One-eyed Female General and the Harem ch.1

My new secret project.
It contain action, bloods, comedy, and war strategy(?).

Anyway, this is my treat.
I hope you all will like it too! If you found any typos, feel free to mention it on the comment section.


Translator: Raizu
TLC/Editor: Frost

In the forest 1

—— Inside the forest, there was an isolated village located.

To defend the village at the outskirts from the demons, outside the village there was a wooden fence built, and as the typical house, it was made from woods.
The roof was made by straw, and it’s able to survive from rain and snow.
For a country village which is far away from town, there is only one inn in here.
Because there is no town nearby, there is few people coming and leaving.
The only thing which can be boasted from this village, it’s maybe the stone road which is spreading around.

There is a hut located quite far from the village.
A boy lived over there.
He is very close with the villagers, whenever they meet, he shows a friendly smile instantly.
He is the only one “handsome man” in the village.
The boy has a great dream.
The dream is that, he want to become a knight on this country.
Therefore, he saved money to go to the Arudeshiru’s Capital, the city of Ruen.

Everyday, he cut down the trees, process it into timbers for manufacturing, and he sold it to the carpenter or the brokers who come regularly to buy it.
As for the remaining wood, he made it into firewood.
The firewood is being sold to the villagers, and I thought of a way to save little by little some gold via bartering.
The reason on why he became lumberjack is so he can train his strength.
When you are using a heavy axe everyday, you will start developing more muscle and become stout before you’re aware of it.
Thus, it’ll be two birds with one stone, as the boy mutters this on his mind.

Today, he is also working until late, processing the wood to make it suitable for construction purposes.
At that time, he noticed something.
In the deep dark side, there are more than two shadows approaching toward his hut which have light.
The boy takes a deep breath, takes stance with his axe in his hand, and raised his voice.

[Who is it!?]

The shadow stopped after hearing his voice. Giving a response back.

[I’m sorry, but can you help me?!]

Three girls show-up from the dark with a voice without hostility.
There is a person who is seriously injured on her right eye, it got covered with bandages, and is being shouldered by two girls.
The moment the boy saw it, his virtue appeared.

[A,are you alright?! What has happened?!!]

The lumberjack boy leaned his axe on the side of piled-up woods, and rushed up.
The girls were wearing silver armor and equipped with silver swords, the boy realized they were from Knight Order at once.
Then, these exhausted knights, they might be the injured knights, he thought.
But, there is a suspicious feeling.
Why were the Knights coming to this village?

I put my thoughts aside, shouldering the injured brown-haired woman, and brought her into the hut.
After entering my hut, immediately, the brown-haired woman lay down on my bed.
The golden short-haired knight expressed her gratitude.

[We apologize. You saved us….]

The girl with the black hair tied up behind in a bundle peeked outside while hiding herself from the window of the hut.

(——- Don’t tell me, are they being chased…..?)

I realized, I might just invited a dangerous people to my hut.
I alternatively look at the two female knights.
Both of them looked like they relaxed their guard, but, they are firmly holding their swords.
Obviously, I understood what will happen to me if i try to go through those swords right now.
The lumberjack boy thought that a careless remark will be dangerous so he kept silent.
He decided to simply finish treating the brown-haired woman.
First of all, it’s necessary to check the state of injury, with that, he slowly rolled the bandages out.

[…. This is a very terrible injury….]

I am reflexively turning away my eyes, the injury is really severe.
Her right eye will never able to see light anymore.
This, even though she has such a beautiful face…. Poor girl, I want to give her my sympathy.
For the time being, I took out a clean cloth from the shelf. And gently wrap it with the new cloth..

How did she get this injury?]

The black-haired woman knight turned around, and she vexingly answered my question.

[Uu… The eye got struck by an arrow. It didn’t directly stick in…. Kuh… To think it’ll end-up like this….]

[it can’t be helped. When it comes from the Fuhren’s Saint Knight Order which affiliated with the Church of the Starry Sky…. We also didn’t expect it. Furthermore, Commander Maruto… Why….]

She mutters with worried face.
Fuhren’s Saint Knight Order and Maruto, when he heard those names, the lumberjack boy opened his eyes wide and reacted.

[Fu-fuhren’s Saint Knight Order?! Do you mean, t-that Knight Order?!!]
[Yeah. That is most likely the Knight Order which you are thinking of. Those guys, they set a trap for us…. It made our Ortashia-sama…]
[That’s… enough… Don’t talk anymore, Mina… are you an idiot?….]

Apparently, the brown-haired woman seems like she regained her consciousness.
She still have heavy breathing.
Surprised that she already woke-up, the two female knights ran and knelt down.
They tried to take the brown-haired woman hand, but in order to not display their uneasiness/anxiety they pulled their hands back.

[Your majesty!! Are you finally awake?!!]
[I’m so glad. I’m truly glad!!!]
[… Is this…. Doctor….?]

She checking around while holding her anger.
The gold-haired female knight bowed down.

[… You have been injured severely. Better rest for a while]
[I will be calling a doctor right now, so please endure it for a bit!]

There is an intense feeling on her eyes, the female knight just said it earlier.

(….. Just now, your majesty….?)

The glance of the brown-haired woman turned to the lumberjack boy.
Despite being injured, His face stiffened after feeling something ominous from that brown haired woman

[…. Boy, what is your name?]
[M-Me? My name is Shingen]
[Shingen….? That’s an unusual name…?]

She frowned.

[Yeah… That’s because I am a Ziparg person] (TN: Jiparugu, but it feels weird so we changed it into Ziparg).

The two female knights were looking at each other.

[The Zipargian, isn’t that the same race from the “Minerva Legend”?]

And then, Shingen nodded.


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  2. It’s kind of hard to tell who is speaking and what not I mean if you focus you can tell but would it be okay to place a name tag of the person speaking? if not that’s okay. Thanks for the chapter!


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