Return of The Former Hero ch.166

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Translator: Raizu
Editor: Shirayuki

Chapter 166.  Former Hero – About to Faint

It’s been over a week since I left Aria.
The trip had been a calm one so far.

[Haruto-kun. Can you wash this vegetable?]

[Ah, sure. Got it.]

Etna-san told me to wash the vegetables. We were in the middle of preparing for dinner.

Sharon and Laurier came along with me in this task of escorting Etna-san back to her hometown in Verde.
Even counting Etna-san, we only amounted to 4 four people. So we decided that we don’t have to take turns when it comes to preparing dinner and washing clothes.

If anything, Etna-san is pretty much our client here, so I suggested that we should do all that stuff individually. But Etna-san herself was against it.

[I like cooking after all.]

Homely! Cute! Be my wife already! Seriously!

However, Sharon forbade me from washing Etna-san’s underwear.

[That thing that belongs to Etna-san…is off-limit until you two really get into a relationship!] or something along that line.

But she’s right.

Anyways, I’m helping Etna-san with cooking by following her direction. But for some reason, she never let me hold a knife.
Even though it’s not really a weapon, I could still cut carrots easily if I put some magic power into the knife.
But she kept me mostly on the ‘washing stuff’ role, saying that [whatever Haruto-san is handling can become a dangerous weapon.]

But that’s not my real intention though?

I mean, I was thinking of cutting my fingertip a little so that Etna-san would suck the wound off.
But in the end, I couldn’t get myself to do a self-inflicted wound, so I didn’t.

Well, whatever.

Since I’m in charge of washing, the food is all handmade by the girls.
Girls’ home cooking should be better than anything I can come up with. No, it’s definitely much better. I’m totally psyched. 

[Etna-san, I’ll put the vegetables here.]

[Ah, thank you.]

I put the washed vegetables in the corner of the kitchenette I made with Earth Bind.
Next to that, Etna-san was cutting vegetables while humming softly.

With no more instruction to do, my mind inevitably started to run wild with imaginations.

[Haruto-kun, dinner will be ready soon.]

[Ahh, I really look forward to Etna-san’s cooking. It’s very delicious… but before that.]

[Yahnn. Haruto-san, that’s dangerous.]

[Sorry, sorry. But I want to go straight to the dessert first.]

[Really now~…..guess it can’t be helped. Come・here・baby.]


While I was immersed in my delusion that has no shred of originality in it, I noticed that Sharon, who was stirring the pot while keeping the fire burning, looked at me helplessly. I pretended to not see this. So let’s keep at it.


Returning to reality, I left the kitchen to prepare the table.

I don’t think nobody would bother to bring fragile tableware on a trip like this, but it’s not like I can eat from the same bowl as the other girls. That’s why I brought some tableware.

It’s different from when I was a hero when most of my party members are males competing on who gets the most portion of dinner.

When I arrived at the table with the tablewares, Laurier was already there with a knife and fork in her hands.

There are real people acting like this? Amazing.

[Haruto~… Is dinner ready yet~?]

Laurier-chan, how about you becoming my dinner instead? No, I won’t get to eat my actual dinner if so.

[If you helped cut the vegetables, you might have a plate ready by now. Just wait a bit longer.]

[Umu…wanna eat…]

It’s alright to be excited about food, but it’ll help if you assist in preparing said food, you know?
Well, it’s not my place to say that since I’m not particularly good at it either, but Laurier is even worse at prepping elaborate dishes. So it’s all good like this.

But first thing’s first.

[By the way, Haruto.]


Laurier raised her head and talked to me as I prepped the table.

[I’ve always been interested…]

But her gaze was not directed at me, but on the two cooks, Sharon and Etna-san.

[As the master said to me once, a naked apron in this kind of situation would be best.]


Oi oi, why are you suddenly saying something like that?

I, did I tell her about all that?
…I did. Like she said so.

I mean, a naked apron is good for sure.
Imagine this, Etna-san in a naked apron.

But that will have to wait.
I could ask Sharon and Laurier to wear that kind of getup. Do you think I’m crazy enough to ask Etna-san?

When I took a glance at the two, Sharon was looking back at us stiffly. Perhaps she overheard us.

[Naked apron…?]

Naturally, Etna-san had also overheard our conversation. She stopped cutting the vegetable and looked at us curiously.

[Ah, nonono, don’t worry about it. Hahaha.]

I felt the need to cover up for Laurier all of a sudden.
Why do you ask?

I quickly placed the tableware around and held Laurier’s head so that she couldn’t speak anything else.

Laurier wanted me and Etna-san to finally do it on this trip so she’s been making strangely suggestive remarks.

Like, let’s sleep in the same sleeping bag or let’s take a bath together.
Well, of course, Sharon had been against all the offers, regardless of whether I have a hand in it or not.

That kind of assist is good and all, but please mind the place and situation more, would you?

[Haruto, what’s that for?]

Laurier in turn complained to me by lightly pricking her knife and fork at my hands.
Do you still have any conscience?

[Just be good and wait for the dinner nicely.]


I need to talk with you later, missy.

[Naked apron… Naked under the apron…?]

When I told people to not worry about it too much, few put some thought into it.
But, Etna-san was seriously ruminating over the words she just heard.

This is bad.
She’ll realize how much of a perv I am.

I was already surrounded by as many as nine brides. Adding another one might make it go out of control. But in the end, the number matters.
I want to deepen our relationship with a soft landing as possible.



Etna-san called out to Laurier. Now, what should I say to somehow deceive her?

[Wouldn’t it be too cold if you’re not wearing anything else but an apron?]

…I mean, yes, naturally?

I don’t know what made Etna-san come to that kind of conclusion, but thank goodness.

[Huh? Fuhaha! I see, it would be cold indeed. Fuhahaha! Haruto. The naked apron is too cold. Just give it up.]

Laurier burst into laughter.


I could feel myself about to faint.

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