Sono Mono, Nochi ni… ch.211

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Final Battle – Chaotic God Race

Once the dark aura entered my mouth, I started eating. It gave a weird feeling inside my body, like something was moving around.
My body convulsed, trying to vomit the foreign object out, but I held my throat and endured.

[Gu, guuuuuu…..guaa!!]

I fell on ground groaning, rolling my body, trying to endure.
It’s tasty for such an unpleasant thing. The taste was definitely excellent, but this feeling of foreign object inside my body couldn’t lie. I wanted to immediately spit it out.
Still, trusting on that hope, I held on…..

『What on earth are you trying to do?』

[Wa, Wazu-sama!!]




『Well, whatever you do, the result won’t change.』

The Evil God came closer to me, swinging her fist to finish me off.

I took that fist without difficulty.


The Evil God took a distance from me as if surprised of something.
I slowly got up.

[Geho…..geho….ah…it’s delicious, but I’d rather not eat something like that twice….]

I closed and opened my hands, confirming the condition of my body.
At that moment, Floyd cried out.

[Wa, Wazu-sama….what in the world has happened?……your hair color….]

[Eh? What is it? Something strange?]

[No, that….when you first arrived here your hair was pure white, but now it’s mixed with black here and there. Like a mesh. Right, I think the ratio between the white and the black parts are fifty fifty.]

[Fuhn, I wonder why it became like that.

『You……what on earth are you?』


Just now, I did blocked her fist fairly easily. The Evil God was looking at me warily, then asked that question. Let me….think a little….

[Even if you ask me….I don’t know myself……I’m a God, yet I’m not… Evil God, yet not Evil God……human, no, I’m barely a human…’s that kind of feeling. Well, I did consumed the Evil God power just now….that’s right…..perhaps, you can say that my current state is……

“Chaotic God Race” Or something like that.]

I nodded at the name of a race I’ve made up.
Un, it’s an amazing name….right?

U~n….it’s something I thought out in the spur of moment…..I’m getting embarrassed… did my face looked when I said that….I thought I have to make a proud appearance, but honestly, doing that kinda embarrassed me….Anyways, nobody said anything, so it must be working, right? Right?

『A, are you kidding me!!』

The Evil God closed in again, she sprang on me and launched barrage of punches.
It may seem like there were dozens, no, hundreds of punches spreading out in front of me. To bad, no matter how fast or numerous it was, I can still see the real one.



I caught the Evil God’s fist without any difficulty.
What I saw next was the Evil God who had been stripped of her smile, and was now astonished.
In response to that, I smiled at the Evil God.

「Ah, I see……I gradually understand it. The God part gave me『Knowledge』, the Evil God part gave me『Power』, and the human part gave me『Possibilities』, am I right?」

『……possibility, you say?』

[Don’t you often hear about it? That human have infinite possibilities sleeping within them? With that said…….don’t you think it also includes the possibilities to surpass even Gods?]

At the same time I finished what I said, the Evil God jumped backward, glaring at me strongly.
I’m not scared even if you glared at me like that.
My body is overflowed with power.
I could feel that the the God portion, the Evil God portion, and the human portion within me mixed well.

『……so you are saying that you are no longer a God, but something that surpasses it?』

[Yeah, exactly what you said.]

Unable to accept my words, the Evil God collected the dark aura in her right fist, and with a cry that was unheard before, went to attack me.
I looked at the Evil God’s action.
For me who had realized my power, she moved extremely slowly.
It’s as if she was walking to me very very slowly.
Well no, she’s actually running.
I then also put power into my body.
I could feel it spreading through my whole body….

『Guuaggaaaa!!It’s useless!!God can’t die!!』

[Yeah yeah, you still don’t understand? The possibilities inside me is enough to kill even god!!]

As I shouted at the incoming Evil God, I also concentrate my power into my right fist, and in a cross counter, I punched through the Evil God’s body.

As my fist struck evil god’s body, she became particles and scattered in the air.
I realized something as I looked at that scene.

[……Ah!! My fault. I forgot to retrieve Floyd’s power back.]

[It’s alright. I am already quite satisfied with the current situation.]

[Ah alright then]

Since the influence of the Evil God had disappeared, the Goddess of the Dark which was created from its power had also faded away into particles.
Looking at the situation, the Goddesses gathered around me.

[Thank you, Wazu-san…..With this, the world is saved. It was originally our responsibility as gods…..but to leave the burden on Wazu-san instead. We can only repay with our body!!]

[Come now, please fully savor our body!! From head to toe, to every nook and cranny!! There is no one who will disturb us!! Come!! Come!!]

[Thank you very much. If Wazu wasn’t here, all of us would have been destroyed…..I truly appreciate it with my heart….That’s a strength I can’t hope to beat right now….fufu….it’s good to have a new goal….it’ll surely be fun in the future.]

[The Goddess of the Dark has also perished…fu….this is indeed our victory!! However, since my heart is a large as the sea, I’ll pray so that you can rest in peace!!]


[Yes yes, that’s fine….everyone is hurt, and since you have used considerable amount of power, you can all stop manifesting, take a rest……eh, she’s already asleep while standing!!]

The Goddess of Sky was already asleep while standing.
I wonder if she’ll tell me how she does that…

The Goddesses quipped [Still, I’ll accept your kind offer…] , and returned back to the guild card……why did you guys go back there!!

[Well then, shall I go home before everyone become worried?]

[Alright, then―――]

I headed out to the cave entrance just like that.

[Nonono, Wazu-sama!! Are you going to leave me like this? I can’t move since I’m stuck in this wall!! Could you please lend me a hand?]

[Eh? Why should I?]

Looking back, Floyd was smiling while having a saddened air around him.
Sighing….I returned to help Floyd, then rushed back to everyone….

There was sea of monster corpses no matter where I stepped in to….scary!!

Apparently the knights and the townsmen managed to repel the monsters, and were now holding some kind of a banquet at the outer side of the town.
I wonder if they’re having a feast for their victory.
Among them was Sarona.
I felt relieved that everyone seems to be okay. The knights and the townsmen seemed to be listening to Salona, but she received them in a slightly gloomy face.

I approached Sarona from behind, and heard her talked to Naminissa who was nearby.

[What’s the matter? Why are you having such a gloomy face? It’s not good to see your pretty face being cloudy like that, you know?]

[Pardon me. But, I’m still waiting for someone―――Wazu-sama!!]

Naminissa called out to me with a surprised voice, and reacting to that cry, everyone turned toward my direction. While receiving all those gazes, I raised my hand and said.

[I’m back, everything has been settled]

As if those words of mine was a trigger, Sarona frightened me by embracing me and crying.
As my feeling of fright subsided, my heart felt like it was fully filled with the sensation of Sarona’s presence in my embrace.


I love you all !!


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  1. thanks dude you are my hero for translating the rest of this novel, i was imagining that Thanos scene on the end of avengers 2:

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