Amayui’s English Menus

Sup guys, Raizu is here!
I’m back from my vacation on golden week~
Sorry for the long-awaiting update. Expect a new chapter tomorrow! 😀

Anyway, I’m not fully idle during my vacation.

I checked and played Amayui Castle Meister (Trial). And it’s fun game.

The game is very much like combination between Kamidori Alchemy and Madou Koukaku. Where you need to dive inside dungeons, farming materials, build some buldings, and craft your MC+playable character equipments.
I’d say it’s really fun game, especially if you like JRPG/RPG VN which need hours to grind.

Aroduc (the translator of Kamidori) has already tried too.

Here is his gameplay video:

Let’s hope he will translate this game for us!

Back to topic,

Since some of you might interested but you’re struggling with the menus, so here you go! I and my friend, Lutfi SA, translated the menus for you all.

I hope this can be helpful 🙂



12 thoughts on “Amayui’s English Menus

  1. Hmm with nyaa going down I wonder where I should download this -_- going ​to gircelly just for download seems wrong
    Anyway thanks for menu translation still waiting for full realest

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      1. Nothing wrong about it but created an account just for download “only” that is, gircelly I true sense a forum after all


  2. Hey, I’ve stumbled upon your blog while searching for any potential translators interested in Amayui. So far, our (small) team is working towards a full UI + items patch (sample :, and with a bit of luck, have Aroduc (and others) assist towards a 100% TL.

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    1. Wow, that’s good news!
      I’m glad Aroduc decided to work on this title. I was waiting for his sekrit project announcement. 😀

      anyway, sure thing, is there anything I can help with?


      1. Actually, he didn’t decide yet – still waiting for his blog post on whether he is interested or not. I was just hoping myself he would join for a full-scale translation.
        The UI will be most likely done in the first week of release (if not faster, seeing as most of the elements the trial uses contain stuff from full version), from there, it would most likely take a lot more people for every route TL.

        Any case, no other help required (currently – thank you for the offer!). I just wanted to let you know a patch is in works, seeing as there’s not that many talking about the game.


      2. Alright. I’ll wait for your interface patch then 🙂

        Do you have any site so I (and maybe other people) can check the translation progress?
        Who knows there will be some translators want to help with the project too.


      3. There is a spreadsheet where we extract the text and translate it, but the leader is currently away for a couple days, so I can’t make any invitations (personally I’m in charge of the “hard” UI elements, which I clean/translate directly thorough Photoshop).

        As soon he’s back I’ll make sure to send you (if you are still interested) a private invite to our discord server, and following it, the spreadsheet.


    2. How do you get the knight girl to join you so far i only have the two cat people and i’m at chapter 3.


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