Gacha Girl Corps ch.7

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Translator: Raizu
TLC/Editor: Sushi

Chapter 7

Skill activation


“Fufufu, just a little more … a little more, and my wish will be fulfilled~”

“You’re making it sound so grand for a simple gacha.”

A few days have passed since we became an adventurers.
We are F-rank adventurers now.
We need to complete a request that has a client to promote to E rank.
But, there are other things which are prioritized more for me. Gacha, yes, it’s the gacha.

“Too grand? This is a big event, you know? Ah, I wonder who’s going to come next~”

“It’s horrifying to think with the assumption of getting a UR as the requirement…”

For the sake of magic stones, it has been black orc hunting all day everyday.
The amount of money in our possession has swelled up to around 500,000 G.
And, currently I have 48 magic stones. 2 more and I’ll be able to roll the 11 consecutive gacha.
Going for the 11 consecutive means i get one for free, it’s nice to get freebies isn’t it?

“Now then, which request should we do today.”

“Erm, Okura-sama and Fagna-sama, can I ask for some of your time?”

“Yes, what is it?”

While I was talking to Noru, the receptionist lady approached us.

“Actually, an urgent subjugation request just came in, if it is possible I would like for the 2 of you take this request.”

Looks like it’s a nomination for an urgent request, our ranks are still low so why us?

“An urgent request, huh? Will it be alright, you do know we are still ranked F yes?”

“I’ve heard that you two are capable enough to hunt black orcs. As of now, the other known skilled adventurers are not around. The request this time is the subjugation of a pack of Wolves, here are the request details. The request comes from a northern village called Tendo. The horses you will be using to travel there will be prepared by us, so how about it? ”

Although it is an urgent request, there are no adventurers who can receive this request.
Brunne’s Adventurer’s guild doesn’t have many high rank adventurers.
When an adventurer reaches high rank, it seems like the individual will be summoned to Suting, the Capital of this Kingdom. (TN: シュティング = Either Shutin, Suting, or Suttin. I’ll use Suting to make it easier my tongue)
When I looked at the details which were written on the paper, it says that we need to subjugate about 30 Wolves.
This amount is certainly tough. However, this request gives 150,000 G as its reward.
Although we can refuse this request, they seem to be fairly desperate to be asking us to do it.
Since the horses will be settled for us, it’s probably best to accept the request.

“Alright, I understand the terms. we will accept that request.”

“I thought I was gonna leak ……”

“You sound so pathetic right now.”

“That’s because I have never rode a horse even once in my life! So of course this is impossible!“

It’s fine and all that we get to borrow these horses, but I have no experience in riding horses.
So the moment I got on, I lost my balance and fell headfirst behind the horse. Who was the one who said it was a good thing that we got to loan the horses.
Because I ended up unable to ride a horse myself, this resulted in me pillion riding behind Noru.
‘Horse riding is a knight’s avocation!’ I find myself jealous that she can easily ride the horse.
But, I noticed there was a nice smell coming from Noru’s body as I’m clinging onto her, which made me feel a little better.

“Many thanks, for accepting the request this time”

“Ah, don’t sweat it. Now then, although I have heard before when accepting the request, what’s the scale of the wolf pack in numbers as of now?”
It’s been about 3 hours already, if you count in the break times as well, after we left Brunne.
When we arrived at Tendo village, a wrinkled old man greeted us.
He is the village head, and seems to also be the person who issued this urgent request.

“Right, there are currently around 35 wolves and there are also 2 wolves with red fur among them.”

“Their numbers have increased considerably …. Sorry for saying it this way, but I’m fairly amazed the village hasn’t been attacked until now.”

“It was only recently that we noticed the wolf pack. We do have some people in the village that can fight, so we have managed to drive them away. The pack didn’t even reach 20 at first, but their numbers gradually began to increase… If their numbers increase any further, there won’t be anyone in this village who can handle them. So, please help us subjugate the wolf pack.”

There have been indications from several days ago.
The villagers might have been complacent as they thought they could handle it if it was 20-ish wolves but the packed swelled in number.
Because it costs money to make a request, the villagers probably wanted to handle the problem themselves if it was possible.
Though the wolves came and ruined the village crops occasionally, the villagers were able to drive them away.
However, by the time they noticed it the number of wolves increased to the point where it was more than they could handle.
The village chief properly asked us again, so we decided to head out and subjugate the wolves.

“Now then, let’s quickly head on out and subjugate the wolves! Onward!”

“Isn’t it normally ‘Follow me’?”

“Wouldn’t I get defeated first if I’m the one in the front, don’t mess around with this!”

“Why am I the one who gets scolded!?”

The location of wolf pack, is in the forest outside of the village.
There is thick vegetation and visibility is bad.
Isn’t it a bad idea to fight monsters in a place like this?

“To think there are red wolves too. This will be a bit of a challenge, if there are 2 Blood Wolves as well.”

“I’ve heard something about this before. Will it really be a problem this time?”

For someone who insta-kills stuff after making it sound dangerous, it really isn’t convincing at all.

“Eeh, well. Even normal wolves are considered fast. The Blood Wolf is a rare species, it is said to be three times faster than the normal ones. They also have decent attack power, I wouldn’t want Okura-dono to push yourself too hard.” (ED Note: lol gundam reference)

Three times, … I feel like I have heard this before somewhere.
So they are fast huh, there’s a chance Noru might not be able to handle them.
I should at least try not to be a burden to her..

“Oh, here they are. Let’s start right away.”

While we are advancing, 3 wolves appeared before us.
I gripped Baaru and assumed my stance with the intent to engage them, but the wolves didn’t attack and instead ran deeper into the forest. (ED note: Baaru for Excali-bar)
Are they going back to where the rest of the pack is? Gotta give chase for now.

“Okura-dono, stop.”

“Mmm? What’s up?”

The moment I was going to run, Noru caught me by my shoulder.
She sounded serious compared to her usual tone.
We’re going to lose sight of them if we don’t start chasing them, what is it this time?
She was moving her head and confirming the surroundings. Just what do you want to do?

“They have begun to surround us. This looks slightly bad.”

“Wha-? Hey- Uoooh!?”

After she finished confirmation, Noru took my hand and started running.
This is some pretty amazing speed, it felt like I was going to trip and fall if I’m not buffed, that kind of feeling.
Also, what does she mean that we are getting surrounded?

“O-oi, j-just what is all this suddenly?”

“The wolves we saw earlier are simply bait. I’m relocating so we can have the upper hand, and take the wolves out.”

“To think the wolves are this intelligent…”

“Fu! This is why I said Blood Wolves are troublesome to deal with.”

Noru and I get rid of the 5-ish wolves that were in our way.
Although I was a little slow to react to this encounter, she took note of that and insta-kills 3 of them on her first swing.
What is she, an esper?

“We take the fight to them and defeat them one at a time before we get surrounded! It’s search and destroy!”

“Don’t ask the impossible from me~”

It’s impossible only when you accept that it is impossible! And Noru continues running with me in tow as she ignores my complaint.
I’ve gotten used to moving around in my getup, but it is tough to run in a dense forest.
I ran desperately to catch up to her.

“Take this! Haa…Haa… I don’t got the time to pick up the drop items like this.”

“If you started doing that we’d lose our momentum and they’ll gang up on us. We have to reduce their numbers as much as possible before the Blood Wolves reach us.”

The wolves seems to be moving in small groups, with five or six of them in a group. We are attacking and taking down the lead wolf, which is leading the group in a direction that is not towards us, from it’s side which then causes the whole group to stop moving.
At the moment we attack, perhaps it is because the wolves have good hearing, it will notice us, but Noru dashes in and beheads it before it manages to react .
She is even faster than the beasts. I won’t be able to catch up to her if she was seriously running.
She was keeping pace with me even while we move..

“Noru! How many down currently!”

“That was the 23rd now. Only the the Blood Wolves and their accompanying wolves remain. ”

“However, to think we could do this much without encountering any of the Blood Wolves.”

“A Knight’s intuition is amazing!”

After rinsing and repeating for a while, we managed to defeat the majority of wolves which were trying to surround us. The village head said there were around 35 wolves in the pack, now only the Blood Wolves and a small number of wolves remain.

“So that’s a Blood Wolf.”

“Okura-dono, I want you to focus solely on defense this time. As it can really be dangerous if we don’t take it seriously, I’ll be the one to exterminate them all.”

“O-oh, understood.”

Two wolves which were fully clad in Red Fur appeared before us.
The remaining wolves also appeared in succession, so as to enclose us.
The Blood Wolves bared their fangs with rough breathing as they snarled at us.
They seem to be pretty angry, because their plan didn’t work out for them.

For now, I firmly gripped the handle of my Pot Lid for my own protection.
Noru is going to go all out against the Blood Wolves ahead of us, I’ll eliminate as many wolves as i can.

“Now then, let’s go!”

As Noru advanced forward, a blue aura began to wrap around her entire body.
It was the activation of the skill [Inspiration]. Doubling all stats, this jacks up her attack stat to monstrous proportions at over 10,000.
When she moves, a blue afterimage trails behind her.
In an instant, all the other wolves that surrounded us except the Blood Wolves turned into minced meat and were blown away.
The Blood Wolves moved around to avoid it, while all the remaining wolves were caught in Noru’s attack and became pieces of meat. The wolves which were surrounding us are more or less done for.

Me and the two Blood Wolves were so terrified at Noru’s battle, neither them nor I were able to move from where we stood. It’s so scary, it’s just plain horrifying.
All the spots where her afterimages pass by were getting blown away, including the trees or whatever is around. I’ll probably get minced too if I made any careless moves. I can only pray for this hell to end as soon as possible.
I’ve had enough… Heihachi wanna go home…

The Blood Wolves barely avoided Noru’s attack. However, one of them moved slightly into the attack’s range. Although it was only a graze, it’s movement speed became drastically slower.
This is one of things that made her so terrifying, a -50% enemy action speed that Regi・Eritora causes. It doesn’t simply impede movement speed, it slows down the speed of all actions by half.
The Blood Wolf that become sluggish turns into minced meat and is blown away in the next moment.
Then, the other one which momentarily lowered its guard from reacting to what happened became pieces of meat shortly after.

“…. I can just leave everything to her already can’t I.”

“Ugaga, ga, my body is hurts…”

“Hoo, ei~”

“Pya!? P-please stop that….”

After skill activation, that Noru who did inhuman movements, was slumped on the ground.
She was trembling all over, so I poked her.
She let out a strange sound and her body shivered, this stimulated the sadist in me but I’ll stop for now.
Did she get muscle aches in her entire body in one go from doing all that inhuman movement?

I collected the drop items and lent my shoulder to this girl who is unable to move.
She was making “Nuwa- Pya!?” sounds every time we moved. We began our trek back to the village while I was bemused by how un-feminine Noru was.

● Noru · Fagna
Level 12
HP 1780
MP 190
Attack Power 410
Defense Power 295
Dexterity 69
Magic Resistance 30
Cost 15

【Leader】 Okura Heihachi
Level 11
HP 770
MP 95
Attack Power 255
Defense Power 195
Dexterity 35
Magic Resistance 10

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