29-sai Dokushin wa Isekai ch.53

Weekly chapters (2/2)

A new chapter of 29-sai~
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Translator: Raizu
Editor: Mirp

Episode 53 ~My wife is sulkingーso I invited her on a date~

After leaving the Palmiano general store, I thought a little about where to go next. When it came to other places to look around in the current territory, the temporary housing area construction had been completed for the time being, which left the reservoir and canal construction, a collection site where food and other materials were accumulated, which was located next to each other. There’s also a workshop, then the lord’s office and our mansion――oh, there’s also an agricultural district painting and training ground outside the wall under construction.
Hmmm, it’s almost midday, so how about I go to the lord’s office and have a meal with Marl? After that, let’s continue to look around. My other brides usually also gather at noon.
When I came out of my reverie, I realized that many children had flocked around me.
One part consisted of the half beast kids; those with beastly features such as ears and tail but still mostly human; while the rest of the group consisted of winged humanoids of various appearances and sizes. From the size of palm to similar size to the half beast kids.
The latter were actually fairies though.
Fairies were generally only palm-sized, but some could grow up to 140cm tall. Almost all of them could use magic of various elements, and are capable of quick flight. They could also turn invisible. It’s like those optical camouflage I used to see in movies. I’m so jealous.
It seems that they were able to survive living in this forest due to all of their capabilities. Since the fairies didn’t need to prey on the monsters, not to mention how difficult it is to deal with them in the first place, the monsters rarely attacked the fairies.

[Big bro, you aren’t doing ‘it’ again?]

[There’s no plan for it today. Do you guys really want me to do it that much?]

[ [ [ [ Yes, we want! ] ] ] ]

This ‘it’ is just how I used magic to create canals and reservoirs. I guess the sight of me making innumerable craters and levelling countless trees with Maximum Explosion was pretty entertaining for kids.

[But if I do ‘it’, the plants, insects, animals, and other creatures that are there will also disappear. That’ll be a pity, right? That’s why I can’t just do ‘it’ whenever I want]

My words only served to make the little ones look dejected.
Thinking back, there weren’t many places for children to play around in the territory as of now. The territory is certainly wide and has numerous bodies of water to play with, but the jungle is still too dangerous for kids. The construction sites can also be dangerous, so the adults had been keeping them away.
Fumu, I think I still have some time until midday.

[Yoーsh, guess I’ll make for you guys a playground insteadー]

I moved to the planned residential area along with the kids.
It is close to the temporary housing area and has a good view, so it is easy for adults to see. Probably the best location (for kids’ playground).

[Let’s make a park on this spot!]

[A park, what is that, big bro?]

[It’s a place where little kids like you can play around. Move away a bit]

That said, I poured my magic power into the ground before me and started to knead it into shapes. Then, as I wanted, a huge white rock squeezed out of the ground with a heavy noise. It will be 3 meters in height and close to 20 meters in width.

[I guess that should suffice?]

While listening to the little children making noise in the back, I carved rocks with earth magic and hollowed them out to create a large playset that combined stairs, slides, slope boards, etc.
In addition to that, I took out ropes and woods from my inventory to fashion the balance beam, escalade, horizontal bar, and swings. When I tried to teach him how to play, a little child started playing however he wanted. Some fairies were playing with them, while others were content at just watching the little ones playing while smiling. Probably the oldest of the fairy tribes. It’s hard to tell because they look similarly young.

[Be careful to not injure yourself while playingー. Watch over each other so no one gets hurt]

[ [ [ Yeーes! ] ] ]

I left once hearing the replies from the kids. If only I had a pulley, I could have made a Tarzan rope too. For the time being, I’ve made the ground around the playground to be soft sand to prevent serious injuries.
Well, I think it’ll be okay because there are adult fairies watching over them, but there’s nothing wrong with being careful. I’m sure that getting hurt is unavoidable, but nobody can guard against all possibilities after all. In any case, they can learn from the injury and remember what is dangerous and what is not.

[If any of you get injured, I’ll get Marl to prescribe a transcendent magic potion to heal you. So enjoy and play, but be careful.]

‘[ [ [ Yes ] ] ]

It was so funny that the little kids nodded with a very scared and disgusted face. As expected of Marl’s potion. The effect was outstanding! The number of residents who had tasted Marl’s recovery potion in the last few weeks was a reasonable amount. All the inhabitants were satisfied with the result, but when they see a glass bottle containing magic potion or a magic potion-like liquid, they will become visibly less appreciative. It’s strange.


[By the way, Taichi-san. Did you just build something in the planned section?]

[Did I?]

[Thank you. It will be a great place for children to relax]

[Not at all――Oh, sorry I built it without permission.]

A plate full of seaweed vinegar was placed in front of me. I can not believe that. My happy lunch time was dead … Basically, I neither liked or disliked it, but vinegared foods were no go.

[Good grief… Here I am planning everything thoroughly so that everything can fit. Please do not do that again too often. And eat all the food.]


I could’ve just pretended to eat it when I actually stashed the food into my inventory. But doing so means that I would be rude to Deborah who took the time to cook it. So I swallowed back my tears and ate it obediently.
There were four people here: Marl, Melchina, Kusuha, and myself. Fram had been out hunting for monsters in the area since morning, along with my private army. Karen and Sherry had brought their lunch box to the farmland outside the ramparts where they usually used their magic to help out. Shitan was helping to prepare meals on the outer walls. Tina had lunch at the lord’s office with the representatives from Miscronia and Karendil. Deborah, also known as Kuma-san, is with me.
Today’s lunch menu was a soup using chicken eggs and marsh python meat, mudboar steak, vinegared seaweed and toasted bread.
Eggs were introduced in the early stages of territorial development, and a poultry house has been built and managed inside the walls. It’s fresh eggs laid just this morning. Marsh python and mud boar are monsters hunted from the surrounding areas. A marsh python can grow to a total length of 15 meters or more.
It is stronger despite its slender appearance, and it is powerful enough to squeeze humans. The meat was surprisingly tender and full of flavor, so it is probably using magic to strengthen itself.
Mud boars were a huge wild boar about the size of a cow. By the way, it’s Mud Boar, not Mad Boar. On top of its brute force, it can manipulate the earth magic to shoot mud bullets, muddy the opponent’s escape route to obstruct them from escape, or conversely, when escaping, it can make the ground become muddy and interfere with the tracker. The meat itself is delicious.
(TL note: both mad boar and mud boar are written the same in katakana (マッドボア), that’s why Taichi mentions it.)
Well, I stopped my escapism and stared at Marl pleading for forgiveness. But I was silently rejected. This is Marl-san’s fierce event. When I tried to put my chopsticks on the vinegared food, a spoon and fork stretched from the side, gently taking a heap of the vinegared food.

[That’s not good. We still have a lot of land left. Besides, he made it for the children. I feel bad for Taichi-san if he’s punished because of that.]

Melchina sat next to me with a smile.
Recently, Melchina often acted like this to me. She’s already spoiling me thoroughly. Too maternal and dazzling. She’s so sweet that I think her entire personality when we first met was merely a dream.

[Muー, unfair! I also want to spoil Taichi-san! Melchina-san is unfair!]

[Mariel’s method is too childish. Wouldn’t it be enough with a verbal reprimand? It seems to me that he originally didn’t have the intention, but still put a lot of consideration when picking the area. Moreover, giving out such bullying-like punishment is bad.]


The previously harmonious atmosphere had turned into an awkward one.

[Aa that’s!?]

I really should defuse this atmosphere. Right when I was about to speak up, Melchina suddenly yelped.

[It may not be this one’s place to argue, but I believe we should approach the matter more maturely. It may be true that one side acted a little immature. But in this one’s opinion, the one who bothered to react to an immature act is actually just as immature.]

Apparently Kusuha had approached Melchina soundlessly. Before I knew it, she had already transferred half of the vinegared dish on my plate to hers.

[It is natural that we all yearn for Lord Master-dono’s love, therefore it is obvious already what we should do]

[Unー, I apologize. It is wrong of me to blame you for something you do for the sake of everyone. And it is bad to push you to deal with something you do not like.]

[Melchina has already said it, and this one agrees with you. However, it’s also true that Lord Master-dono has defied the original construction plan. And it’s our duty as his companions to reprimand him properly. It’s not nice of you to harshly critique her ladyship like that]

As Kusuha said so, she took the chopsticks from my hand and fed me with the vinegared seaweed. The strong odor pierced my nose.

[And it’s not nice of Lord Master-dono to defy the construction plan her ladyship had painstakingly thought up. It was indeed done in good intention, and you did give it a good consideration. However, rules must be upheld even if it’s Lord Master-dono who broke it. Otherwise, such rules would lose their purpose. Do you understand?]


I forced myself to chew on the vinegared seaweed. I’m really not good with this kind of sourness.

[Does your Lordship have anything to add?]

[Yes, my bad. I’m really sorry. I deserve to be reprimanded. Next time I’ll do it after consulting with others first. And thank you too, Melchina]

[Un, Lord Master-dono is truly cute when he’s honest]

Kusuha hugged and stroked his head. Filling my chest with fluffy feelings. But what’s with them spoiling me like this? I feel like there’s something afoot here.

[By the way, why are you spoiling me so much?]

[Do we, as your wives, need a reason to spoil our beloved husband?]

[Well, no, you certainly don’t…]

Realizing that I’ve stared too long at her lustrous countenance, Kusuha involuntarily turned her face away. Kusuha’s lower body may look like a spider, but beyond that she’s really beautiful. Her shiny black hair shines as bright as Fulham. Her lips and well-organized eyes are like a work of art by a master craftsman. Well, in addition to normal eyes, there were jewel-like red compound eyes on her forehead.
What I want to say is that she is so beautiful that I can just stare at her face calmly all day long.

[Lord master-dono is too much. So cute during the day, but like a beast during the night.]

While saying so, Kusuha threw a glance at Marl. It’s as if she’s trying to provoke――or rather, she IS trying to provoke.
However, Marl did not react to it. Pretending to be unaware, she sighed and sat down in a chair, then began to bring the soup to his mouth. Oh, this is a no go. She’s sulking.
Looking back on the past two weeks, I realized that the time spent with Marl has decreased in order to deal with development and increased number of brides. I haven’t touched Karen, Sherry, or Shitan yet, but it’s undeniable that I’ve spent a lot of time with Kusuha, Melchina, and Deborah in order to get to know them quickly.
I gently let myself off from Kusuha’s hug, then stood up and sat next to Marl. She glanced at me but immediately diverted her gaze.


[What is it?]

[Are you mad?]

[I am not.]

[Is that so, well thank you. Your side profile looks amazing.]

[Not really.]

Marl kept sipping on her soup seemingly without care.
Was that too weak? My mischievous mind kept telling me to go forth in order to break the charade. Well, what to do next? Alright, let’s continue with this style and give her a surprise attack.


[What is it?]

[Let’s date. Starting tomorrow, for three days?]

[Is that so…. eh?]

When my offer finally registered into her mind, Marl instantly turned toward me. Her eyes widened, like when a pigeon didn’t expect itself to get shot by a peashooter.

[No no no! That is impossible, there are too many things that need to be done…]

[Even if there will be some delay, I can immediately make up for it by working my ass off. Three days is nothing much. It’s more important for me to cherish Marl. So please?]

Taking my eyes away from the troubled Marl, I gave Kusuha and Melchina a glance.

[Un, this one will temporarily fill the gap that Lord master-dono and her ladyship leave behind. Melchina will also assist me, yes?]

[….well, it can’t be helped.]

Kusuha, correctly grasped my drift, immediately responded properly and even involved Melchina in it. She’s such a great woman. Would be a perfect one if she didn’t go wild during night romps.

[Then it’s decided. Marl should round up today’s work early to get ready for tomorrow. Sounds good?]

[Eh, eeh!? No, wait]

[Yosh, now that it’s decided, I need to prepare too. Talk to you again later]

I stored my lunch in my inventory and quickly left the place. I deliberately forgot to store the plate containing the vinegared food. Please forgive me because I just don’t wanna. I simply don’t wanna.


[That’s why I’ve been busy flying around today.]

[Umu. So you are taking three days off starting tomorrow.]

What followed afterward was some difficulties.
I first contacted Tina first to gain her permission.
She agreed, under the condition that I have to ask her on a similar date sometime this month. I’m all for it, and Tina will be the busiest while me and Marl are away after all, so I promptly gave her an OK.
Next, I made a dynamic entrance right in the middle of my private army that was in the middle of hunting monsters. Some of the members got blown away in the process, but I was able to decimate all the monsters nearby and gained Fram’s approval. I also asked her to promise me not to sortie during the time I’ll be away, to her confusion.
Also, Torn and the other private army members attacked me with serious murderous intent. I played along just a little while to test the performance of the armor I provided for them. I wonder if my “Sorry, tehee.” was not enough. Then again, I pretty much flattened the place down, hehehe.
Returning from the Great Sea of Trees, I went to seek Karen and Sherry in the suburb as well as Shitan near the town’s wall to get them back into the mansion. Karen put up a fight, but relented after I promised her that we’d take a bath together tonight.
Although I managed to keep my reasoning, the offensive by the three beastmen’s daughters was getting more intense every day. I want to confront them with an indomitable heart, but I have a feeling that the day when my iron wall of reason is broken will not be long.

[So, am I the last one?]

[Can you forgive me? I was planning to talk this out with you thoroughly later tonight.]

It’s been decided in advance that my ‘opponent’ tonight will be Deborah. After some discussion among my wives, it was decided that they’ll take turns to be my night partner.
Simply put, the rotation starts with Marl, then to Fram, Tina, Kusuha, Melchina, Deborah, and returns to Marl in that order, with me getting a ‘holiday’ at an irregular interval.
I can decide who I’ll be sleeping with during those ‘holidays’. Guhoho.
Oh, as it turned out, I was worrying for nothing about my night life with Deborah. It’s true that her limbs and face are that of a bear. But her boobs are not so different from a female human’s, and her front torso is covered by thin but soft fur. .
And since her body was bigger than mine, it felt like there was a lot to hug. My mind may regress back to infancy.

[It can’t be helped…. I’ll make sure everything proceeds properly during your absence, so please spread your wings freely. Marl-chan has been overwhelmed by work recently.]

[Nn, do you think so?]

[Well, yes. I mean, she shouldn’t overdo it so much… she might not be able to say it well, but she cares for you more than she lets on. Personally, I think Marl-chan can afford to act a little selfish. Sorry, I just think it’s strange.]

I understand what Deborah is trying to say. Marl had been too immersed in the role of an『Ideal Wife』for my sake.

[Un, she just wants to live up to my expectations. hahaha…]

[I can’t say about that… but the least I can do for you now is this.]

Deborah smirked and squeezed my head into her plump breasts as if to comfort her child.
Ahー, this much of volume is just dangerous. Dangerous. My self loathing was soon replaced by a rising tension. I blame my male instinct for it.

[Ahn. Look at you, acting like an oversized baby]

Un.The fact that I’m not a good guy was nothing new. I’m not the main character of an anime, manga, or novel. And I can’t be a perfect superhuman who’s both innocent and pure. I was originally just a normal guy reaching his thirties. I wasn’t even popular with girls back then. Therefore, it’s only natural I acted like this now. I’m just a regular human male after all.
Reminded of all that, I decided to focus on what lies in front of me: capturing the mountainous boobs that were right in front of my face. With fervent devotion, but careful and gentle.

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  1. I honestly thought he was gonna use the shapeshifting magic he mentioned a while ago to turn deborah human during mating. But no… hes going full on with a woman described as a bear walking on two legs with large breasts… He really does have an astronomically large strike zone doesnt he!

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    1. I thought so too… Honestly, I find it a little ew, but whatever floats his boat, I guess. As long as they’re consenting adults, I’m not gonna judge. Now, if he touches the half-beast kids before they’re at least well into their puberty, then I will judge.

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      1. not that it’s much better, but tina can’t be much older than they are. I think marl is 16/17 and tina is her younger sister, so likely at most 14/15, but very possibly younger.


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