Return of the former hero ch.70

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Chapter 70: Former Hero gotten involved


[Everyone, that is the border town, Malt.]

Mina told to us from the Kurato’s driver seat.
I think it’s around a kilometer ahead.
Beyond the mountains, forests, and plains, I can faintly make out the silhouette of a town.

The whole party leaned over the roof of Kurato, looking at the view, raising their voice.
It seems like Rithina hasn’t been here before, so the view of the new town danced in the hearts of everyone.

Or rather, why is Tanya looking curiously as well?
Didn’t you come from here?

Putting that aside, it’s hurt, it’s hurt, hurt.

Why are you climbing on my back?
Even though you’re not that heavy, you’re still heavy.

Since I’ve got no choice, I carry her steadily so she doesn’t fall. By gripping her ass tightly.
By climbing on my back, it’s like asking me “please grab my butt”. It’s a solid logic.
Since Tanya is wearing a loosely-fitted cloth around her waist, even if I stick my hand in, it won’t be exposed to the surroundings that easily.
Her small ass is so pleasant to rub.

[Oi, pervert]

Tanya whispers to me in my ear.
Since it feels like she is putting her head on my shoulder, and since she has her face right next to me, the sigh she gives right in my ear leaves me with a very sensitive feeling.

[What is it? If you want me to stop, get off my back.]
[Hmm~……nope, I don’t mind.]

She has given her permission. (ED: reluctantly)
I fondle Tanya’s ass to my heart’s content.
Her smooth thighs are also good too.

Tanya firmly clings to my back and lets out a voice.


[Haruto-kun, you might be trying to do that without being found out, but it’s really obvious you know?]

At my right, Rithina throws a tsukkomi at me.

Ah. I’m sorry.
Well, if you were to alternate between rubbing someone’s ass and thigh, you would be found out.

Fortunately, Since Celis is on the other side of Rithina, it seems like it hasn’t been exposed to her.
But, if Rithina who is on my right side found out, what about Sharon on my left side?



Sharon-san, girls aren’t supposed to look at people like that, you know?

It feels like she could pull off ice magic now. Hahaha. (TL: Her gaze is so cold)

Haha…. Ha…

The state border town, Malt.

In terms of scale, it’s about the same size as Iris town. Considering that this is a different world, it’s quite the town.

The main characteristic of this town would be the fact that there’s a wall running through it.
It’s an easy-to-understand border barrier. The height is around three metres.

You can enter and leave the nation by going through the standard international departure and arrival procedures in the public office at the heart of the town.

[Haa…. What a lively town.]

We, who have now arrived at Malt town, parked our Kurato and finally take our first step into the town.

Whether it’s because it’s on the border or whatever, I don’t know, but this Malt town seems to be absolutely overflowing with livelihood.

To be specific, there are adventurers and merchants and the like everywhere.

[A bit beyond the border, there is a famous dungeon]

Even though the size isn’t as large as Iris’s underground labyrinth, there is yet to be someone who can fully map it out, I’ve heard.”

While I’m restlessly taking in my surroundings, Celis told me that.
Hee, a dungeon, huh?

So this flock of adventurers are people aiming for that?

Since it hasn’t been mapped out yet, I’m guessing that it’s like an underground labyrinth in that it’s the ‘magic circulation’-type of dungeon.

When I was dungeon diving at Iris’ underground labyrinth I had to rush in a forced march, but I want to give something like dungeon conquering at my own pace a try.

[So did Tanya also come here for the dungeon?]

[That was the plan, but since I was told that it’s useless, I just had it registered at the guild on this side.]

Tanya answers to my question.

When I first met her, well, she really was the type who just wouldn’t listen to anyone at all, but once you got to know her, she was such a sweet girl and would properly hear you out.

Without learning about the dungeon, she went directly toward Iris town.

Oh yeah, the other side is a neighboring country, isn’t it?

So she couldn’t get through because she was stopped at the border and her immigration status was declined, so she couldn’t be cleared for entry. What a silly person.

Well, for now there’s no need to get through the border.

We didn’t come here for the dungeon, we came here for the Golem.

[Yosh. Although it might be a bit soon, let’s split up the work and get to work.]
We’ve decided to split the jobs between groups, and while we’re at it look around a bit.

The first group will be Laurier and Rithina.
With Rithina as the leader, they are to give their greetings to the big shots of this town and ask for cooperation with the letter from the Marquis.

The next group will be Sharon, Celis, and Tanya.
These three are to arrange lodgings and gather information from the adventurers’ guild.

All that’s left are Mina and I.
We’re basically also going to just be gathering information, but I, alone, will be aiming to thoroughly search around the town.

Thinking of the church in the Royal Capital and the underground labyrinth, if the Golem were to still be in this town, I think I will probably sense something if I get close enough.

Also, I don’t have any kind of ulterior motive when I say that I will be going alone with Mina.

It’s not like I’m using the pretext of ‘I just decided that since it’s the first town we’ve been to in a long time, let’s work separately’ to ‘take good care’ of Mina by dragging her into a back alley, not at all.

It just so happened to get divided like this after splitting into groups based on war potential.

I still don’t really know to what extent we are being targeted, but it would be a bad idea to split the war potential too one-sidedly. Yeah. It was inevitable that it would turn out like this.

That’s why, right now, the reason Mina and I are strolling through the town while holding hands is also for risk aversion.

It would be bad if we were to lose sight of each other.
Ahh, Mina’s hand is so soft~

[For now, let’s start by wandering about.]
[Yes, I understand]

I start heading to the outskirts of town with Mina.
Since it’s the outskirts, there’s not much traffic.

That building is a hotel, isn’t it?

Oh? Over here too.

It seems that this area is the so-called red-light district, huh?

Well, that’s not good~
We seem to have arrived at an odd place~
……Or rather, I’ve been saying some things that seem like I’m trying to justify myself for a while now.

Let’s be honest.

[Hey, Mina……「Hey, kiddo! You can’t go walking around with such a cutie in tow in a place like this, you know?」”

Oh. What?

When I’ve finally made up my resolve and am about to call out to Mina, there was a hoarse voice.

Looking ahead, three stern-looking ossans are standing there.
Their faces are flushed red, seemingly with alcohol, and they are wearing a lecherous smile, looking at us……or rather Mina.

[Hey you, demi-human girlie, hows about you play with us instead of the brat over there, huh?]


The public order here seems bad….….

It’s still only just past noon, why are these drunks out here sticking their noses in other people’s business?

For now, I’ll hide Mina behind my back.


Behind me, Mina pinches the hem of my clothes tightly.

Sooo cute.

I don’t care about these ossan anymore, I just want to bring her to a hotel right NOW.

[Sorry to disappoint you, but this girl is my woman.
So you people should get other girls instead]

I state coolly to the three hoodlums.

My woman.
My woman.

Uha, I seriously said that.
So embarrassing!

[Oi, did you hear that? He said my woman! Youngsters nowadays are so cool, aren’t they!]
The fellow who is the leader responded to me, while other two people are laughing hard.

Shut up.
What’s with these guys.

So thugs that fit the mould this well actually existed?
Other worlds are scary.

Actually, last time I was a hero, since my name came to be well known, I’ve never actually met any of those kinds of people.

After all, there was a time when I annihilated a great thief organisation.
That’s why, I’ve never actually experienced anything like this.

Ignoring them and leaving would be fine, but disciplining them like in a historical drama might also be good, huh.
Also, if I punish them, I wonder if I should hand them over to the guild.

But handing them over to the guild seems like a pain.
Yosh, let’s ignore them.

[Mina, let’s go]
[A, yes]

I decided on taking Mina and leaving here quickly.
But, I was careless.

To return back to the main road, I need to pass the old man.

When I try to walk past them, one of the ossan grabs Mina’s hand.

This bastard.

[Hey, nee-chan, so how a- BFU-!?]

My straight right connects with the ossan’s face.

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