Short Update and Announcement (May 2021)

Greetings, dear readers.
Raizu is here to bring some news regarding the future release.

1. Regarding one of our project, Santairiku Eiyuuki a.k.a Heroic Chronicles of the Three Continents ~Chronicles of Empire Rebuilding with Modern Knowledge~

Nega Translations and Travis Translations will collaborating each other for this project. Starting from next weekend batch, Santairiku Eiyuuki will be posted on Travis Translations. But, worry not, the project is still ours despite being posted there.

The main purpose for this collabs is so for the novel can reach more and wider readers than before. Currently beside JP novels, Travis Translation is also translating CN and KR novels too, so I’m positive that Santairiku will receive more attention than now. 

I really love Santairiku novel, so I’ll be happy if everyone enjoying it too.

2. As the result of point 1, is there any change for the Santairiku Eiyuuki project?

Yes. I have been thinking about it, how to reward the patrons that supporting our group until now. Thus, starting from next week, all the patrons can get early access for a new chapter of Santairiku Eiyuuki. It’ll be available as long as you pledge to be a patron. You will be a step ahead the normal readers.

You can visit our group Patreon on here.

There is no plan for making post-tiered chapters yet, but let’s see about it in the future. 

3. I would like to know the preference of our patrons.

Among our group projects:

29-sai Dokushin, Santairiku Eiyuuki, Gacha Girl Corps, Glutton Berserker, I was called Incompetent, and Kaette Kita Motoyuusha.

Which one do you like the most?

We have reached a good amount chapters of “I was called Incompetent” novel, so we can now put our priority to the most popular projects. Please leave your answer on the comment section below.


Thank you for all your support.
Please keep support us so we can release more novels for everyone.

Alright, that’s all the news for now.

Have good day and stay safe everyone.

26 thoughts on “Short Update and Announcement (May 2021)

  1. Gacha is the most original in how MC behaves. It is refreshing that his obligatory, overblown japanese ln/wn/anime/manga character flaw is addiction to gatcha and not typical stupidity or obliviousness (although he is obluvious sigh)

    Thanks and looking forward to more chapters of Gacha


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