29-sai Dokushin wa Isekai ch.52

Weekly chapters (2/2)

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Episode 52 ~I took a walk around the territory as development started~

Now, the territory was currently divided into several sections.
First was the central water generation facility, which was the centerpiece of this city. Initially, I was planning to make it by using the serpent dragon’s eye, but I decided to use the soul crystal I got from that unnamed lump of meat instead.
Both were items capable of generating inexhaustible magical power, but I took this decision because the soul crystal was far superior in output. At present, only about 20% of the output is used, but the amount of water produced was already quite excessive. It is designed with a considerable limit so that various things can be done with surplus output later.
Now, the problem was how to distribute water throughout the territory.
I thought about burying a water pipe underground in the same way of the water supply pipes from my original world, but I soon realized that it was necessary to have water pressure that matched the size of the project in order to spread the water smoothly to the end.
I came up with various ideas about how to create this pressure, but none seemed to be effective so far.
The first idea was to make something like a sturdy spherical tank that could withstand high pressure, attach an adjustable valve to it, and seal the water generator inside.
If water was generated in this state, water with nowhere to go creates intense pressure. I pretty much tried to defy the laws of physics, including the law of conservation of mass here. But since I can, why not?
However, this method has a problem in ensuring the durability of the container and valve. In the unlikely event that it bursts, we can pretty much expect a catastrophic result. So the idea was shelved immediately.
Next, I came up with a method that utilizes the property of water flowing from a high place to a low place. The natural flow type. At first, I thought about placing the water generator in a high place such as a water tower and letting it go around with aerial aqueducts. However, if it’s placed too high, maintaining it will be a problem.
Then I had an epiphany there. What if I combined both methods?
Build a tall water tower and install a water generator there. Water will flow through the underground pipe using the height difference. Yeah, shouldn’t this be possible? What was it called again? The principle of siphons? I remember it ha ha ha.
So, we are developing water and sewage systems centered around the water generation facility. This calls for a lot of digging, but the project was proceeding at a rapid pace thanks to the efforts of the Antillians, who were good at civil engineering work.
The appearance of the water generation facility looked like a black tower towering toward the heavens. I made it steadily using earth magic over three days. It had been strengthened and polished to the utmost limit by my enormous magical power, giving off black marble-like glossy luster. By the way, when Torn tried to slash the tower wall with an ordinary iron sword, the sword was chipped without leaving any scratch to the wall. The ground was also solid, perfect to resist earthquakes.

[Thank you for your hard workー, please continue to do your bestー]

『『『『 Understood! 』』』』

When I greeted the Antillians who were building a huge underground passage, multiple pretty girl voices replied back in unison. Un, as usual, only their voices sounded cute. Their outward appearance is still that of giant ants.
Since all Antillians were born capable of using earth magic, they can dig a tunnel while also solidifying it at the same time. Right now, I’m getting an underground passage running in parallel with the consolidation of the ground in the territory.
A wide underground passage will be laid under the territory, and water pipes and sewage pipes will be installed there. It’ll be easier to maintain than just burying the pipes in the ground.
If we make the tunnel wider, we may be able to use it later for passing things other than water and sewage. Ventilation ports were also installed in various places, as well as magic tools that have the effect of purification and ventilation. All I had to do was to make a simple magic engraving on a Mithril metal plate. It’s about the size of a credit card at best, so the cost isn’t that great.
The maintenance of underground passages and pipes would basically be left to the Antilles, but personnel from other races will also be added. Otherwise, if for some reason the Antilles leave us, we won’t be able to maintain the tunnel.


While thinking and walking, I arrived at the construction site of the western outer wall. This was also one of the sections that was being developed at a rapid pace.
It was immediately decided to build a castle wall in the territory for both defensive and mental health purposes. A castle construction professional was called in from Miscronia, and with my supervision, the world’s first star-shaped wall was designed and construction swiftly began. The speedy start was because I had already done the ground leveling and foundation work.
Although I said that it’s star-shaped, it actually isn’t. The shape was actually a diamond-shaped tip on the four corners of a quadrangle. When attacking from the east and west where the castle gate is installed, the crossfire can be fired from the front side and both tips, so the defense is very high.
The wall itself was not very high. Instead, it is thickened by using a lot of soil and bricks. This is because if a powerful attack magic is shot, a tall stone wall could collapse and cause damage to us as well. Moreover, considering the air power of flying monsters, it doesn’t make much sense to increase the height. Well, the surfaces still need to be layered with stone though.
In addition to that, we plan to make a deep water moat using our abundant water. But that will have to wait for later.
At this construction site, the work hours were divided into two shifts, from morning to noon and from noon to evening. Meals and daily allowances were provided for each. Some people come to eat breakfast and work, get a daily allowance then do other things from the afternoon, while others eat lunch here and work until the evening, get a daily allowance and finish the day. It seems that this system was generally well accepted because people can take time off at their own discretion.
At the moment, there seems to be no one who blatantly skips and only asks for food and money. Well, it’s the outer wall to protect our city after all. In addition, if such a thing is discovered, it will be severely punished.
For example, in the case of a beastkin with fur, the whole body is supposed to be shaved. This seems to be a great disgrace or embarrassment for the beastkin. Beastkin with a high standing in their community such as Torn and Marcus were trembling after hearing about the punishment.
There are many other things, but in reality, the criminal law was still under development. The punishment for skipping exterior wall construction is similar to a punishment game for relatives. Well, this area needed more planning after all.
If you make some trouble making decisions, I will talk to you. Don’t try my sadism. My chest is getting hot.

[Oーy, I heard you don’t have enough stonesー.]

When I called out, the centaur woman who was the on-site director ran with a fluttering hoof. I’m sure she was with Deborah back then. What’s her name again? I don’t think I’ve heard it.


[Milord, I’m truly sorry for the trouble. I will guide you to the stone collection site.]

For some reason, she treated me with reverence. What? This fellow wasn’t the type to even care about me before, was she?
Noticing my bewildered look, she bowed her head to me.

[I am terribly sorry for my rude attitude in the past. To be honest, I was suspicious of Milord, until you brought us all to this land… I am ashamed of my ignorance.]

[Ah, un. No worries. It’s okay if you believe me now. I think it’s good to be careful.]

While talking about that, we headed to the stone collection site where we used earth magic to generate a large amount of stone. Even if I said ‘generate’, it does not mean that it is producing something out of nothing. The rocks were created by solidifying the soil that the Antilles have dug up and accumulated here.
Well, magic had nothing to do with the law of conservation of mass, so it is possible to create substances. The original material consumed much less magical power.
This produced a big rock which we can divide into a reasonable size by earth magic. After that, we piled them up. When it has piled up to some extent, we fill the gap and harden the fillings with earth magic.
To put it bluntly, it would be easy for me to build a castle wall by myself. The reason for not doing so is to give the beastkin a place to work and maintain their independence. If I do everything from one to ten, the beastkin will not be able to lead an independent life.
For now, public works such as construction of various facilities such as outer walls are the main places of work for the residents of the territory. But eventually it will taper off.
I couldn’t just leave them alone hoping that the theory of self-responsibility will work, but eventually I have to get the residents to be able to make their own money. For example, a hunter who collects monster materials and herbs from Aokigahara Forest, a craftsman who processes them, a merchant who handles them, and so on.
Of course, there are many things that cannot be done without technology. That’s why I plan to invite craftsmen and merchants with the required skills and know-how from Miscronia and Karendil to provide vocational training.
It seems that some residents had already started food stalls, and the merchants I picked up from Karendil had received orders and inquiries about hairdressing tools used for haircuts as well as tools used for leather processing.
There were some smart guys who have already started to move to earn their own keep.

[Fumu, is this enough?]

[Thank you very much, Milord.]

I took a breather after arranging the stones in an appropriate shape so that they won’t collapse.

[Are there any other complaints or inquiries? It doesn’t matter if it’s something other than this exterior wall construction site, so please let me know if you have anything to say.]

[Indeed… as far as I know, there is nothing in particular. The water depot that was opened the other day is pretty popular. Everyone seems happy to be able to take a bath after working.]

[Well, yeah. It can be annoying sometimes having to pump water from the well just to take a bath after a day’s work.]

For the time being, as a trial operation, a water supply pipe was built to go through the construction site of the outer wall, the agricultural land outside the outer wall, and the temporary housing section until the full-scale housing was built. It’s not an underground pipe, as it is exposed above ground, so I’m planning to remove it when the underground pipe passes.
At the construction site, there was a drinking fountain and something like a water bath where you could bathe easily. I made it quite large, so it seems that some people used it for swimming and playing like a pool.
Some Riverkin had already migrated to the territory. Among them were the lizardman, the humanoid crocodile――Alligator, and the dark-skinned aquatic elf――water elf or the sea elf for short.
They were completely willing to get wet, so I let them be in charge of maintaining the canal.
A water canal had already been opened from the territory to the area where the Riverkin lives, and they were in charge to carry out retaining work and set up barrier pillars to avoid monsters.
Eh? How come the canal was completed in just two weeks? Naturally, since I used the level 4 pure magic; magic cannon to squeeze out obstacles on a straight line, and use earth magic to sink the place with a good view all around. Basically, by brute forcing it.
I also made a reservoir to store drainage and sewage. I made a vacant lot by throwing in a few maximum explosions, and then sunk the ground with earth magic to make the canal!
After seeing me in action, the residents seemed to have a feeling of respect or awe for me, but I don’t care too much. Fuhaha, you all should be more afraid of me.
A water purification device with the serpent dragon’s eye as its power source was installed at the bottom of the pond. Actually, it is difficult to adjust this because living creatures cannot live in it if the water is made too pure. But since the output of purification can be adjusted, the management was entrusted to the people of the river.
I was worried that sewage would come in soon, but it seemed that they’re fine with having animal excrement flowing in the river, so I didn’t care too much.
Rather, they seemed to be surprised at the cleanliness of the water flowing from the territory. Well, it’s ultra-clean water after all.
By the way, the canal is already flushed with water. Do you wonder if embankment maintenance could be done in such a situation? Remember that the Riverkin were used to living near a water body. It seems that they’re doing well by changing the flow of water only where the revetment is maintained using water magic. Apparently there are also a lot of them who are capable of using earth magic, and they are working together.
The kappas, I mean Sahagins, really did a good job on their part. Not only were they adept at water magic, they also had dexterous hands.

[Milord, what are you planning to do with this city in the future?]

I thought a little after hearing the sudden question from the centaur woman, then replied.

[Nnー…that’s right. First of all, it’s developing various foundations for the residents to live in. At the same time, build a road connecting Karendil and Miscronia. Eventually, the trade between the two countries will be consolidated here. I’m sure all of the two countries will gather here. People, things, money. All of you will live in such a place.]

[Will we be alright?]

I almost laughed when I saw her anxious face. So I showed her a fearless smile.

[That’ll be up to all of you. I’ll make a place where you can live without regret, but I can’t take care of each and every one of you. At the very least, I won’t let anyone die from starvation. I’m going to do it, but I’m not going to feed those who don’t earn it.]

The expression of the centaur woman was not clear. Naturally. I guess she was expecting words like “it’ll be okay, somehow. I’ll protect everyone.”

[You guys are like beginners on a trip. You don’t know how to walk, nor have a way to earn your keep. So, until you all get used to it, I’ll teach you how to walk, I’ll carry you all on my back, and I will also teach you how to earn your own keep. But once you get used to it, you will have to walk with your own feet, and you will also have to earn your keep yourself. I will protect you from foreign enemies, but you will have to be able to protect yourself as much as you can.]

People may think that I’m such a good lord to come up with all those speeches by myself, when in reality I was just quoting something I learned from my original world.
But it’s true that it won’t be healthy for them if I were to take care of everything for them. And it’ll be troublesome for me if they become too dependent on me.

[…..un, very true. That is how it should be. Just like how we raise our children.]

Perhaps my speech had somehow relieved her somewhere along the way. Apparently the centaur’s traditional child-rearing was similar to a traveler.


After replenishing the stones and checking the progress of the wall construction, I departed from the Centaur woman――whose name was Lisa――and returned near the central water tower.
This area would later become the center of administration and economy. In addition to the adventurer’s guild and commercial guild, we planned to situate government offices in this area. It’ll be a little while before we need them, so now we’re just finishing sorting out the planned construction sites.

[Oh, how are you doing?]

[Welcome, Owner. Well, the business is a bit slow.]

I came to the Palmiano general store, the only store in this territory so far.
It’s located near the central water tower, a short walk from the planned site of the west castle gate. The spot will surely become a prime location in the future.
This store was owned by a human merchant named Benjiano Palmiano. He was 26 years old, and still single. He was short but not weak at all. A so-called fine macho. He has dark brown hair that is cut short, and a face that was not all that handsome but still charming nonetheless.
He’s a merchant who used to travel around the Kingdom of Calendil and Mount Bus, but wanted to settle down and have a store. I got into contact with him via the commerce guild’s Huey.
“Would you like to have a store in a super-favorable location that is sure to develop in the future?” He’s a courageous guy to accept such a suspicious invitation. He said that his intuition as a merchant told him that it’ll work out. But guess what, when I looked at him with the appraisal eye, he had this skill called “intuition (machine)”. So I think it is probably a benefit of that skill.
This skill does not appear in my skill acquisition list by the way. Maybe it’s a unique skill.

[So cooking utensils is the best selling commodity?]

[That’s right. It seems that more and more people are cooking their own meals by having hunters divide meat and wild plants and mushrooms collected from the forest. Seasonings are also selling well. After that, clothes, sewing sets, threads, brushes and scissors are selling well.]

It seems that food-related items and clothing-related items are selling well. Reading the sales details thoroughly, liquor seemed to be sold as a luxury item. So far, no one seems to get drunk and make a fuss, but there’s nothing wrong with being careful.

[How about the environment? Is there anything like harassment or something like that?]

[No. It seemed like they were scared at first, but not anymore these days. There’s no harassment, since Pamela-san, Relix-san, or Break-san sometimes come to see me. Everything has been fine.]

[Ho, so those fellows are doing their job properly.]

Of the five beastkin that first came in contact with me――Torn and Break the wolfkin, Relix the leopardkin, Pamela the rabbitkin, and Marcus the Bullkin――three of them; Break, Pamela, and Relix are now responsible for maintaining public security in the territory.
Their main duties were arbitration of fights and other troubles, prompt responses in the event of an incident or accident, watching over the territory, and eliminating monsters that approached the territory. Of course, the members were not only these three. There’re also Deborah, the tigerkin Mies (whose name I only recently learned), and the centaur woman Lisa mentioned earlier. Several other former hunters were in charge of guards.
Markus seemed to be more well suited for cultivating the field, so he’s now in charge of agriculture. Torn? He has the most interesting job among them all.
He’s the tester for the equipment along with my very own private army!
I had Torn try out a variety of new equipment that I made, with or without a limiter. It’s an important role to help decide the formal equipment for the territory’s army that will be established later.
Doing this alone is dangerous of course, and there are few equipment that can be tried by one person to begin with, so my private soldiers were made up of the elites selected from the Arachneans, Riverkin, and the fairies.
The quality of each equipment was moderately suppressed assuming that it will be produced by someone else later.
Making one of a kind item is out of question if it’ll be used by an organization such as the military. Extremely advanced technology will be needed to mass produce it, and the cost will be too high. Still, the equipment has to be easy to use and durable.
If we could afford it, I also considered training special soldiers to handle equipment that required specialized knowledge to use. But it’s not the time yet. Well, my current private soldiers are pretty much meant to experiment on these equipment, so I’ll let them use the equipment in various ways.

[Please also submit a report to the Lord’s Office regarding sales trends later.]


I left the mostly vacant Palmiano general store.In a few minutes, people who had finished their work in the morning would rush in. Owners such as me should quickly leave so as not to get in the way of the business.

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