One-eyed Female General and The Harem ch.5

Ortashia is a Tsundere.

Maruto, remember this guy name.
I almost missed him on chapter 1. Wwwwwww.

Translator: Raizu
TLC/Editor: Frost

Chapter 5.

Assassination Plan 2.

Several days later, on a cloudless sunny day. The wind felt pleasant, the kind of weather which somehow made you want to take a nap while spreading your legs and arms on the field.
Ortashia brought 500 Ardesil army soldiers with their commander Maruto, along with 300 cavalry of the White Wolf Knight Order as its main force, they were advancing to subjugate the Northern barbarians.
Along the way, Maruto was looking at Ortashia while smiling. The figure of Ortashia was reflected on his brown eyes.

[Ortashia is so beautiful today]

Ortashia can only sigh in response to it.

[Good grief, you’re really… the same as always…]

Surprisingly, Ortashia can only be amazed at it, her gaze and expression not showing any unpleasantness at all.
Even though she always takes on an overbearing attitude, but only towards Maruto that is different.
It made the other White Wolf Knights feel jealous.
If there was anyone else showing such an attitude like he does, it’ll be guaranteed that his neck will be severed from the body right away.
Or he will be given punishment by horse-splitting.
When Ortashia moved close to the short black-haired youngman, she plucked her middle finger into his nose.


[if you keep getting distracted, you will get killed]

At that, Maruto started laughing suddenly.

[Ahahaha, This one? By any means,impossible~]

Maruto was showing a confident expression.
He has a reason for his confidence. He doesn’t have an overwhelming power like Ortashia, nor any special abilities either.
However, he has a brain. He is capable of detecting small movements of the battlefield and use his units properly. Understanding the feeling of the soldiers, possessing a charismatic nature which was able to grasp other people mind and heart.
Despite being still 21 years old, he was designated as the leader of the White Wolf Knight Order.
And yet, he rarely goes out directly to the battlefield.
Surprisingly, he is a coward. It can be understood easily from his personality. He doesn’t want to go to the battlefields, whenever we bring down the enemy, the whole White Wolf Knight Order all say the same words.
He is also being trusted by everyone. They will gladly use their body to protect him, as long as they can be useful to him, everyone is eager to do anything.
That’s why, it’s impossible for him to get injured. Around his sides he is being surrounded by the female White Knight Order now, which protects him.
Ortashia has also admitted Maruto’s capability, she harbours something like a passionate trust.
Although the person herself is not aware of it.
Ortashia tilts her head slightly.

[I don’t know why. When I saw your smile, I want to forgive you… Though, it if’s any other guy, I’ll get irritated.]

She turns her gaze to the other male aide nearby. The aide gulps his saliva, and casually averts his gaze.

[Fufu. That’s because, you’re already a prisoner of my charm]

[Good grief. Don’t make a pass on me!]

She lightly hit Maruto’s head. While being carefully to not inflict any pain on him.

[I am the general who lives on the battlefield. Well, I certainly hold you in high esteem… Th-that’s, I don’t even think, it is love…]

She said the last word in a small voice. Again, another female White Wolf Knight is pouting her mouth.
When they are doing so, the view of ye old Castle which is located in a small elevated hill in the bank of the Shiyuen River has come into view. Ortashia knits her eyebrows while saying her impressions.

[Is this the old castle? It feels more like a fort instead of a castle]

[Well it is that way…. If I’m not mistaken, this castle belonged to Baron Atlantas who ran away during the night]

Everyday, Atlantas was always being attacked by the northern barbarian. Because of that, he ran in the middle of the night while abandoning his own country border defenses and defecting to another country
Nowadays, there is no one who wants the duty of guarding the borderline, so it stays like that. The construction of the old castle, being made that simple.
There are only wooden fences and trenches around for defense, the castle itself built using woods. With this much, there is no way to hold the defense line properly.
Although, for the barbarians level, it might be just enough. For them, they don’t have the skill to do siege battles, they also don’t have any strategist/leader.
When both of them were looking amazed at the old castle, the scout which was previously sent has returned with the report. With a strange face, he reported to his superior officers.

[Reporting. There is only around several hundreds barbarians left in the old castle. The number is fewer than in our information]

Ortashia puts her hand on her chin, while she is thinking of something.

[What should we do? It seems to likely be a trap]

Maruto seems like he noticed what she is thinking.
There should be around two thousands barbarians, but there are only a few hundreds who appeared, it means, there are possibilities that they have set-up an ambush somewhere.
They don’t have brains, but if they are being cautious, they are not bad. Ortashia nods, she thought the base which is being used by the enemy was already unneeded, she told this to Maruto.

[It seems there is someone smart among them. Then, we need to dispose of the unnecessary castle from the enemy. Let’s burn it]

After that, while looking at the sky, Ortashia is smiling.

[Today is a good day to fire judgement]

[Is that for the enemy?]

Of course, she immediately answers without hesitation.

[You really like to do cruel things]

[Mayhaps you have misjudged me….?]

She asked while shrugging her shoulder. Maruto shakes his head and smiles.

[I won’t. Reliable. That’s you]

Ortashia is smiling happily, without knowing the reason. And then she shakes her head.

[Then I’ll leave the command to you. I will bring them out using fire and divide them into small units]

Ortashia pulls out her sword to give the signal for the Ardesil soldiers who are standing by on the rear side, she kicks her horse belly and then advance to the bottom of the hill. The Ardesil cavalry is following after her.

[Please be careful!]

Maruto sees Ortashia off with a worried voice.
She looked at him in the back, responding to him by waving her hand.
Ortashia is advancing towards the side of the border, she leads her soldiers to the extent that the arrows from the old castle won’t be able to reach them.
Forming a line to cut off the enemy path of retreat.
Ortashia seems to be provoking the enemy to come out boldly. As usual, she chose a dangerous way to battle.
Maruto is smiling wryly about it. The barbarians also, after lay out the traps, trying not to get out of the castle.
Maruto can see the castle on full view from the hill, he confirmed that there is some strange movement and a panic situation among the barbarians inside the castle

[Poor guys….]

He leaked a sympathising voice.

[It’ll be Fire Judgement?]

The gold short-haired female knight asked him.

[Yeah. I am, actually not fond of it]

Holding his hand against his chest through his steel coloured breastplate
A kind-natured feeling is oozing from his body. When you saw his painful face, somehow it kinda makes you want to support him.

[Moreover, the post-processing afterwards is difficult….]

The post-process that Maruto means the burial of the remains.

[You can stay here and don’t need to see it. We are the ones who will do it]

[Thank you Riru. I can always count on you]

There is a passionate gaze looking at Riru.
She spontaneously became embarrassed after being watched by the leader who she respected, she turned away her line of sight. With a small voice, she muttered something in small voice.

[Th, this is… because it’s my duty…]

[You’re so cute as always]

When her cheeks are being touched by his index finger, Riru sensitively reacted turning her ears deep red.

[Pl, please wait… The other soldiers are watching]

[Sorry, sorry]

[Oh dear… When it comes to Leader she is always like that…]

After Riru sighs, she informs and changes her attitude to Maruto.

[Then, I will go! Mina let’s go!]

[Maru-sama, we’re going!]

There is a female knight with black bundled hair bowing to Maruto, together with Riru and the cavalry escorts, they run down the hill towards a different direction.

Maruto waves his hand to see them off.

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