Emperor and make an engagement promise. Eh? Is there a prior engagement? …Is that so? I don’t remember it…]

That’s what they said.
Everyone hurt his feelings, and went crazy about Hercule.

……Well, it’s probably his own consequences of his action that he had only charisma that was able to be deprived by the baby.
(But, Hadrianus IV was too pitiful, considering Titus’s [As expected from older brother] toward Hadrian IV, into at the same level as [As expected from my younger brother] toward Hercule’s as he holds tightly his hands.)

Unless you’re too slow to notice it, Hadrianus IV was still being complimented although they did so with emotionless eyes, however the eyes when they were complimenting Hercule are shining brightly…

By the way, Lucanos became Patriarch of Nova Lemuria during this period.
Lucanos, who had been asked by Pope Adrian III, [Please become Patriarch Nova Lemuria and as his guardian after my death], refused, [What is the guardian of such a stupid son!], he said.
However, with the birth of Hercule, Lucanos finally accepted the offer and said, [I won’t hesitate to educate the baby and let him become the next Emperor].

This is because Lucanos’s personality was wonderful …
Furthermore, he is in a different position with Christos and Garphis.

Lucanos was a human being in the church, a resident of the [Sacred Region], and what do you know about Emperor Lemuria! On the other hand, Christos and Garphis were inhabitants of the [Secular World] and they are in the position of serving the country, so even if they disliked it, they have to serve Emperor Lemuria and pull the reins of Hadrian IV from now on.

Both of them said, [In order to make this stupid Emperor and manage to maintain the Empire, you must not die nor must not be relegated, and somehow keep flattery him to pacify him]!

That was their thought.

Meanwhile, Titus and Edmond were 90% done to save their own lives.

The fourth cause.

Hercule is more than excellent.
As expected from Hercule.

In this situation, if Hercule had stupidity which was appropriate for his own age, and ruined the expectation from the surrounding, Hadrianus IV would have maintained some of his self-esteem…

However, he was still twelve years old, and yet already incredibly this good…

It’s the environment that’s bad, the environment!!

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