Gacha Girl Corps ch.8

Here comes another new chapter of GGC.


Translator: Raizu
Editor/TLC: Sushi

Chapter 8

The return of the Gacha

“My apologies. I wasn’t able to collect all the drop items. It may be possible, that some of them managed to get away.”

“Oh, don’t apologize to us. Now that you have defeated those red wolves, even if there are remnants they wouldn’t be able to reach the numbers that they previously had. You two must be tired, do stay for the night in the village today.”

We returned to the village while I lent Noru my shoulder on the way back. The sky was dyed crimson, it will be night soon.
In the end, 2 Blood Wolf fangs and only 14 Wolf fangs were collected.
We barely collected much from all the wolves that we defeated.
If there is no drop item for proof of subjugation, it is as good as having no evidence.

However the village head forgave it with a smile.
He is also gave us the certificate which is proof of completing the request and even provided us with lodging.
Noru is completely exhausted, looks like she won’t be of any use for the rest of today.
I can’t ride a horse myself so we can’t return anyway, so I’m thankful for the hospitality.

“Noru, how are you feeling?”

“Okura-dono, thank you for for everything up til now. In my next life, may I still be Okura-san’s――”

We went to the lodging prepared for us, and I tucked Noru in the bed. I got our meal and came to deliver it to her…

“Hmm, looks like you’re fine.”

“No, this is just a joke. A jo――Adadaa! Please, stop, stahp that~”

As she was wearing as eye mask and doing something stupid, I put my hands on her shoulders and applied pressure onto them.
She yelped and tried moving to escape, but that too caused more pain all over her body and she ended up convulsing.

“Doesn’t Al・Rakie give you abnormal status immunity? Why are you still getting muscle aches?”

“Al・Rakie only repels abnormal status caused by enemies or traps~”

Fumu, it’s hard to tell whether that is inconvenient or not.
I’ve never heard of skills backfiring within GC. Well whatever.

“You should get some proper rest. Well then, finally the time has come.”

“Are you going to roll the gacha?”

After releasing her from my clutches, I went and sat on a nearby chair.
The exhausted Noru, reacts to the smartphone in my hand.
That’s right, I got two manastones from the Blood Wolves.
With this, it is now the possible to roll the eleven consecutive gacha, more like I’m going to do it.

“Now then, let the Heihachi carnival begin.”

“That gives a strangely unpleasant vibe.”

What do you mean unpleasant, that’s just rude.
Oh, Gacha, it’s the gacha. This is the very thing I worked so hard this few days for.
My gambling spirit was getting roused, I can’t get enough of this feeling. I wonder what’s going to come out this time.
If I were to call favourites, I’d like to get Luna-chan.
But if I were to consider what was best for our current party, a priest or someone who has heavy armor would be preferable.
There’s also dragon god Karon-chan, who is said to be GC’s equivalent to a strategic weapon.
Though I never did get her, she’s the type of unit that can change the tide of battle by just being around.
Her capabilities were top class and is the top choice for reset marathons.

Well then, time to roll the gacha.
I tap on the smartphone screen and open the gacha page. Then I tapped the 11 consecutive gacha button.
A treasure box appeared on the screen. The treasure box then started to changed in color, from silver to gold, to white, and… no rainbow, it stopped at white.
It stopped at white(sad face).

” Ah.”

“It seems you got to SSR, that was a good roll..”

Noru took a peek at my smartphone screen from the top of the bed.
White, this means a SSR is confirmed to appear.
Godammit I wanted to get a UR, me wants a UR! 1 more cash roll――dang I can’t do that.
Aaaah, I wanna do them cash rolls~!

R Food, SR Map App, SSR Magic Bag, SR Nike’s Shoes, R Lamp, SR Excali-bar, R Transceiver, R Stuffed Toy, SR Beacon, R Flame Rod, SSR Status App

Regardless of my feelings, the gacha items popped up in succession. Two SSRs and three SRs huh.
Well this isn’t bad by any means. Oh, looks like rolled a stuffed toy.
It’s just trash which doesn’t really do anything.
This was the kind of item where you see someone post ‘What is this thing used for?’ on the discussion boards, and see a template ‘A newbie question, how cute.’ reply.
Moreover, it was pink, round-ish and had a face that looked like a smushed manjuu, it didn’t look cute at all.

Stuffed toy
A randomly rolled mascot character.
Very cute. Yes, it is very cute.

“…You can have this.”

“Does this item have any meaning?”

“Isn’t it cute?”

“Eh, ah, yes.”

I tapped the stuffed toy and materialised it. Then I handed it to Noru.
It’s about the size to fit in a person’s hand.
She looked intently at the doll, because I said it’s very cute.
Looks like she doesn’t know how she should react to this situation.

“Nn~? We got lots of different stuff this time.”

“Looks like we got two SSRs. The roll this time was plenty lucky.”

“Sure looks that way, but still, what the heck are these apps?”

Map application
A map function can be added to your smartphone.
Automatically remembers wherever you have visited once. It is also possible to display other life forms etc. on the MAP.

Status application
A function to check status can be added to your smartphone.
It is capable of confirming the status of objects that are within a certain range when captured by the camera.
Can be used to see certain special things when used to look at women!?

So a map app and a status app huh. When you think of apps you think of a smartphone.
I tapped on the map app which was in my items list.
The screen of GC changed when I did that, and switched to the map display.

“Ooh, a different screen came out.”

“This is… a map.”

There are two blue dots in the center, and around those two dots countless other blue dots were also displayed.
So the two in the center are me and Noru? Which means the surrounding dots are the villagers. This looks like it’ll be useful from here on out.

“Guess I should have a look at the status app too.”

I press the Home button twice, and the multitask screen is displayed.
Looks like you switch apps here.
I switch to the GC screen and open the status app in my item list.
Then, the camera began to start-up. So do I use this to capture the target on camera?

“Noru, can I check this with you?”

“Go ahead~”

I distanced myself slightly away from her, another screen appeared after I properly captured Noru in the camera.

Noru · Fagna
Race: Human
Level: 12
HP: 1780
MP: 190
Attack: 410
Defense: 295
Agility: 69
Magic Resist : 30
Unique Ability:【Valkyrie’s Protection】
Skill: [Inspiration]
B: 85 W: 56 H 87 Estimated to be: E-cup

(TN: We changed Protection of War Princess into Valkyrie’s Protection from now on).


The status screen was displayed. The name and race, attack, defense, ability and skill too.
With this, perhaps I will be able to understand the average strength of this world.
Hmm? There’s something else displayed below… Ah.


“What-what’s the matter?”

“N-no. It’s nothing, It’s nothing really.”

Th-this girl. She’s an E-cup!? No one would be aware because she wears her armor most of the time but to think she had such volume!?
So this is what that certain special thing was! What a meaningless feature… err no, I’m actually happy about this.

“Muu ~, that sounds suspicious, let me have a look too!”

“It’s really nothing! You need to get some proper rest, alright ? ”

I restrained Noru, who was desperately trying to get a peek, on the bed.
She went ‘Adadaa!?’ again, so there is no problem.

“Okay then, next is-”

“Wasn’t there that ‘toranceeva’ thing?”

A transceiver connected to the smartphone .
It is now possible to communicate over long distances. Call charges are free.

This time I tapped the transceiver. One black transceiver popped out. So I can talk with my smartphone using this…
I fiddled it to figure out how to use it, the smartphone vibrated the moment I pressed the button on the side.
Is this all that is needed to establish the line?

“Noru, hold onto this. Push the button on the side after I leave the room.”

“What? Uhh okay.”

I gave the transceiver to Noru, then left the room.
After which she presses the button and my smartphone receives the notification.

“Oh, can you hear me?”

“It-it talked~!? What is going on?”

“With that thing you can now talk to me through my smartphone”

It is now possible to communicate even when we are at separate locations.
Well, this is a smartphone’s original purpose…

“Kay then, next. The Lamp… is just a normal lamp. Moving on… this next one seems to be a kinda dangerous so I’ll skip it for now.”

A lamp.

I materialised the Lamp to have a look but it really is just a normal lamp. It’ll probably be useful when we are in some place dark?
The next item is the Flame Rod… I’ll pass checking this for now. This thing obviously spews fire. It’s gonna cause a fire if I use this indoors.

“Beacon? What’s the heck is this?”

“It has an interesting shape”

By linking it with the map app, it becomes possible for you to travel to the marked location.
There is a rare chance that it can fail if the location has bad reception.
When in a party, it is possible to specify individuals and move separately.

When I materialised the beacon, a black box with a small parabola antenna attached on it appeared.
Travel? How am I supposed to travel with this?

“Oh, something additional appeared on the smartphone. What’s this… specify a destination?”

The smartphone vibrated and something appeared in the lower right.
When I tapped it there, the map was displayed, and there was a certain spot that is shining in orange.
That was the corner of the room, where the beacon was.

When I tapped the orange spot, a blank field saying ‘specify target’ appeared.
When I tapped the blank field, it became possible to select【Noru · Fagna】.
For now I decided to not select Noru, and tapped the [Begin fast travel?] part which was displayed instead.
When I did that, my body began to be surrounded by light.

“Uo!? This is awesome.”

“So it teleports you to where the box is left at.”

“This is really convenient, but I have to think about the place where I to put this cause it kinda stands out.”

I noticed I was now standing in front of the beacon.
So I was teleported huh. This is super convenient to have for travelling.
But, this seems difficult to make use of unless we have one for every person.
We can’t just leave it anywhere either because it sticks out like a sore thumb.

Next item is the SSR Magic Bag.
When I materialised it a green Rucksack of just the right size appeared..

Magic bag.
A rucksack imbued with magic.
Has infinite capacity. Its weight never changes, an awesome bag that doesn’t let raw materials rot.
Take note that living things cannot be put inside.

“Uoooh! This is pretty much the best item from the whole roll, is not it?”

“This is really convenient.”

Awesome! It’s now so much easier to carry stuff now that we have this.
Also raw materials don’t rot when put inside it, no more worries for raw foodstuffs.
This will be very useful when we go drop item collecting from now on.

“Nike’s shoes… And another Excali-bar, mm?”

There are two remaining pieces of equipment, one of which is another Excali-bar which I got one last time.
This really appears often. I want a weapon that’s more decent.
But, it has reasonable length and it’s ease of use are certain.
When I tapped the Excali-bar, [Weapon of same name already exists, do you want to evolve this piece of equipment?] was displayed. What do you mean by evolution.

Excali-bar ☆ 2
Attack + 590
Action speed + 55%

“So it stacks!? There wasn’t any such thing in GC…. it’s all good anyway.”

So I tried evolving it, a star appeared next to name of Excali-bar.
This increased its attack power by 100 and action speed by 5%.
This system is probably best if you think of it as a safety measure.
Looks like this will suffice until I get a SSR weapon.

“This seems real nice. Let’s see… sneakers!?”

“What’s the matter?”

“No, it’s nothing”

Nike’s shoes
Defense +10
Movement Speed +60%

Last but not least is Nike’s shoes.
When you think of Nike, it’s that goddess of victory, right? (EN: not to be confused with a certain brand name for shoes)
I expected this to be something good… but how is this a SR.
I checked the ability values and this is still pretty useful.

When I materialised it, against my expectations, a simple pair of black sneakers appeared.
Well, this is easy to wear when you compare it to say boots.

“Well, looks like I failed to roll a new unit. But, we did get quite the number of good items this time.”

“Those shoes look really nice~. I’d want a pair if any others appear in the future.”

“Sure no problem. Then, we should do our best to collect more magic stones.”

“Understoo――pyau !? ”

We failed to roll a new unit in this time’s gacha.
However, I was able to strengthen myself, and it’s pretty significant that we obtained several useful items.
Noru and I felt more motivated now.
She tried to energetically raised her arms, but sank into the bed because her muscle ache acted up.

The next day, we decided to head back to Brunne early in the morning.
Gotta go greet the village head before we return.

“Thank you so much for this time. Do come back if you have the time to spare. We will be more than happy to provide hospitality when that happens.”

“Oh you’re too kind, it was a great help because my partner was downed. Do send another request if something happens again.”

“Many thanks for the accommodation. I was able to fully recover thanks to that.”

Noru was also giving her thanks to the village chief, but I was awestruck at her.
No-Noru is speaking normally!? (EN: her way of speech is kinda weird-ish normally, but that’s hard to do properly in english)

“Why are you staring at my face?”

“Oh, I’m just surprised that you’re speaking normally.”

“Just what does Okura-dono see me as…”


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