One-Eyed Female General and The Harem ch.61

Weekly Chapters (2/2)


Chapter 59

It was a refreshing morning for the Ardesil army. As Herkutes expected, Banrondo army did not attempt any night raid. The soldiers in the night watch showed a relieved look on their face.

They were quite afraid of the presence of Randall who was known as the “White-Bearded Wolf”. Randall’s spear could bring down hundreds of soldiers. He’s the unmatched spear user in the whole of Ardesil. Having such a superior man not attacking them filled their heart with a sense of safety.

The sun finally rose completely. Since the time for the offensive had almost come, the soldiers start to blow the trumpets as a wake-up call. With the loud voices resounding across the encampment, the soldiers who had gotten up quickly roused themselves from bed. The army became noisy soon after.

[Each captain check the number of their squad and make sure that there is no defect in their armaments!]

It’s to confirm if there aren’t any deserters and if there aren’t traitors among them.

[The soldiers are to prepare their equipment and gather up at the rendezvous point]

The soldiers quickly started to equip themselves according to the instructions. Among the noises of metal clanging, they began lining up on the open field and awaiting for the next command.

Herkutes appeared from one of the tents specifically prepared for the commanders, while Octanus got out from another. The two had been completely armed as they took the reins of their war horses. When the two saw each other face, one of the soldier noticed something at the hill. Narrowing his eyes, he shouted loudly while pointing his finger.

[Enemy! Enemy is here――――――!]

The shout resounded across the encampment. The other soldiers also looked up at the hill pointed. Herkutes and Octanus also narrowed their eyes and looked.


There was definitely only one person on the hill. There’s possibilities that more are hiding behind the trees, but it’s unlikely.

[Scouts or anyone!]

The person held a banner. The banner took on the wind and flapped without fear. Who would need a scout when that person is holding such a conspicuous banner? That guy is clearly baring their presence. If you change your perspective, it’s like that person is out for provocation.

There was a coat of arms in that banner. A coat of arms any soldiers would’ve seen at least once in the battlefield. The two general also remembered and were surprised themselves.

[ [ It’s the crest of wind and crown?! ] ]

The embroidery of wind blowing and a crown.

There was no mistake. For many years, regardless of the upper echelon of Ardesil military, or if it’s just a normal citizen of Ardesil, all of them are familiar with that coat of arms

[O, Ortashia?!]

Unintentionally, without permission, their blood started to boil. Herkutes knew the horror of her cruel and mighty power. The soldiers looked at each other, letting out surprised voices. They’re confused.

[Your Highness Ortashia?! No way, she’s still alive?!]

[Impossible! I heard she perished at the the battle of the North?]

[Then is she a fake……?]

[Could be, but that attitude, that pressure, there is no doubt, isn’t it?]

[Your Hhighness, why….?

[I-I hadn’t heard about this! To think we’re up against Ortashia-sama…..]

The soldiers turned to the two generals. Completely confused on what they’re supposed to do. They were told that they are on a rebel subjugation mission, but nobody told them that they are going to fight Ortashia. Octanus and Herkutes had been informed by Runatitas himself that she might be involved with the rebellion. But they also heard that she’s seriously injured and won’t be able to join the fight.

And yet, here she is now. Straddling a war horse, she showed a lively appearance.

Octanus moved faster than anyone else.

[Shoot! Shoot to kill!]

The archers rushed to their positions, nocked arrows in their bows but their trembling hands rattled their aim. There was fear in their eyes. The arrows were released on command but they landed randomly as if the archers didn’t took aim properly. Some landed near her but were easily avoided.

[Eeeeii! Cavalry! On me! I’ll be the one who will take the honor of killing Ortashia!]

[Wait Octanus! Don’t move in recklessly!]

[Shut up! There is no time. Terror will spread among the soldiers! We must end this while we still have momentum!]

Octanus said so while drawing his sword out and galloped with his horse. Rushing towards Ortashia. The soldiers followed behind him. The sound of hoof echoed, rocking the ground and raising dust.

The first corps wasn’t given time to consider about the momentum Octanus was talking about, but they simply followed order out of habit regardless of the confusion.

After confirming that the first corps led by Octanus is coming for her, Ortashia pulled the reins of her horse and turned back without doing anything. The girl retreated just like that. That behaviour raised a doubt in Herkutes’ mind.

Clearly, it was impossible for Ortashia to show her back to the enemies like that, unless there was a trap or something else awaiting them.

Now that he thinks about it, Octanus’ action was too reckless.

[Could it be! That fellow?!]

Even so, Octanus’ idea wasn’t wrong either. It was a right decision even if he didn’t want to admit it.

In a battlefield, the number of troops did have a say, but more than anything, morale is also important. You’ll be told about this countless times and very loudly pressed by the military instructor if you studied in the military academy. That’s how important the troops’ morale is.

Now, thanks to Ortashia’s appearance, the soldiers were confused and scared. If there is even a slight bit of confusion, it may affect the incoming battle, and in worst case scenario, may lead to defeat.

[Wha-what should we do? Shall we give them support?]

Although Octanus’ judgment might be correct, he still caused the formation to break apart and requiring reorganization. Octanus bit his lip. (TL: This should be Herkutes, the author seemed to make a mistake here.)

[Ei, we’ll go on our own! Advance!]

[No, but……]

[Establish formation! Don’t leave any gaps!]

[Your honor?!]

[What? If you proceed with caution, this ‘wall’ will never be broken. Let the first corps lead the way, we can’t do anything else about it.]

Before the soldiers could assemble back the formation, Herkutes drew his sword, and gave a rousing speech while moving from one side to another in order to inspire the scared soldiers.

[Soldiers. The battle is about to begin. We are up against our own countrymen. There might be your relatives or friends there. However. However, we ARE the army. As the soldiers, we bring glory to Her Majesty Queen Yuran. For the country to grow, sometimes one has to make sacrifices.]

Make a sacrifice. Even if it’s your own family or friends, if they are on the enemy side, then they’ll have to perish for the country. The soldiers started to raise their heads.

[Listen carefully! In the end, our enemy is a rebel! In other words, they tried to disturb the order of our country. Even if it’s her highness Ortashia, we’ll still have to eliminate her if she went against Her Majesty Queen Yuran! Justice is in our side! Remember that well! Repeat this in your mind. Her Highness Ortashia is the enemy of Her Majesty the Queen! Defeat all enemies standing before you! All troops at the front――――――advance!!]

The second corps followed the command of their general. Soldiers at the front row raised their shields and moved their right legs, starting to walk. The second and third rows followed afterward. With their aligned movement, it gave an illusion that it was part of the ground that moves forward.

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