One-Eyed Female General and The Harem ch.22

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Translator: Ashenwind
Editor: Shirayuki

Chapter 22
Unusual Plan 2

The swift horse carrying the letter from Runatitas on the the central Aldesir had reached viscount Gering who governs the Hetonia region.

Geringu, who read the letter in a hurry, was surprised but his face was full of happiness as if a long-time dream has been fulfilled.

The important part was entrusted to him.

Geringu summoned the guard commander in the town of York and gave an order.

[All the guards, maintain tighter security on the gates.] (Geringu)

When the guard commander reported in, Geringu was putting his hand on the window sill in his room as he looked down on the sight of the town of York from his residence.

Runatitas will give out a reward for killing Ortashia. It was written on the letter.

There was also a promise for transferring territory closer to the royal capital Ruan.

Geringu had become tired of the smell of cow dung and other domestic animal excrement in this countryside territory.

Not only was there little profit gained, but he’s also dissatisfied after being discriminated by other nobles for a long time.

As for the territory near the capital Ruan, its silk and minerals are the main products. There is a saying that the more you can’t have it, the more you’ll want it.

[It’s Ortashia. Trying to escape, eh? As soon as you find her, kill her.] (Geringu)
[Sir, yes Sir!] (Guard commander)

York was an old town situated on the plains.

Farms encircled the vicinity of York where a lot of domestic animals, namely cows and goats, are being reared.

It was that kind of town.

Stones were piled up and the archers rushed up and deployed along the walls which were reinforced with wood.

The gate for entering the town is guarded by ten instead of the usual two guards.

Fuhren’s Holy Knights were also among them.

They watched people who come in and out via the paved main road with a penetrating gaze.

At one point, a seemingly unusual cart attempted to pass which was stopped by two of the Fuhren holy knights.

The gray bearded Fuhren’s Knight sent a glance at the one young man and two women riding the cart, while the other one was checking the big black box at the back.

[What is this?]
[As you see, a coffin.]

The young man replied.

[…why bring such a thing here?]
[Why? It may not be obvious, but it’s our role to return this person to our hometown.]
[Burial has been decided to be done immediately.]

In Ardesir, the principle says that the deceased must be buried immediately.

It is one of those religious practices and is done as a measure to prevent the spread of infectious diseases by burying the dead body immediately.

The young man who seems to be a priest replied while bowing his head.

[…this letter must be sent to the recipient…]
[A letter?]

The gray bearded Fuhren’s knight curled his eyebrows.

Another younger Fuhren Saint Knight came due to curiosity.

The young man in the priest clothing looked at them then whispered in a small voice as if not wanting to be heard by the surroundings.

[Actually, this woman had a husband who had an affair. She had lived in anger and sadness then finally, she committed suicide by drenching herself with oil and burning herself.]
[I, isn’t that a heretical act ?!]

The act of commiting suicide is treated as an act of heresy.

It’s a blasphemy against God’s will.

Moreover, this one is self-immolation.

After the body rots away, the Gods will put the soul in selection to enter the heaven.

The so-called “Heaven’s Trial”.

The owner of the soul will be judged whether they are good or evil and whether they will be sent to heaven above or dropped down to hell.

What happened to soul if the body is burned away like that; even the Holy Knight does not know.

[We will go now or maybe we should just bury her here and then…]

The young priest threw a glance at the coffin with a serious face.

[In that letter, it was written in blood that if she’s not buried in her hometown, there will be disaster and misfortune.]
[I, I see…..there is also a possibility of becoming a demon]

Fuhren’s Saint Knight knew that humans can become demons.

It can be due to strong grudges like hatred, anger and vengeance.

Therefore, the Fuhren’s Saint Knight usually treat dead remains with importance so as to not let it become a demon by burying it.

[Sir Holy Knight, you do understand, right?]

The gray-bearded knight sent a glance to the other knight, who replied with a shrug.

[Where is the burial site?]
[A small village a little bit to the north from York.]

The knight gave it some more thought then finally answered.

[Then quick, you must make haste. Before she turns into a demon.]

No normal man could stand against a demon.

The gigantic strength and demonic power are enough to annihilate a town.

A raging demon does not know fear and will be like an animal and until it is purified, it will keep slaughtering non-stop.

That will be a huge problem.

[Hold it.]

Though the Fuhren’s knight let them go, the gate guards were still in doubt about the young priest so they urge him to show the contents of the coffin.

[No, I can’t do that….]
[Oi, open the coffin,]

When the guard in charge called in, another three guards run to the black colored coffin.

Ignoring the two female priestesses, they opened the lid to see the content and were amazed.

Before the eyes of the guards, a female whose whole body is wrapped with bandage lied there.

[Nmu. I want to see the face. You, open up the bandage on the face.]
[Ee? Me is it…]

When the guard captain ordered his subordinate to do so, the said subordinate’s face immediately turned pale.

With a trembling hand, he peeled off the bandage reluctantly as per ordered, then the young priest said.

[Aa, you should stop. I thought I said it just a while ago, but she’s burnt to death, the face is in a horrible condition. As in the burnt flesh falling apart, bones visible, I had a hard time straightening the shape up.]

Upon hearing it, the guard started to imagine something gross.

There were soldiers holding their mouth.

[Such a sad fate. I feel regret now.]

The guard captain gave up, ordered his subordinate to close the coffin and let the priest and priestesses proceed.

[Enough, that’s enough. Proceed.]
[Thank you. May God bless you with divine protection.]

After sending a short sermon and bowing politely, the young priest and the two priestesses passed through the gate in a haste while maintaining their bow.

Even though Fuhren’s Saint Knight and the gate guard questioned their appearance, they judged that there is nothing wrong with them, so they let them pass.

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