Glutton Berserker ch.186

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Finally, there is a new update for Glutton Berserker (RAW) chapters.

For anyone who curious why the RAW was on slow release last few months, apparently the Author-sama just did surgery and currently on rehabilitation. He said he is recovered well and can now update the chapters.

Let’s hope the best for the Author-sama to back in full health soon.

Enjoy the chapter~

Translator: Raizu
Editor: Mirp

Chapter 186 – Nostalgic Days

We’re flying in the sky, but the wind on the deck wasn’t that strong.
Even as we’re sailing at a considerably fast speed.
Roxy seemed to notice this as well.

[This airship….is truly a mysterious apparatus. I did not notice this at all during our conversation with Libra earlier.]

[Perhaps because we’re only familiar with the ships that float on water.]

[Indeed. There are still a lot of things we do not know yet.]

[But Roxy is able to fly in the sky now.]

[It is only thanks to Snow-chan. It is not my own power.]

She gave me a little smile before turning her gaze toward the direction of Gallia.
The current Roxy had no wings.
It’s because she could only fuse with Snow for a limited amount of time.
The fusion was undone before we returned to the deck. Snow didn’t follow us, saying that she wanted to have a look around the airship instead.

We’re inside Libra’s property right now. I tried to stop her since it might be difficult to find her later…
But it’s Snow we’re talking about.
She wouldn’t listen.
She went away somewhere without even paying attention to my warning.

[Are you still worried about Snow-chan?]

[Yeah… her attitude is really troublesome sometimes.]

[Fufufu, she is energetic alright]

[And reckless. This is in enemy territory.]

[The same can be said about us.]

The two of us were talking carefreely on the deck.

[That kid is strong. Moreover, she and I are connected. If anything happens to her, I will know right away.]

So, a connection… that allows them to sense each other even from far away…
I’m also connected to Aaron through the Mortal Sin skill.
As I grow stronger through the skill, Aaron will also benefit from it.
Although it’s different, at least it’s similar to what Roxy has.

I could feel that Aaron is doing well in the capital Seyfert.
Which means, the Door to His Land didn’t affect the capital all that much.

Knowing that keeps my mind at ease. But what about Roxy?
There are Mason-sama, Aisha-sama, and the rest of her household back in the capital.
Now that the Door to His Land has been opened, the threat of resurrected monsters is imminent.
Roxy seemed to notice that my attention was not directed at Gallia at the moment.

[Everyone in the capital will be fine. There is my father. Also Aaron and the white knights. It will rude to them if you are worried now]


She smiled at me.

[Rather, I feel nervous about where we are heading now… Gallia, the floating continent. That is why… I want to have a small talk with Fai now.]

Roxy continued. Still with a smile on her face.

[When I was still a kid, the world I knew was very small. It was a world where everyone adored and loved me. I was happy back then… but that was only on Heart family’s territory. But it was all changed when I found out that I have the Holy Sword Mastery skill.]

[The day you become a Holy Knight?]

[Yes. As you might know, my mother does not possess the skill. Which means, the probability of me having the skill was only fifty-fifty. My father was very elated by this reveal, knowing that he has a successor now. So he brought me to the capital in order to train as a holy knight.]

Even when we’re travelling together back then, Roxy never neglected her training. It’s easy to imagine just how extraordinary the effort she had to exert in the past.

[My father had high expectations, but I on the other hand was anxious. It was an unfamiliar place, with people that were unknown to me before. I was depressed because I could not get used to it at first. In the end, I sneaked out of the castle.]

[You’re being noddy huh…]

[I have had enough back then, and I still do sometimes]

I lightly poked at Roxy’s inflated cheeks, which she responded with a scoff.
But yeah… I understand that she needs a break sometimes.
Having seen the glimpse of the holy knights’ life as I started going in and out of the palace with Aaron, I could honestly say that it’s not all fun and game.

Most Holy Knights were prideful. And since they are adamant in keeping to their old ways, they would never vouch for any new ideas, especially one that wouldn’t benefit them.
Moreover, I’m still young, so they could just brush me off saying that I’m inexperienced.
In the end, I had no choice but to rely on Eris’ influence as the queen.

[It’s horrible… I know, I’ve been on the same shoes too.]

[Right! That is why Fai has to do his best to take the leadership position! You need to study even harder for that sake]


Satisfied with my reaction, Roxy turned to look up to the sky.

[Fai has not changed at all. Always striving to do his best for the task in front of him. Though it is scary sometimes for those who are by your side. And he also tends to forget about things.]

[Nn? Did I… did I forget something?]

[It was six years ago… the first time I met Fai.]

[Did we!?]

But I don’t remember at all.
No, but… looking at Roxy, she seemed to be serious about it. Try to remember, me! Remember!
But no matter how hard I try till my head is spinning…

[Good grief… Well, it is very Fai-like to do that.]

I finally gave up…

[I suppose, many things happened back then. And our meeting was just one of them…]

[Fai cheered me up when we met after I snuck out of the palace during a party.]

That really happened!?
But she remembered it. Then why I can’t…. Seeing me wondering, Roxy then continued.

[At that time, I was still wearing the civilian clothing which I used to sneak out, so Fai thought that I was one of the maidservant working at the palace]


With that as a trigger, a memory resurfaced in my head, albeit vaguely.
Indeed… I saw a little girl sitting near the palace with a long face. I wondered what happened, so I went to talk to her.

[Wait! At that time, that little girl said she was a maidservant working in the palace. I wasn’t wrong.]

[Uh… you caught me there. Well, it seems that you still remember.]

I couldn’t remember the little girl’s face clearly, but I still recall what happened back then.
I would’ve never expected that the little girl I thought was a maidservant is actually a holy knight. We were never an equal back then.

[I am sorry I lied to you at that time]

[Why did you lie… ah, of course…]

I was about to ask why, but realized the answer myself.

[If Fai knew I was a holy knight, you would be scared instead]

[Right. It was my first time in the capital, I would probably be too scared to talk to a holy knight]

[Yes. Hearing Fai said all the things about the holy knights, I could not bear to say that I am one. I am afraid that you would be scared of me]

When I sat next to the young Roxy, I might’ve blabbered my mouth about unnecessary things like the little kid I was, without even knowing who she was…

[But you listened to me, and even cheered me up.]

[Sorry I couldn’t say anything that could console you back then.]

[That is not necessarily true. It was enough to have you staying by my side during my difficult time. No words are needed.]

I remember we talked about how it’s my first time in the capital, and then about Roxy’s hometown.
Then she asked about me as well. Back then, I still thought that the Gluttony skill was just a strange skill that made me hungry all the time. How the other villagers were crept out by it, which ended up causing them to banish me from my village.
No one else could be any more unfortunate than I did, and that at least her situation is more hopeful… I believe I told the little Roxy all that?
But anyways, near the end of our encounter, she shared some of her food with me.
I should’ve known better back then. A newly hired maidservant shouldn’t be able to bring out party food with her.

[Then a few years later, I met you again. I tried to talk to you whenever I had a chance…. But you seemed to avoid me most of the time.]

[Sorry about that. Well, at least the mystery on why you seemed to look after me back then is solved now.]

[Fufufu, but I am glad. I am happy that we can finally talk like this in the end. To others, that encounter might appear paltry. But to me, it was a memorable one.]

After saying that, Roxy sent a distant look to the direction of Gallia.

[Fai, you told me back then, that you really admire your father Dean. Is it still the case right now?]

[About that…]

I couldn’t find the answer, and in the end I just gazed toward Gallia like Roxy did.
The place where my Dad is.

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