One-Eyed Female General and The Harem ch.60

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Translator: Raizu
Editor: Shirayuki

Chapter 58

[So it’s two corps…… Runatitas, you do things boldly…..]

A woman whose long brown hair fluttered by the wind looked towards the direction of Ardesil Army. The woman had a well shaped body and beautiful, but with a sharp-looking face. The word ‘dignified’ suited her more than cute. One could easily mistake the beautiful woman as a goddess overseeing her enemy from atop of her horse. Next to her was a black haired boy whose age seemingly younger than the woman.

They are Ortashia and Shingen.

At the same time Ardesil army sent out reconnaissance squad, Ortashia’s side was also reconnoitering the enemy forces. They also confirmed that the enemy sent multiple scouting teams. And although it was something unexpected, they let them be.

It’s because she believed that their strategy would not deviate even if the enemy managed to gather some information. It’s because all of those were merely a trap. Ortashia was full of confidence even as she looked at the much bigger size of enemy forces. Rather, she was smiling. It’s something unusual indeed.

As for reconnaissance, Ortashia said that she needs to see it with her own eye. Of course, the captains were against it, but Ortashia insisted on going alone. Thus the captains could only agree to her words in resignment. Worried, Shingen chased after Ortashia without permission, intending to accompany her.

Since Shingen caught up to her, Ortashia let him to accompany her because his face told her that he’ll follow silently when she gave him a glance.

They arrived on top of a hill which was covered by a dense amount of trees, where they observed the enemy’s movement for a while. From where they are, they could see everything in all directions, while keeping anyone from being aware of their presence.

There was one thing they noticed after observing the enemy camp.

[….it seems they have reinforcements coming just as I thought.]

[How can you tell?]

[Look at that. They made the rear less defended. It means that they aren’t worry about their rear.]

Ortashia could tell that the alertness on the enemy forces’ rear was quite thin. On the battlefield, it’ll be tough if you don’t know from where the enemy will attack. Anyone naturally won’t do such thing if they want to win. So judging from how they focused most of their troops at the front, Ortashia concluded that they are expecting reinforcement coming from their rear.

After Ortashia said so, Shingen raised his eyebrow and gave the enemy camp another look. He tilted his head. No matter how he looked, theirs are a perfect defense. No matter which direction he attacks, they will counter attack immediately. Shingen, in admiration, then decided to believe in Ortashia even though he didn’t really understand since he had no reason to doubt her.

(――――――So this is what a general is like. Amazing…. She’s in a different dimension than me. Even what she sees is different even though we are looking at the same scenery.)

[……then, what will we do?]


Ortashia began to think. It’ll be harder to attack the rear with enemy reinforcements coming. Without that reinforcements, it’ll be easier to send the bigger forces into confusion even with a much smaller amount of troops.

However, if the enemy reinforcements arrived just when her troops are about to retreat, no doubt that it’ll be hard to escape. She’ll lose a lot of precious soldiers that way. There is also a possibility that Ortashia’s strategy won’t work at all.

[Let’s go.]

Ortashia abruptly said something strange. Shingen, who was next to her, asked.

[W-where to?]

[Nn, provoking them.]


Her gaze is directed toward the Ardesil army. No way. Going near the enemy encampment, without an escort no less, isn’t that suicidal? Even so Ortashia said it in such a light tone as if it was something trivial, making Shingen thought that it was a joke.


Ortashia simply smiled to reply to that question. She seemed serious. Shingen smiled wryly. It’s impossible to stop her. A Banrondo soldier appeared at that impeccable timing, bringing what seemed like a flag with him.

Shingen couldn’t believe his eyes when he saw what the soldier was doing. He brought with him a very standing out military banner. The emblem on the banner clearly distinguished which forces it belonged to. The military banner sported the image of blowing wind and crown made of golden and green thread embroidered on red fabric. It was Ortashia’s flag bearer. Shingen saw it for the first time.

The banner was attached to a two metres tall pole. Apparently, it’s to make it easy for the enemy to see it.

[What are you doing!?]

[I, I’m sorry. Bu, but….]

Shingen unintentionally got angry. But the soldier could only give Ortashia a confused look. Apparently he was here for a reason and thus, he decided to wait there..

[Erm, princess Ortashia, I’ve brought the battle standard….]

[Umu. You came at the right time. Thank you.]

The soldier bowed a little before handing the banner over to Ortashia.

[I was waiting for this.]

[…..could it be?]

[Yes, I commanded him to bring me the flag several minutes ago.]

[Then could it be that you came here planning to provoke them from the beginning?]

If she merely wanted to go to for reconnaissance, then she wouldn’t ask the soldier to bring her the flag. And now it seemed like she’ve been waiting for this moment. When asked, Ortashia denied it. She then said.

[We have prepared two courses of actions. Depending on the situation, we’ll either retreat and stopped the flag bearing soldier along the way or we proceed with the attempt to provoke them. Got it? Never invest yourself with only one possibility. It’s also important to be able to predict the enemy’s intention――――――]

「―――――also by having multiple ideas in your mind, you’ll still be able to react accordingly even if the enemy’s action defy your expectation. Having more than one plan isn’t a sign of a dulled judgment. There is no absolute judgment on the battlefield, you know that right? Remember this well」

[Thinking that far ahead….amazing]

Shingen’s eyes were gleaming, impressed at what Ortashia had told him. He’s just a boy after all. Ortashia felt like her heart that was dirtied by numerous battles was slightly cleansed. Up to this point, she never saw any other man with such clear eyes. Not even Maruto could show such eyes.

[Well….that was what Maruto told me but…]

Ortashia diverted her sight away from Shingen, she then murmured something barely audible while scratching her cheek.

[Well, let’s go.]

She raised her palm and went down the hill on her own. Shingen was tempted to follow her, but knowing Ortashia’s personality, he decided to stay back. Even so, he couldn’t just leave her alone and go home, so he beckoned the soldier who was still standing there.

[……let’s wait here for a moment.]


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