Return of The Former Hero ch.170

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Translator: Raizu
Editor: Shirayuki

Chapter 170 Former Hero – Having a bed talk about work

Next morning.
Doーkan! I was awakened from my sleep after a huge shock. 


[Fuah?! Wh, what? What?] 

My consciousness jumped and started instantly.
When I opened my eyes, I realized that I was kissing the floor.

Yes, literally kissing the floor.

A quick thought revealed what happened to me.
Apparently, I fell off the bed.

[Haruto, are you okay?]

Sharon peeked from on top of the bed and called out worriedly.

[Ugugu… I, I’m fine. Thank you.]

I got up while replying to Sharon.

I was kinda worried when I tussled with my wives last night. My worries were proven as it’s obvious now that the semi-double bed is too small for three people.

No wait?

When I went to sleep last night, I had Sharon and Laurier on each side.

Sharon is still on the bed. And there’s no way I could fall off without Laurier falling first, right…?


When I looked around, I found Laurier lying prone on the floor with her ass sticking up some distance away from where I fell off.
At another time and situation, that kind of pose would’ve aroused me, but… as a sleeping position, it looked ridiculous. 

Damn, she continued to sleep after falling off the bed
At least she seems fine.


I carried Laurier up by her waist, and laid her back on the bed.

[Uuu…hnn. Haruto is a perv …. Mnmmm… munyamunya]

Laurier was most likely sleep-talking about my gentlemanly behaviour.

Just what kind of dream is she having right now?
But isn’t she dreaming of me? Sorry for being so cute. Kufufu.

By the way, what time is it now?
I looked outside through the window. It’s still dim but not completely pitch black.

[Ahー… it’s still before 5 o’clock. Uwah, it’s still very early…]

I sat on the bed next to Sharon, checking on her.


Sharon was looking downward with the sheet partially covering her body.

[Sharon? What’s wrong?]

[Umm… well, that…]


I followed the direction of Sharon’s stare.


Well, it’s morning after all.
…I mean, it’s a psychological phenomenon.
It’s beyond my control. Isn’t it inevitable for men to be like this in the morning?


Sharon looked at me.
And I looked at her.

It’s something that usually subsides after a few minutes, but after realizing that I was ‘seen’ by Sharon. What started as a psychological phenomenon became a natural physical reaction.

In any case, this means I’m as healthy as I can be!
And today is not an exception.

[By the way… what about the something you mentioned yesterday?]

Sharon attempted to divert my attention when I tried to get cozy with her again under the sheet.

[Yesterday…..? Ah, you mean the talk with old man Rov?]


[What did you two talk about?]

Now that I’ve somewhat calmed myself, I guess I could talk about it.

Laurier too had gotten up and took her place on the opposite side of Sharon. Now we’re pretty much in the same position as when we fell asleep last night. 

[Yesterday, Me and old man Rov talked about work after dinner, when you fell asleep in the middle of it.]


When I opened up by explaining how it started, Laurier seemingly lost interest immediately.

[…so, about the job, he wants us to go to the forest in the south… to capture a unicorn.]


[What is that?]

I guess they’re not familiar with the word unicorn yet.
Shouldn’t it be a universal name?

[When I say unicorn, I mean the horned white horse we saw in the hall.]

….I suppose that’ll do for an explanation.

[Ohh! Unicorn. So we are going to go catch that unicorn?]

Sharon’s eyes were shining even though she wasn’t quite interested at first.

[Un. Well, we should catch it if it’s possible. But in the worst case scenario, we’ll probably have to fight it.]

[Is it strong?]

Laurier’s ears perked up immediately upon hearing me mentioning ‘fight’.

[Yeah〜… well, I’ve never seen the real deal yet, let alone fight it. So I don’t know how strong they are.]

[Un, of course. If the old man can handle it himself, why bother asking for Haruto’s aid?]

Is that so?
I thought the old man talked me into this because I was just conveniently around.

But then again, seeing that I could subdue a demon, my value in his eyes probably got raised by notch.

[It’s most likely strong, right?]

Laurier voiced the doubt in my mind.

[I’ve only heard about it and haven’t fought one myself, but… well, as Laurier said, it might be pretty strong…. maybe?]

Its strength is still unknown, but there’s no way that it’s stronger than the demon king I defeated in the past.
So I’m not that worried about it.

[Hmm hmm… so, when are we going to catch it? Finally something enjoyable more than the fish!]

Of course this little combat-loving demon gets excited. 

[A, ahー….well, there’s a catch. We’ll depart tomorrow morning, but it will be only me and Etna-san.]

Hearing that it will be only me and Etna, both Sharon and Laurier reacted a bit overtly.

[With Etna-san?]

[Just the two of you?]

I can feel pressure coming from both my left and right..

The two joined hands upon the mention of this matter, but I believe they have different goals in mind.
Sharon seemed to be safeguarding Etna, didn’t she? And Laurier just wants a piece of the fight, I guess? 

[I mean, I said it already, didn’t I? I need to catch it if possible. That’s why I can only ask Etna-san here]


Hearing my reply, the two only got even more confused.

Well, of course. I need to give them an explanation.
The fact that unicorns… prefer female virgins by a lot.

[Be, because…. The unicorn… will fly into a rage if it sees a female that is not a virgin?]

After hearing my explanation regarding the unicorn’s characteristics, Sharon was the first to take the conclusion.

[So that’s why.]

[Tha, that’s why…. It’s not that I don’t want to bring you two… but now you know.]

[…so that’s why.]

Thank you for the kind understanding.

[Is Etna-san a virgin though?]

Laurier muttered the crucial point of my plan.
If I want Etna-san to pacify the unicorn, she’ll have to be a virgin first.

[Of course she is!]

[Ehh… why are you getting worked up all of a sudden.]

Naturally, I will get worked up over this matter.

I don’t know of Etna-san’s past relations so I couldn’t be so sure about that either.
But still….. The feeling of getting her in the end would be slightly less fulfilling if she isn’t. That’s why I got worked up.

Well, I’m not her boyfriend yet after all…

That means I can’t really ask Etna-san directly either.
Does she report this kind of thing to her father?

I don’t know how it works because I have no parents, be it on earth or in another world.
Can’t say I understand.

…Now that I recall, Rithina reported it to her father back then. When I was on her side at that too.
I know it’s a different situation. She did that to push her father into a decision.
I still remembered how terrified I was back then.

Well, it’s all good now.

[Uーn…. it can’t be helped then… but will Haruto be alright? Is the unicorn alright being around males?]

Laurier raised yet another crucial point.

[Ah, about that… old man Rov said that it’ll be alright as long as I sprinkle some perfume and wear female clothing.]

So, in conclusion, this female virgin addict unicorns couldn’t care less about males, regardless of the male being a virgin or not. That’s a very picky eater if I saw one.
Still, it’s a hassle that I have to put on women’s clothing.

[But why is that? How come it can be deceived by a mere trick? Such a strange creature. But if it can be fooled like that, shouldn’t it be alright for us to tag along?]

To be easily deceived like that. This unicorn sounds like a simple minded creature alright.

[I guess so, but it seems that it can sniff you out still. the old man said to give it up already.]

[Uuu… I’m still not convinced…]

Don’t ask me that.
Complain to the ridiculous being that is the unicorn instead.

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