[Eushully] Amayui Castle Meister


Title: Amayui Castle Meister
Original title: 天結いキャッスルマイスター
Length: Very long (> 50 hours)
Developer: Eushully

Website Linkhttp://www.eukleia.co.jp/eushully/eu018.html
Link VNDB: https://vndb.org/v20418


“Technomancers” are wizards that specialise in labyrinth construction and restoration. Avaro, one of them, seeked to one day run his own atelier.

To realise this dream, in a plan to make some money he accepted a job for investigating ruins while he was travelling in Infruese Kingdom, but… In a very unlucky turn, he was caught in a caving-in within the ruins. And as he wandered, he came across a girl sleeping inside a magic stone; Fia.

After waking up, Fia told him that she has no memory of herself; however, she knows that she is unmistakably a Goddess. She tells Avaro that she could, if she wanted to, move the entirety of the ruins with her Godly powers, and she points out that she has to, no matter what, make it to the holy ground of the closed-off kingdom. The holy ground known as “The Mist Corridor of the Sacred Noise”.

Fia, who has said nothing but what could only be nonsense so far, invites Avaro to join her on her journey, saying that he can use these ruins as his workshop however he likes if he does. Although doubtful, Avaro accepts her conditions and becomes the Apostle of the self-proclaimed Goddess, and while using the moving ruins as his atelier, they head north.

Before long, rumours of the ‘Guaracuna Fortress’ are spread across the country, and while fighting with anyone who comes after his workshop thinking that it has valuables or is a threat, Avaro searches for the truth related to the Goddess’ memories.

Along with the Goddess of Marriage, “The Story That Weaves Bonds” tells the beginning of our legend…


CGs Sample



I translated the available characters on the Eushully site. Mind you, only the MC and the heroines is important, because this is an eroge. :^)

The Technomancer who Awakened a Goddess, Avaro

A half-elf technomancer who had arrived in Infruese Kingdom while wandering around to find jobs to take on.

While he feels strongly for and is very particular about carrying out on his own words when he accepts a job, he often tends to immerse himself in his projects once he has begun working, to the point of completely losing track of time.

Considering his standing as a half-elf he had always kept his distance from other people, however after becoming a technomancer he has come to enjoy seeing people rejoice and now actively tries to meddle in others’ affairs.

For the purpose of achieving his wish of owning his own workplace, he has wandered from country to country looking for a place to work and had arrived in Infruese Kingdom where he undertook a job asking to investigate the nearby ruins.

He aims to make his way to the holy ground of the Fiuscia church; “The Mist Corridor of the Divine Sound.”

“I can’t give you this fortress.
This is Fia’s, and now it’s my workshop as well.”

Race: Half-elf
Origin: Uncertain (He has been constantly travelling, looking for work)
Occupation: Technomancer
– Axle hammer
– (Large-type tool/machine hammer)
Ability: Vanguard-type magician who utilises his Search Unlock skill and Axle Hammer Limit Break Technique

(Original picture by Yoru no Mitsuki)


The Goddess of Marriage, Fia

The amnesiac who claims for herself to be a “Goddess of Marriage”, she was found asleep within the Infruese Kingdom ruins.

Possibly related to the fact that she was awoken by Avaro, she harbours strong feelings for him and is constantly trying to attract his attention.

With her positivity and emotiveness she is always happy and energetic, however her honest trust in people that causes her to easily believe what others say also makes abundantly clear her pure nature.

In exchange for her letting Avaro use the ruins she was sleeping in, the “Gualakuna Fortress”, as his workshop, she has made him agree to become her apostle and together they aim for the holy ground of the Fiuscia church; “The Mist Corridor of the Divine Sound”

“I couldn’t have done this alone. Thank you for lending me your aid.
I’ll try my best so that you can always be smiling as well, Avaro!”

Race: Self-proclaimed materialised Goddess
Origin: Birthplace unknown due to loss of memory
– Heavenly Destiny Goddess
– Goddess of Marriage
Weapon: Bow
Ability: Support-style healing and ranged attack type, also connecting magic circles and can control Yuiki as her subordinates

(Original picture by Yoru no Mitsuki)


General of the Order of the Dragon Crocodile, the Wandering Swordsman, Kisnil Kaguri

A wandering swordsman who had arrived at Infruese Kingdom in search of a master worth serving.

After being given the status of guest third class general in the Order of the Dragon Crocodile, led by Gilshew Louse, her current job is to act as overseer for the ruins expedition.

She has a serious and honest personality, a harsh tongue, and at times is too stubborn to accept what others are saying.

However, deep down she is a very compassionate individual who wouldn’t hesitate to step in and save someone.

While she used to hold the role of Avaro’s supervisor in the ruins investigation expedition, after being caught in the cave-in and separated from him, she aims to confirm his safety.

“We stand on the front lines, with the people behind our backs. Our brave figures will be watched by those people.
So dash forth, such that those people’s chests swell with pride as they tell stories of our valour!”

Race: Human
Origin: The southern countries (Mentekia Defence Country)
Occupation: Order of the Dragon Crocodile, guest third class general
Weapon: Sword
Ability: Vanguard-type knight who uses her ability to command corps and her anti-boss ability in tandem

(Original picture by Yakuri)


The Hunter-Beastgirl, Ioru

By making use of the immense physical strength held by those of beastman blood, she is an assassin who wields a bone cleaver larger than herself.

She lost her parents as a child and ran away from her birthtown, and has now come to live on her own. She percieves survival of the fittest as the law of the world.

Due to her living alone for so long, she isn’t good with relying on others and she also doesn’t speak much; the quiet type.

But since meeting and getting along extremely well with Mikeyu she now thinks of her as dearly as someone would their family, and thinks only with what would be best for her in mind.

“To consume food is to steal life. You must pay respect for it,
and eat with a heart of gratitude. Cooking is a true battle.”

Race: Cat beastman
Origin: Infruese west border’s Withered Heaven Fault Zone (Valley of the Rejected Beasts)
Occupation: Hunter
Weapon: Bone cleaver
Specialty: Hit-and-run type, uses her quick-witted nature to her advantage leaving her exceptional in her movements, evasive ability, and heavy attacks

(Original picture by Yoru no Mitsuki)


The Snowman-Toting Beastgirl, Mikeyu

Believing in herself, she left her hometown to go on a journey to become a magician.

During her travels she had arrived at Infruese Kingdom and found herself being chased by monsters, when Ioru found and saved her. They now live together like family.

She is very polite and always seems to have her act together. She is also the type to never give up, not hesitating no matter how much of an effort it would require to do something, if it will lead to her own further improvement.

She holds dearly a single feeling of admiration, for the galliant Ioru when she stepped in to help her.

“Nice to meet you! I want to be able to
get even better and better at using magic!”

Race: Cat beastman
Origin: Frostbasket village, located somewhere around the northern countries of the continent
Occupation: Magician (or aspiring to be one; she says she may or may not have gotten her hands on a magic tome recently)
Weapon: Magic tome
Ability: Freeze-type magic, which entails the ability to walk on water and she also has a mysterious snowman effect…?

(Original picture by Uro)


The Twin Shield Princess, Rishentsary Rauroso

The lord of the Rauroso family’s domain, located adjacent to the west of Infruese Kingdom.

Being someone who holds power over many, she has received fitting education for her status and has come to understand well the responsibilities of people in her position, leading her to be able to take what she believes is the best course of action without hesitation.

While she is a person with overflowing grace and an ability that surpasses all others, she is able to make people feel as if she is not out of their reach, as if they are close to her, just by her acting naturally.

As a faithful believer of the Fiuscia church, she aims to take over Infruese Kingdom in the future, showing her ambition.
However after hearing rumours of the former Gualakuna Fortress, she now plans on making it her own.

“He that would the daughter win, must with the mother first begin.
If we are to obtain that fortress, we do not need the one who is moving it,
We need only the person who is managing it.”

Race: Human
Origin: Santashea Eif Union (Rauroso Domain)
Occupation: Rauroso lord, Twin Shield Princess
Weapon: Twin shields
Ability: On top of acting as a one-man defense line due to her heavy armour, she can use divine explosion magic, with herself at the epicenter of those explosions

(Original picture by Uro)


The Spirit Leaking Necromancer, Rosarine Flan

She is a magician who manages the Spirit Leaking Path, where spirits from around Infruese Kingdom gather temporarily.

Because of her superior ability to use spirit magic, she has taken it upon herself to converse with and guide lost souls back to where they should be, as well as dispel those that consume souls.

While having a distinct elegance and refinement like that of those who had grown up in an upper-class environment, she has difficulty in showing her emotions and isn’t used to social situations.

Due to the fact that there are records in the country’s history of a necromancer who would take large swarms of spirits into battle, and while it is said that if you went back you could still find that necromancer over a century ago, there is no way to tell for certain if she is really the same one.

“I am the one who manages the Spirit Leaking Path, who plays with the poor souls wander around the territory.
While carrying through with that role, I pray while knowing that I won’t be forgiven,
I am but a mere sinner…”

Origin: The Spirit Leaking Path in Infruese Kingdom
Occupation: Necromancer
Weapon: Puppet
– Phasing through walls, capturing and summoning spirits
– A wide variety of types of magic

(Original picture by Yakuri)


The Rank Six Angel of the War God, Mikshana

A member of the Marsteria Church, she is a rank six angel who was dispatched to Infruese Kingdom.

After being stationed in the Fiaspia area with her army, she has been assigned to maintain the balance between Infruese Kingdom and the neighbouring countries. Because of her superior ability she was assigned a senior role despite her age, however while she attempts to use a tone of speech and conduct befitting her position, occasionally her true personality shines through.

While her main objective is to investigate the area that is designated as a no-trespassing zone due to it being sacred area, that being The Mist Corridor of the Divine Sound, after learning about the fortress that suddenly appeared, Fort Gualakuna, she changed directions to investigate that instead.

“The Present Gods became the rulers of the world after fighting, and winning against, the Old Gods. This is the rule made after much discussion.
It is a rule that must not be broken, one that can never be changed.”

Race: Rank Six Angel (Power)
Occupation: Member of the Marsteria Church, Mass Infernal Subjugator
Weapon: Spear
– Flying type
– Uses offensive and barrier sacred magic

(Original picture by Yoru no Mitsuki)


Leader of the Water Fighting Beasts’ Needle Team, Diethelm

The leader of the Needle Team of the Water Fighting Beasts that base themselves in Infruese Kingdom.

He does things like travelling from village to village in remote areas escorting craftsmen around to where they need to go, as well as repairing various old or broken structures and equipment that help people in their daily lives. He is the one who taught Avaro how to survey the surrounding area effectively. In exchange, he has been taught how to use axle weapons and he now wields an axle crossbow.

Due to the fact that he often escorts large groups of people, in order to protect them he takes a very strict attitude and watches over them with his own power, helping out when he can.

“So you’re still aimlessly wandering from country to country, like always?
No, it seems like you’ve grown a bit since I last saw you.
So you’ve finally found a place to call home, huh. A workshop, and a family.”

Race: Human
Origin: Infruese Kingdom
Occupation: Leader of the Water Fighting Beasts’ Needle Team, Technomancer
Weapon: Axle crossbow
– Perfectly accurate marksmanship and super long distance attacks
– Axle Crossbow Limit Break Technique

(Illustration: Uro)


The girl chased out of her own home town, The Oracle Child, Catlit

The legends of Infruese Kingdom tell of the great dragon race that saved one of the Present Gods that was with the Goddess Fiuscia. She is a descendant of that race, however due to her still being young and weak, she is still unable to take dragon form.

After losing her father, she is now in a situation where she can’t return to the village that her people live in.

Personality-wise she is kind-hearted and doesn’t like fighting with others.
And due to her timidness she is unable to put on a tough act in fights.

“I, I need to show the pride of our dragon race…
I want to show my daddy how much I’ve grown…!”

Race: Dragon (lightning subspecies)
Origin: The Lightning Dragons’ Cloudlands
Occupation: Child oracle, dragon shrine maiden
Weapon: Throwing tool (Chakram)
Ability: Body growth, Dragon Form Change

(Original picture by Uro)


Third Prince of Infruese Kingdom, Girche Rouze

The third prince of Infruese and the one who ordered the ruins expedition, he wishes more than anyone to get his hands on Fort Gualakuna.
He judges people by how useful they could be to him, and is ruthless enough to easily throw away anyone who wouldn’t have any use to him.

His ability as a ruler is great, and due to the fact that he is always making plans to increase efficiency he has a great reputation among the people.
The knight order he leads, the Order of the Dragon Crocodile, is also the best in the country in terms of military achievements.
He plans on succeeding the throne by amassing great military might and waging war on other countries to increase his achievements.

“Look at our people, running and cowering in fear!
Don’t ignore it, the people’s cries, filled with fear!
To the Order of the Dragon Crocodile, before any more casualties occur,
Move your entire army to conquer that fortress!”

Race: Human
Origin: Infruese Kingdom
– Third prince of Infruese Kingdom
– Leader of the Order of the Dragon Crocodile
Weapon: Dual Swords
– Multiple stacked quick sword techniques
– The Order’s commander and strategist

(Original picture by Uro)


The Newcomer Underground Merchant, Vartslaf Gaidal

The president of the black market company, Gaidal Co., he is a skilled magician who will take any measures necessary in order to achieve his goals.

Constantly wearing a fake-looking smile that never breaks, he observes how people respond when he tries to drive them into a frenzy, as well as judging their value by putting them through trials.

He has two faces; one with the rationality of a merchant, prioritising profits over all else, the other, full of pure ambition regardless as to the profits.

He is greatly intrigued by the now-moving fortress, and behind his friendly demeanour as he tries to get in contact with Avaro, he is still plotting to manipulate Avaro and company with his many prepared schemes.

“If something is being desperately hidden—
Then that means that “There must be something there”.
Will you not join me in trying to find that treasure, Avaro-kun?”

Race: Human
Origin: Birthplace unknown
Occupation: President of Gaidal Co., seal-type spell user
Weapon: Staff
Ability: By using Secret Seal Techniques and darkness magic together, he specialises in terrain manipulation-type techniques

(Original picture by Uro)


“The Filmolgana of the Water”, Rurin Yuiki

One of the old spirits who serve the Elven Gods.

By commanding more and more water spirits to show his power, Yuiki was designated as a faithful knight, to carry through with the Gods’ revelations.

He had awoken from his long sleep at the same time as Fia after feeling that her consciousness had returned.
He shows great attachment to the self-proclaimed Goddess Fia.

While he is very serious and hard-headed, he is very noble, shown in his loyalty to even sacrifice himself for the lord that he serves.

“I am the one known as Rurin Yuiki.
On the name of Yuiki,
I shall simply annihilate any evil beings that aim to destroy a person’s bonds.”

– Greater spirit type Yuiki
– (Filmolgana)
– Can control his subordinate spirits and capture others
– Strong underwater
– Defender with superior flight ability

(Original picture by Yakuri)


“The Filmolgana of the Fire”, Yourin Yuiki

A greater spirit who rules over fire, and one of the old spirits who serve the Elven Gods.

He was sealed for the purpose of making him guard a certain volcano, but by being awakened he tried to cover the surroundings in a sea of lava.

Favouring battle above all else, he would only obey those whom he had acknowledged and had enough power to satisfy him.

With the physique that he takes pride in, he is strong in hand-to-hand combat, even without the flames he can emit with his ability.

“I have already been released.
All that is left is for me to lead a wave of destruction through everything here!”

– Greater spirit type Yuiki
– (Filmolgana)
– Can control his subordiate spirits and capture others
– Manipulates fire

(Original picture by Yakuri)


“The Filmolgana of the Wind”, Ranrin Yuiki

A greater spirit who rules over wind, and one of the old spirits who serve the Elven Gods.

Together with other wind spirits she drives out tomb robbers that come to her labyrinth by blowing storm-level winds through it.

She is a free-spirited prankster who loves to tease others.

While being a Yuiki, she prioritises her own enjoyment over loyalty to her lord.

“I am giving you a warning.
If you do not leave this labyrinth immediately, I shall force you to.
Do you want to try being blown around through the labyrinth?”

– Greater spirit type Yuiki
– (Filmolgana)
– Can control her subordiate spirits and capture others
– Can fly and has a large array of magic she can use

(Original picture by Yakuri)


“The Filmolgana of the Earth”, Karin Yuiki

Has a good sense of the Yuiki’s ability to amplify control over spirits of their element, and he is also one of the old spirits who serve the Elven Gods.

He had awoken at the same time as Fia after feeling that her consciousness had returned.
He looks like a cute little boy, and whether because he still has a childish personality or something else, he has a habit of hugging and fawning over people that he likes.

“You’re not my mother…
But, I feel calm when I’m near you… *hug*”

– Greater spirit type Yuiki
– (Filmolgana)
– Can control his subordiate spirits and capture others
– Can move swamps around
– A mud giant user with exceptional defense

(Original picture by Yakuri)


One of 72 Demon God of Solomon, The Demon God Berial

An outstanding existence even within the ranks of 72 Demon God of Solomon, she had at one point controlled both 80 legions of devils as well as the Infernal Country.

A former Virtue angel, she threw her power around as a divine messenger.
She was famous even within the demon world because of her overwhelming power and beauty.

A strength that would mesmerise any living being and a disposition to destruction because of her hatred of boredom led her to be classified as dangerous by the Present Gods, and she is now trapped in one of the underworlds; the ‘Drum’s Flame Roar’, with her power sealed so she wouldn’t affect the world any more.

In order to retrieve her former power, she had gathered Solomon Devils from all around the world while estimating when the barrier’s once-every-millenium weakening will occur in order to make a plan to escape the Drum’s Flame Roar.

“Now, let’s open the curtains on our play.
A hell fire banquet of fear and madness, where even the ashes will be burnt to nothing!”

– Rank 68 of Solomon’s Demon God
– Ambassador Plenipotentiary of Hell
Class: [King]

(Original picture by Yakuri)


One of 72 Demon God of Solomon, The Demon God Forneus

Also called ‘Marquess Waters’, she is a woman with a large build, fire-red eyes, and dark brown skin.

In folklore, she has often been drawn as a giant shark due to that second name.
Due to the fact that she dislikes futile actions and is stone-faced, as well as how she relays only the information that she needs to in a buisness-like fashion, at a glance it might seem like she isn’t a very approachable person, however she also has a loyal side in which she will follow the people she has recognised.

While being a formidable person who has the Herculean strength to pulverise anyone, she is also well versed in knowledge concerning rhetoric and science, making her an invincible devil. She has also contributed to enlarging Berial’s army’s scope of action by helping her in planning with those extraordinary skills.

“I shall work as your hands and feet,
To the extent of which all my power and wisdom can amount to.”

– Rank 30 of Solomon’s Demon God
– Marquess Waters

(Original picture by Uro)



That’s all.
When the game is released, I’m planning to make some interface guides and maybe some FAQs later on.

Oh yeah, if you found some mistranslations or typos, feel free to leave it on the comment sections. Thanks Osura for the help translating them. Cheers~!


3rd May, 2017




20 thoughts on “[Eushully] Amayui Castle Meister

  1. From the look will it be single route type but there’s still be possibility to branching (goddess, sword woman and princess) also somehow this give a vibe will be vanilla type-eushully but that prince giving serious bad vibe
    The other thing as far I remembered this only second series who have multiple Solomon demon other than IM normally they only had one

    Btw is there possibility the MC actually child of wilfred and servalwi ?


    1. Yep, it might gonna took quite awhile before we learn all of the 72 Solomon Demon God. XD

      As for your question, I doubt it because he is dark-elf, while Servalvi is a normal elf.
      There is possibilities that he is their descendant though.


      1. Waiting with expectations this Solomon demon got H-scene lol
        After all other than IM Solomon demon either male or giantess also if not wrong Vepar in pirate story one didn’t get (didn’t play this one)


      1. You need to capture Yuiki first with using Fia’s 結騎捕獲 skill.

        After that, you unlocked Training Area. Build that to unlock 結騎捕獲 改.
        Now you can capture the monsters.


  2. How to solve riddle in dragon valley?, when u only use 5 fixed member. I stuck on last one when fight dragon. What must i do to finish that?


    1. You gotta bait the dragon to go land on the event point. Like get the crawldragon to move past the door and on the point, you don’t kill it. That just causes it to respawn..

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  3. Hey guys iam currently on chapter 6 where i must find albunea steel and pearl stone to make important items, where i can find that materials?


  4. hmm, from the cg that you provided, did this game feature a gameplay similar to Kamidori Alchemy Meister? crafting, explore dungeon sort of, if yes, then, keep up the good work, I look forward to your full patch XD.


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