Return of The Former Hero ch.165

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Translator: Raizu
Editor: Shirayuki

Chapter 165. Former Hero blowing the wind

At night, I asked Rithina about the task to escort Etna-san, and she said that it’s okay for me to go.

And there was almost no dissenting opinion in my declaration despite the fact it’s obvious that I’m trying to build up my relationship with Etna-san here.
Well, I expected Sharon to oppose my decision. But no, in reality, Sharon didn’t show any objections at all.
Well, anyway, with my concerns gone, I could finally feel excited again for tonight’s dinner.

[By the way, it is alright to be hard at work, but how long will you be gone?]

Rithina asked while I was happily eating the crispy and delicious grilled meat.

[Eh? How long?]

Now that she mentioned it, I don’t know. This is bad.

[Yes. I did say that it is alright, but problems may pile up if you are gone for too long.]

What again?
Can’t you please wait until my excitement died down first?
Rithina is such a worrywart.

[Sharon-sama. It’s Verde, Verde.]

Sharon was quick to respond to my pleading gaze.

Un, it’s Verde. Although I have no idea who or what this Verde is.

[Ah, Etna-san is from Verde, is she not? Is that so?]

[That’s right. So I don’t think it’ll take more than a month for a round trip]

I don’t know where Verde is, but apparently, the trip to go there won’t take a month.
They speak of it so lightly. In reality, it’s still pretty far, right?


Rithina closed her eyes, seemingly deep in thought.
She just returned. I guess it won’t be fair for her if I leave for a month right after?

[So it’s a no-go?]

[Ah, no, that is not what I meant. It is alright.

However, if you are going all the way to Verde… it might not be the right timing to do this, but I have something to ask.]

I was worried for nothing. She gave me a pass.
In exchange for a request from Rithina. That’s a piece of cake. Tell me

[What is it?]

[I am not asking Haruto. This request is for Sharon.]

[Eh? Me? Um… okay! I understand!]


[Wh, why is it not me?]

[I do not have anything to ask of Haruto. Sharon?]


She glossed through my question quite easily, opting to instead exchange whispers with Sharon above Laurier who were too busy devouring her meals to care.

[Ah, I see! I get it, Rithina-sama.]

Hearing Rithina’s whispering, Sharon seemed to understand something.
What is it? I’m curious.

[Now now! It’s nothing weird at all, so Haruto doesn’t need to worry about it!]

Sharon said with a strange smile.
Eh? Why did she suddenly get so excited?


Even if I asked her, Sharon, who was happily grinning in a good mood eerily, did not answer me. Neither did Rithina. None of them was willing to tell me what they’ve talked about.

Well, it couldn’t be anything bad.

[One month… Leave early…play…]

I heard Elcure mutter while I was talking to Rithina.
What play, you damn maniac?

Anyhow, given my relationship with Elcure, she might not be patient enough to wait for a month.

[Elcure. How about coming with me? There’s no reward, but accompanying me should be enough, right?]

Unfortunately, it’s not like I can cancel the trip now.
Therefore, I should just take Elcure along with me. Good idea.

[No…thanks. Too much hassle…]

[A, ah…okay. Un…]

Thank goodness! I’ll follow you! I was hoping for that kind of reaction. But it never came.
Elcure is not the type to react that way after all.

Still, what’s with her saying that it’s too much of a hassle? So sad.

[Excuse me, Haruto-san.]

[Nn? What’s up, Leon?]

Leon, who was also dining at the same table, asked politely.
Hopefully, he’s not going to ask to tag along again.

[Since Haruto-san will be away soon, I need to tell this to you now.]


[Yes. After a few days of rest, we’re planning on tackling the Great Forest.]


Great Forest.
The Demon King’s territory is just beyond this Great Forest.

A hero would inevitably go through this place to subdue the demon king.
However, if the hero leaves, Aura would also inevitably accompany him along.

When I glanced at Aura, her face was solemn and she replied by nodding silently.


Now that it has become like this, I want Aura to stay.

When it comes to the journey to subdue the demon king, the risk of dying is higher than returning albeit seriously injured.
If possible, I’d like her to stay so that she won’t have to take that risk.

However, that would also mean I’m undermining Aura’s determination in subduing the Demon king.

It’s annoying.

For example, it’s like forbidding me from getting touchy-feely with my wives. It’s impossible.
No, that analogy sounds so wrong.

Leon continued, most likely catching the exchange of gaze between me and Aura.

[Of course, no matter what happened, I will keep Aura… no, and Caroin as well, even if I have to trade my life for it]

[Leon! That’s….!]

[Leon-sama! Not with your life on the line!]

Aura and Caroin protested against Leon’s statement.

But Leon did not care. His determination seemed firm.

I’m grateful for that and having that kind of spirit is good and all. But as a former hero, I need to give him a few words of advice.

[Leon, you have a good spirit but a misplaced one. As a hero, you have to stay alive to protect everyone. At the very least…. If you have to sacrifice your own life, do so only when you are at an extreme dead end. Trust me. Take my word as a former hero.]

[That…might be correct…]

[Moreover… I’m glad that you intend to keep Aura safe for my sake, but Caroin is a different case. You are the only one who could make her happy.]

[Nn, wh-what did you…?!]

That does it. My advice backed by my experience and expertise, along with a humorous tone to lighten up the dark mood, was able to convince Leon.
Caroin, on the other hand, was bright red as if she’d been boiled.

These fellas are like highschoolers.
No, even I was not this pure when I was still a highschooler.

What? When was the last time I was pure?
Nn? Can’t remember. But let’s not talk about that anymore.

[Fufu. He got you there. As Haruto-sama said, let’s all subdue the demon king and survive.]

[Yunikram… you’re right. Un. Sorry.]

Unusually, Yunikram smiled as he tapped on Leon’s shoulder. He actually can smile?
This finally convinced Leon, and he apologized to both Aura and Caroin. I still can’t believe that guy can smile.


While everyone else was enjoying this Hero’s friendship drama, Elcure was the only one tilting her head.

Now that I recall, I haven’t told her about my identity yet.
Should I tell her later?

Well, anyhow, the dinner ended in a bright mood thanks to this. 


Each of us left the dinner table to do what we needed to do respectively. As I walked down the corridor on my way to a post-meal swordsmanship exercise, Aura called out to me.


I turned around to see her.

[I need to say something too.]

As Aura got closer, she quickly wrapped my right hand with both of her hands then led it straight to her chest.
A fluffy sensation immediately spread all over my palm.

Muni~, no it’s more of, funi~. (ED note: Funi is the SFX for fondling)
Did she stuff a lot of marshmallows under her shirt?

[Please forgive me because I will be away for a while.]

I was honestly tempted to move my fingers, but Aura’s serious expression prevented me from doing so.

[Yeah, I know. Be careful, okay?]

I replied and put my left hand on Aura’s cheek.
In turn, Aura let one of her hands that were on top of my right hand off, reaching up to my left hand.

Aura’s cheek felt so puni~.

Funi~ in the right hand. Puni~ on my left.
Adding to that was the feeling of Aura’s palms on top of each of my hands.

This is the strongest combo.
Is there any other combo that can win against this? No. Affirmative.

[Don’t overdo it. If you’re stuck, just return. I… no, we’ll do something about it.]


Hearing my words, a reassuring look bloomed in Aura’s face.

I’ve been wondering about how Aura would feel. She must’ve been worried sick.
However, I would only make her even more worried if I complained. In my good judgment, it’ll be best to send off Aura without worry as I usually do…but I always do horrible things, don’t I?

[Oh, husband… I…]

[What is it?]

Aura, who had been talking with a serious tone up until now, suddenly let out a fluttery voice.
I hadn’t even moved my right-hand fingers yet. So it’s not because of me.

[I mean…I will be away for a while…so, well…today, I mean…would you make love to me today…?]

W-w-whoa there.

Aura told me so with wavering restless eyes.
She pressed my right hand deeper into her chest, strengthening the fluffiness further.
My left palm could feel the heat in her cheek.

What in the world?
Here I thought there’s no stronger combo out there, but she goes beyond it?

Amazing. Aura is truly amazing.
I love you. I love you, Aura.

Her cuteness is beyond words.


So I immediately issued my right hand, which had been on standby due to my earlier order to wait for an assault, never forgetting to slide my left hand from Aura’s cheek to the back of her head.
With the option to retreat deprived of her, both me and Aura simply put our lips on each other. She’s been sending smoke signals from the get-go.

Ah, what am I saying?
The point is, we couldn’t hold it anymore and go for the kiss.

[Nn, nnnmm…nn…]

Our tongues entwined intimately just like our hearts.
Soon enough, it indeed turned into an after-meal exercise. But not what I originally planned to do!




No LN illustration, so I’ll use this Aura’s drawing made by the Author-sama instead.

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