Return of The Former Hero ch.168

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Chapter 168. Former Hero – Enjoying the City’s Night

In the end, it’s only postponing the matter at hand. Nothing has been solved at all.

Night came.

[Hahahaha. I see, that sounds troublesome indeed. However, to be so capable while still very young, I wonder who was your teacher?] 

After enjoying lunch and some sightseeing, we returned to Etna’s parents’ house. We were in time for dinner and a welcome party that old man Rov prepared.
The old man kept praising me, but I wonder if he really meant it.
I mean, it’s not like I hate being praised.

[A master? Well, they prefer to live in seclusion, hidden from the masses.]

They might be famous in that world, but not here. That old man too. He said that he was the best knight of the kingdom he’s from.
But I doubt that anyone in this world knows his name.

I would prefer being able to mention their name proudly, but imagining that everyone will just say [Uーn, I’ve never heard of them, but they must be good] prevented me from doing so.

[Is that so? Well, well, I guess there are still many unknown experts out there.]

Old man Rov muttered as he drank the liquor on his glass.

Uーn, his response is pretty good despite my ambiguous statement.
I guess this is what people call ‘a good listener’.

[Munyamunya… I can’t eat anymore…]

When I was about to reply to old man Rov, Laurier, who was sitting next to me, suddenly muttered. 
She’s been eating a lot today. Actually, I think she ate as much as she did during lunch.

If you fall asleep now, then how would I enjoy my night later?
I mean, having Sharon alone is actually sufficient, but is it appropriate to do it on the first night of our stay in Etna-san’s house?
Maybe I should just hold on for the time being. Umu umu.

Either way, it’s a pity if Laurier went down to sleep so early.
But on the other hand, this gave me an excuse to extricate myself from this banquet.

[Oy, Laurier, are you alright? If you’re sleepy, wait until you get on the bed.]

[Ehehe… banana~] 

She didn’t respond properly to me. I guess she’s half asleep already.

And did she just sleep talking about bananas just now?
Here I thought she ate too much already. A demon’s appetite is scary.

[Oh, is your lady about to retire? Fuhn, I guess it’s about time. Let’s wrap things out here.]

Oh, that actually did it.
All I needed was to give him a simple clue. Old man Rov quickly accommodated by pretending to look at the clock.

[Right. Thank you for your hospitality tonight.]

I also said my part to make it more pleasant for both sides.
It’s good and all to be able to talk to a great listener like the old man, but I still prefer spending my time flirting with Sharon in our room.

[Thank you! The food was delicious!]

[No, no, don’t mention it. Please have a good rest tonight.]

Sharon also stood up to go with the flow, cheerfully thanking the old man.

[Come on now, Laurier-chan. Can you stand?]

Just when I put my hands on the chair to stand up.


Damn, she beat me to it.
Sharon was sitting next to Laurier, so she’s a bit away from me and I couldn’t exactly communicate with her secretly. Therefore I was beaten to it by her.

Wait. Uh, nevermind.

[Then, Etna. Please guide them to their room. I’ll have a small talk with Amagi-sama in the meantime.]

[Is that so? I understand. Sharon-san, please follow me.]

[Um… oh, okay.]

Eh? Come again?
I didn’t hear you properly.

Aside from me who pretended to hear nothing, Etna-san and Sharon left the dining room with Laurier in tow.

Wait, wait.
Me too. Take me away too.

[Pardon me, Amagi-sama. If you don’t mind, after this?]

Pretending I couldn’t hear it, I was thinking of following Etna-san, but the old man approached me before I could.

Eh, no, wait.
Isn’t that like asking consent after the fact? How cowardly.
I guess that’s what adults do.

[…Y, yes. What is it…?]

Now that I’ve received his hospitality of delicious food and a place to sleep, there’s no way I can excuse myself with mere [I don’t feel well].

[Thank you. It’ll be uncomfortable to stay in the dining room so how about we go outside for a bit? Follow me.]

Perhaps satisfied with my answer, the old man smiled with a friendly smile and left the room for a while. 

Why is this happening?

Despite all the thoughts swirling in my head, I hid it all and followed old man Rov.

The old man went out of the mansion with me following behind him. I was too preoccupied with wondering where he would take me and why he needed to talk to me privately.
Only the dark sky and cold night breeze gave me a semblance of comfort.

[Amagi-sama, please.]

The old man took me outside the mansion where a carriage was waiting for us.
He urged me to climb inside the carriage after getting in himself. 

Eh? Are we going out? So scary.

Well, it’s not like I’m in any danger whatsoever so I obediently get into the carriage.

[Get us out.]

Once I sat on the fluffy sofa installed inside the carriage, old man Rov ordered the servant to chauffeur us out.

The carriage started moving slowly but nary a sign of vibration.

We travelled for about 10 minutes.
The carriage had been moving around Verde.

At night, Verde displayed a different kind of beauty than what it shows during the day.

The road was illuminated by bright magic lights and the light reflected off the parallel running waterways. Shining brilliantly.
There were many stalls along the road, where adventurers, residents, and various other people were having a good time chatting while eating.

I looked at the vague scenery through the carriage window.

…it’s a nice atmosphere.
Except for the fact that there’s an old man sitting next to me.

[Excuse me… But where are we going?]

I asked rather sloppily.
Should’ve asked that from the beginning. 

[An establishment called Aisha, Amagi-sama.]


I don’t even know who or what this Aisha is.
Establishment? Is it some kind of shop? What?
Can you at least tell me beforehand?

[Master, we have arrived.]

[Un. Now, now, Amagi-sama, let’s go.]

The carriage stopped so smoothly that I couldn’t tell if it really stopped for a moment. The servant made a small statement and the old man urged me to get off.

It seems that we’ve arrived at the destination while I was wondering how to dig out more information.

I got off the carriage as prompted.

[Ooh… thi, this is… No way…]

When I got off the carriage and saw a building called Eisha, I unconsciously muttered.

The road leading to the building was still covered with magic lights and it is no exaggeration to say that it’s almost as bright as daytime.
At the storefront, there were some elegantly lit magic lights that seemed to be intended not to illuminate the road, but instead to create a more beautiful and powerful impression.
Next to the building is a small post that looks like a knight’s camp. If anything happens, the knights would be able to react immediately. 


And above all, at the entrance of the shop, a total of six beautiful dressed women, three on each side, bowed deeply to welcome us.

[Amagi-sama, please enter.]

Old man Rov, who came down the carriage after me, told me that and then went straight into the shop. 

Seriously, old man? You’re used to this, aren’t you?

More importantly…to think that I get to see this here of all places.
Am I really still stranded in another world?

Naturally, I’ve heard of it from manga and anime before, but I’ve never been in one before.

In short… This is pretty much an isekai nightclub! (TL Note: *cough* Interspecies Reviewers *cough*)

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