One-eyed Female General and The Harem ch.6

I know it’ll be happen.
He has been raising so many flags on the previous chapter.

Anyway, TOC updated.

Translator: Raizu
Editor/TLC: Frost.

Chapter 6

Assassination Plan 3

The crackling sounds can be heard in the air.
The castle of Baron Atlanta has been burned up wildly. From inside the castle, there were several screams rising. Ortashia straddling on her horse listens to it quietly as if listening to music.
After the screams disappeared, Ortashia narrows her eyes.

[Are the barbarians really idiots? Or are they M?] (TN: M for Masochist)

It’s like they don’t know about war at all. When Ortashia, the enemy general, was getting near, the barbarians didn’t come out from the castle. If they knew the characteristics of Ortashia, they should have understood that she will be burning down the castle.
Yet they continued to lay traps, which couldn’t be called a strategy. The battle might have gone differently if there was someone skilled with military tactics present.
We’re going to apply a trap after all, it’s not to the level of general but if they have someone adept with military tactics, i think our way of fighting will be different
Crossing against strangers on both welfare and military strategy in the battlefield, like playing chessboard, Ortashia who wanted to enjoy it, was disappointed with this result.

[It maybe just my imagination that there is someone capable in the enemy rank—-]

(—— No, this is, also probably a trap….)

When Ortashia shows her doubt, a shout is being heard nearby. When she turned her face over there. There is a group of Barbarians making a plain provocation on the valley. The number is around 1,500 people, it seems they are the rest of the barbarian group based on the report. As if they are trying to show by themselves that there is something in the valley. It’s like they are inviting her into the trap.
But, even though Ortashia knows it is a trap, without any hesitation, she turned her horse towards them.

[Am I being invited? Interesting. What kind of traps did you set-up? I’ll check them]

She kicked her horse belly, advancing.

[Pr-princess?! It’s most likely a trap!!]

One of the White Wolf Knights tried to call her in a hurry, Ortashia didn’t turn around, she kept advancing straight.

[What should we do?]

[This is absolutely a trap]

[I also think so]

[But, we need to guard the Princess! I will go !!]

A group formed by the White Wolf Knight Order and the cavalry of Ardesil is chasing Ortashia in a hurry. The remaining Knights were stunned and then followed them into the valley.
Ortashia become the vanguard, facing with the barbarians. The barbarians suddenly started retreating all at once deeper towrads the interior of the valley, which cleared the doubt of it being a trap.
When she was still thinking about it, an ambush appeared on the top of the valley. They start shooting arrows and dropping big boulders, it’ll show an immense effect. As a strategy, it was common sense. Ortashia knew it as well. She, full of pride, faces the enemy without knowing the danger. Even if there was a trap, she knows that it’ll be useless against her.
In Ortashia’s face a floating smile appeared while chanting the spell.

Five meters before a boulder was about to fall on Ortashia, a strong wind suddenly appeared and became a vortex. It hit the big boulder while making loud sounds. The big boulder got crushed into small stones, and it got sent flying back towards the barbarians who were standing by on the top of valley.

[Shit!! She is a monster!]

The barbarians raised themselves and began to hide to retake their breath, then they began to shoot arrows toward Ortashia troops. The White Wolf Knights take their shield stance to protect themselves. Some of them got shot and fell from their horses.
However, Ortashia didn’t stop her horse and kept pursuing the fleeing barbarians. Her eyes had turned like those of a wolf who is enjoying hunting its target.
Ortashia single-handedly thrusted the back of the tired fleeing barbarians while keeping advancing. By using her horse momentum, she tramples and holds her sword on her left hand. She decapitates the neck of any enemy on her sight.

[Fuhaha!!! Is this your trap!!! Do you think It’ll work on me?]

The fleeing barbarians turned around, and they stick out their spear towards Ortashia.

[Die! Ortashia!!]

Although Ortashia turned into a target, she didn’t lose her calmness using her sword, she stabs the man’s face using the point of her sword.

[What’s wrong!! Come here! More!]

Ortashia skillfully handle her reins and defeats the surrounding barbarians one after another. The corpses around her begins to pile-up as if creating a circle around her. The barbarians on the top of valley were shaken and frustratedly shot an innumerable amount of arrows at her, which also were going to hit their own companions.

[So here it comes!]

Ortashia, who noticed the arrows being shot from the sound of the winds, was looking up toward the archers on top of the valley, and she began to chant.

The arrows speed being nullified after being shot by the winds, kept flying towards the sky, and teared-off the barbarians. Ortashia felt something out of place from the strangely slow offensive attack coming from her opponent. It’s the usual battlefield, but for some reason her heart felt uneasy. The wind also seems like wanting to give her a warning about something, the usual favorable wind, the wind which always accompanied her. It felt like it was telling her to “Run away”.
When Ortashia was holding down the nearby barbarians, her allies were coming, pursuing after her to help. When she turned around to see her allies, A young man who was not supposed to be there appeared.

[W,why, why are you here?!]

Her voice was raised in the battlefield. Maruto appeared in front off Ortashia’s eyes. It was not a mistake. He is there.


But, her voice is not carried to Maruto. He seems to concentrate on the enemy before his eyes. It’s because on the valley, her voice got drowned by the barbarians shouts. Ortashia shows a grim face which rarely occurred, she pulls on her horse reins toward Maruto. When she tried to advance towards his place, the barbarians began to block her. The barbarians who had their attack scattered apart earlier, are now cooperating and simultaneously thrust their spears at the same time.

(——– W,what….?! These guys, why are they suddenly beginning to cooperate together!)


When she slashed and killed three people together, another new barbarian came to obstruct her. She sent a glance towards Maruto while fighting, and then, he seemed like he wanted to say something to me.

[Ortashia run away!!! This is a trap! Moreover this is not a Barbarian’s trap!!!]

Because of the beast-like shout from the barbarians, his voice easily got dissipated. Ortashia was unable to hear all of it.

[What do you say?!! I can’t hear it!]

[The Fuhren Saint Knight Order put us into the trap!! This trap is from those guys!]

[The Fuhren? Why?!]

[That’s why, we are———–]

Ortashia opened her eyes wide. In front of her sight, there is an arrow struck the neck of Maruto. It happened when they were watching each other, the time turned into slow motion when he fell down from his horse. In the moment of the incident, she was firmly shouting his name.

[Marutooooo aaaaaaaaah!!!]

The appearance of Maruto is disappearing behind the foes and allies. Ortashia swings her sword in anger, she was advancing forward by force.

The strong shock waves mowed down multiple barbarians. She hurried to Maruto’s place. There then, an arrow stabbed on her horse belly, when it looked like Ortashia almost fell down, she jumped from the horse high. When she almost landed on ground, she thrusted out her hand to the ground, the slow wind made the impact soften, and landed on her right foot. She began running at once.

(——- Not yet, I can still make it!! It’s not over yet!!!)

She keeps striking and killing the barbarians who were closing near, and cuts her way through. At last, she can see the appearance of Maruto on her sight. He is being protected and surrounded by the defensive formation from the White Wolf Knights.
Ortashia started approaching and slided down besides Maruto, she tried to call his name. However, the situation is the worst. There was bright red blood flowing from his neck. Furthermore I don’t know what to do, even if I want to touch it. I grab the collar of a White Wolf Knight nearby.

[Heal him!! Hurry!!]

The knight face turned gloomy. In the middle of the battlefield, while the fighting is still ongoing, it’s impossible to treat people. Ortashia understands it too. She bits her lips, and release the Knight’s collar. She falls down near Maruto and starts venting her anger.

[Why!! Why are you coming to this place!!!]

Maruto presents something with his trembling right hand. With both of her hands, Ortashia gripped his hand who held into the sword on his right side. His blood dyes my arm. It’s the first time that I felt that the lukewarm blood in my hands was so scary. He forcibly drew Ortashia closer. She lowered her body, listening what he was gonna said closely. In his weak voice, Maruto said.

[Run away? From the barbarians?]

Maruto shakes his head.

[Then, from who?!]

She unable to get the answer from his questions anymore. Even though his mouth was moving, her eyes were already empty. She understood it when gradually his hand became cold.

[No… Don’t die….! Oi!! Why are you gonna die in a place like this!! Why, this kind of thing happened! You’re a coward, why!]

When Maruto was being bombarded by Ortashia’s questions, he slowly shut his eyes while displaying his usual smile at her.

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    1. A good guy that was intentionally toying with the emotions of all the women in charge of a knighthood at the same time? Nah. He got what he deserved.

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      1. Who says he was toying with them?
        I believe he was aiming to be the MC of the story but the author had other plans and got rid of him before he could cross those plans.

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      2. I more like hes the genius strategist and 100% dense…. he sworn an allegiance to the princess or something


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  2. I dunno how, but I doubt he’s dead. This is probably all part of the betrayal plan. Somehow.

    Of course, even if it isn’t… Dude got what was coming to him. He was clearly building a harem and playing with all the girls’ feelings. I honestly wonder if he laid hands on any of the knights.


  3. Sad…
    We’ll see if death is fake or not, but so far I liked this guy. Also hope MC would have at least some talent for organization and tactics, like Maruto, not for just close combat…


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