Return of The Former Hero ch.169

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Chapter 169. Former Hero – Reflects Deeply

Doki doki.

I never thought that I’d be brought into a luxury nightclub.
Is this the rumoured “entertainment” I’ve been hearing about…?!

No, I don’t know yet if it’s the same as the nightclub I know of.

That said, is it really okay for an old man to bring me here?
I mean, I didn’t bring my wallet.

[Customer? Is there something wrong?]

[Um…no, ah, yes.]

As I stood in front of the entrance worrying about money, one of the women who was welcoming us raised her head and urged me to enter the store.
Perhaps I was too nervous about the unknown territory of the isekai nightclub, it made me reply in an incoherent stammer.

And thus, I set foot into this yet unknown world.



A maid helped me into my room.

[Nn…Haruto? Welcome back…?]

[Ah…did I wake you up. Sorry. I’m back.]

I intended to be careful so as not to wake anyone up, but Sharon noticed my arrival anyway.

[Nn…..nnn… okay…]

But she still seemed to be sleepy as she sloppily scratched her eyes.
Laurier remained asleep next to her.

Etna-san considered the three of us as one [family] so we’re all assigned to the same room.
Well, even if we’re assigned different rooms, we’ll end up gathering in one anyway. So that’s one problem totally avoided. umu.

[Haー…I’m tired.]

I took off my coat, threw it on a nearby desk and sat on the bed with Sharon and Laurier.

There were four beds in our room, but Sharon and Laurier slept on the same bed.
We usually sleep in the same bed after all.

[Fuaah…Thank you for the hard work. What did you two talk about?]

Sharon asked while stretching.
Of course, she meant what I talked about with old man Rov.

[Nー…it’s mostly about work. I should be able to finish it in a few days. Let’s discuss it tomorrow.]

[Is that so? Un…got it.]

Sharon obediently didn’t pursue the matter any further.

[By the way, Sharon. Can I touch your breasts?]

I’m not the type to check every time, but is there any need for courtesy between couples? That’s not it?

[Ueeh!? U, uhmm…un…alright, I guess?]

She was surprised upon hearing my request at first. But after looking around for a bit to confirm our surroundings, she turned towards me and stuck out her chest to grant me better access.

What a cute girl.

Then I won’t be hesitating.



A pleasant sensation spread on my palms.

Hmm hmm.

Muni muni

This is it.
This is how it should feel like.

[Uu…i, is there anything wrong?]

Sharon asked while I was engrossed with feeling her breasts up.

[Nah, I just love Sharon.]

[Fuee!? …we, well, thank you. I also love you Haruto.]

Kuhaー. So very kyun kyun.
Her face blushing furiously, my dearest wife Sharon-chan shyly told me that she loves me.

I couldn’t hold it anymore. Hugging Sharon, I pressed my lips onto hers.
Obediently, Sharon entrusted herself to me.

…that’s it.
Why did I suddenly ask to feel Sharon’s boobs you ask…? Well not like it’s something out of the norm for me, but… Let’s just say this time it has something to do with my experience in the nightclub old man Rov had brought me to.

For now, let’s omit what I talked about with the old man… At the club, beautiful women sat on both sides of me and gave me a lot of hospitality during my stay. 

She listened to me with a smile; she entertained me and it felt good to be with her.

Well first of all, it was due to my own insolence, but in the process… Well, I can’t help but get touchy-feely. The atmosphere gave me the impression that such things are allowed.

…it’s just that, it didn’t feel right.
All the《touchy feely》didn’t arouse me at all.

Certainly, there was a softness and smoothness peculiar to women and the woman in question 

showed a reaction to my touch. But somehow I just couldn’t get myself aroused.
It never crossed my mind that I would not be the least bit excited when I touch a woman.
Well, I mean, I had fun, sure. But something felt different.

What made it feel different is that I didn’t know whether I truly liked her or if she felt the same.

I’m not saying that the nightclub has rubbish service or anything. It just doesn’t suit me in the end.

And here I am now, kneading and feeling up Sharon’s breasts like a locomotive about to speed up. Very different from how I felt back at the nightclub.

[Ah…uhnn! Haruto, Laurier-chan will…get up at this rate.]

Eh? How strange?
I was probably too engrossed with her breasts, but before I knew it, Sharon had placed her hands on my chest in a half-hearted attempt to push me away. 

Is Laurier waking up?

I took a glance at Laurier and found that she’s still fast asleep.

Nah, it’s not happening.
Then is there a problem with her getting up? Nope, not at all.
In fact, it’s best if she wakes up.

But let’s enjoy the situation here.

[It’ll be fine. Sharon just needs to keep your voice as low as possible.]

[N, nno way…nnn…Haruto, no…]

While whispering sweet nothings to Sharon, I continued to fondle her breasts.
Sharon still reacted with delight, despite her attempts to refuse me.
And her trying to keep her voice down is really amazing.

Fu…fuhaha!! This is great!

Next, what should I do to make it harder for Sharon to keep her voice low―― and when I reached down to launch another move――

[No no, I already woke up though?]


Laurier’s voice made both me and Sharon freeze instantly.

[No no no…even if I don’t hear your voices, even a hibernating Bharal will wake up if you make out right beside it.]

Laurier uttered a ton of truth.
I don’t know what kind of creature a hibernating Bharal is, but I get the analogy.

Maybe I should’ve responded with a ‘guh’.
Right. Ahahaha

[L-Laurier-chan, forgive us?]

[Um. How dare you leave me out.]

Laurier responded nicely to Sharon’s apology, but struck me in the gut with her knee.

That hurts. But why though?

No, I mean, why do you keep kneeing me like that, Sharon?!

[It’s not like…Guh…I intend on leaving you out… I, I didn’t mean to do it…guh…my bad…!]

Stop, let me talk for a moment.
Stop it, please. I’m sorry.


Maybe my apology convinced her since the knee kicks from Laurier stopped. Phew..

I didn’t mean to ignore her or anything. I just wanted to make the most of the situation.
With deep remorse and apology, I decided to spend a satisfying night with my two beloved women.

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