Sono Mono, Nochi Ni… Extra – 1

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Bonus chapters from the Author-sama. And it’s very long chapter.
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Translator: Raizu
Editor: Shirayuki

Extra Chapter 1 – I actually met a decent guy this time

Author’s Note:
It is a story that I made without notice as the book-marking memorial.
As usual? Do I feel uneasy? Anyway, I hope you enjoy it.

Well then, please enjoy!


It was when I travelled around the continent for a honeymoon.
Other than me, there were my wives–Meru, Salona, Tata, Naminissa, Narelina, Haosui, Kagane, Mao–1 animal and 7 person and, for some reason, Floyd as a butler.
Floyd was the God of Creation, but the current him is someone who likes to fool around by acting like a butler.
I guess you could say that he’s an oddball of a God.
Whatever he does, it’ll just ascertain that he’s a strange one.
Despite being a God, he always act like a snob…..doing whatever he likes and keeps bothering me….

[Wazu-sama, did you just think of something rude just now?]

[No, I wasn’t thinking about anything.]

I slowly looked away from Floyd.
Floyd is mischievous….no, because of that, he’s strangely intriguing.
I have to be careful.
I need to do my work properly……

And now, lying on top of my head is obviously Meru, with Tata on the left and Narelina on the right walking side by side while holding hands.
It’s actually something suggested by Kagane, deciding the arrangement through Janken.
At first, the method was used only during the trip between city to city but later, the arrangement got solely decided from the result of janken match..

[Ah! There are two squirrels on that tree. Look at how they are eating the nut together, so friendly. Are they a couple? Fufu, they must’ve loved each other like us.]


[Come now, Wazu. Stick to me more. I….will feel lonely even if you leave me only for a bit.]

The breasts…..both of my arms are squished in between big breasts.
I’m pleased with the soft feeling, but I’m scared of the gazes from my other wives.
Their gaze is killing me.
Why is Salona playing around with her sword?
Why did Naminissa conjure up a barrier around my head?
Why does Haosui seem to be itching to jump?
Why is Kagane circulating magic into her staff?
And why does Mao’s fur stand out like that?

……I’m scared of everyone’s behaviour.
I’m happy yet scared, this situation….
In a way, I’m already a God, yet at times like this――

[That won’t do. Please focus your attention to only the two us now]

[That’s right. It’s our privilege after winning the janken match.]

――Tata and Narelina stuck to me even tighter.
Aa, I’m being wrapped~……I’m being healed~……

…….nonono. I don’t really pay too much attention about their size in particular, but Tata and Narelina are the biggest among my wives.
These two combined is too dangerous. I couldn’t help but to be drowned in the sensation.

Nevertheless, it doesn’t mean that I only care about Tata or Narelina alone.
Salona, Naminissa, Haosui, Kagane and Mao are equally important wives to me.
Of course, Meru too.
So please calm down. Calm down.
So please, can you girls tone down those killer breast squishing?
……..I beg of you.

And then, there are also those goddesses I want to forget but I can’t; now that all of them stayed inside my guild card…. inside? ……. Can I enter inside too? In any case, for some reason there is a space for them to do so.
They need my power in order to manifest in the outside world so I guess they do that to lessen the burden on my part.
But that doesn’t mean everything is well. Trouble always sprout whenever they choose to manifest.
They would usually fight over me with my wives.
And I’ll be stuck in the middle without a doubt since it’s hard to appease both sides.
It’s something nice…..but also the source of many sufferings. I hope this won’t make me bald early…..
However, that doesn’t mean that they’re not on good terms with each other.
I don’t pay too much attention to it, but their relationship was actually good.
One thing’s for sure: they will unite together if something threatened my well-being.
I wish they can maintain that good relationship on a more daily basis.


And well, when I was cooling myself down in the forest–

[Please wait!]

Abruptly, a man appeared from among the trees.
He was a normal looking guy you can find everywhere: wearing eyeglasses, simple and easy to move in clothing and a huge backpack carrying guy….who you could easily mistake for an adventurer, if not for the black apron he’s wearing.
He seems suspicious at first glance.
I freed my arms away from Tata and Narellina and stood up in front of them.

[Are you a thief!?]

[No, I’m just a bookstore clerk.]


…..Nn? What did you say just now?
So he’s not a thief? No, well, there is only one of him while we have a large group on our side, so he shouldn’t have any chance to win no matter what. Is he that confident in his skill?
No no, this guy might be just a decoy, is there someone else lurking around here?
Thinking inwardly, there are only two males in my group which is me and Floyd. The rest are beautiful young ladies. Perhaps, attracted to their beauty, they became greedy and decided to attack us, is that it…..?
I should stay vigilant…..let’s check one more time.
There is a possibility that I’ve heard wrong.

[…..I didn’t hear you properly just now. Can you repeat your words?]

[Certainly. I’m just a bookstore clerk.]


Un. I didn’t hear it wrong.
He certainly said [Bookstore Clerk]
Really just a bookstore clerk? The clerk from the book store back at the downtown?
Why on earth did someone with his profession end up here?
…’s just too abnormal. However, there are no signs of other people around. Just this one guy.
He didn’t seem to be lying, and he doesn’t seem to be capable of fighting in the first place.
…….oh well.
I’m in trouble. I’m in a big trouble. Now how should handle this?
……Yosh. I’m in deep trouble. Since I don’t know what he wants and I don’t know how to handle him, let’s just bust him.

I glanced at the guy.

Beyond that, there is someone that could become the middleman, which is Floyd.
My stare is saying, “Oi, what’s with this guy? He’s beyond my tolerance! I can’t do anything. I don’t know what to do. Or rather, I don’t want to get involved. So please, do something, God. I’ll leave everything to you. My wives and I will go ahead.”
Floyd, noticing my stare, looked behind himself only to see trees, then stared back at me as if saying “By any chance do you mean me?”, while pointing to himself to confirm.

I gave a small nod to Floyd.

Floyd replied affirmatively with a nod before going in front of us, confronting the man who claimed that he’s just a store clerk.
Yosh. Let’s leave this place while he creates a gap for us….

[Excuse me. I am the butler of Wazu-sama over there. My name is Floyd.]

[There, there. No need to be too polite. I’m the bookstore clerk Siros.]

The two of them bowed after exchanging greetings.

[Pardon me for being rude, but we are currently in the middle of travelling so it’s a bit hard to immediately believe someone who suddenly appeared before us like this.]

[That’s certainly true.]

[In that case, it’ll be good if we can see a proof to your identity…….since you are a bookstore clerk, can I see your rank card from the bookstore guild?]

[Ah, you’re right. Here it is.]

Leaving it to Floyd, I was about to leave but my wives actually stayed there.

My wives, what’s the matter? Are you not going? Then I felt something strange.
It seems that they are in favor for waiting for Floyd, which naturally scares me.
Nono, what was it just now? A rank card? Such a thing exists?
Now that you mention it, is there really a bookstore guild out there?
While I was wondering about that, the bookstore clerk――Siros-san took out a card from his breastpocket, which Floyd accepted and confirmed.
Seeing that Floyd returned the card since there is no problem, I called out to him.

[Floyd, a moment please.]

[Yes. Now then, I will excuse myself to explain this to my master.]


Floyd bowed to Siros-san before going back to me.

[Pardon me for the wait. I’ve checked the guild card, Siros-dono is indeed an excellent bookstore clerk.]

[…..Ah, right……no, that’s not it……nn? Excellent? What do you mean by excellent?]

[It was written in the guild card.]

[Ah, that one that one! What I wanted to know is: is there really such a thing as a bookstore guild?]

[Of course. Like the adventurer guild, it’s an organization that oversees book stores all over the world and the employee are also ranked just like adventurers. That why I know that he’s an excellent bookstore clerk.]

[They also have rank?]

[Yes. It’s written on their guild card from [★1] to [★8]. That’s right. To make it simple,

[★1] is an Apprentice
[★2] is those that no longer need instructors.
[★3] is customer service and can place order.
[★4] is responsible for the sales floor. A full fledged salesperson。
[★5] is a veteran. A dependable person。
[★6] is a store manager. The person in charge of the store.
[★7] is someone who can give guidance to stores in many places.
[★8] is someone who has transcended over all books.

That’s the gist of it.]

[Un. I still don’t get it. Especially the [★8] part]

What is he saying anyways?

[By the way, why are you so detailed about it?]

[Oya? Didn’t you know already? I thought that it’s general knowledge.]

[Stop comparing what is natural for you to what is natural to me.]

Sometimes it’s exhausting talking with this guy.

[Since Wazu-sama didn’t know then let me explain further, there is a position that is outside of normal rank which is [★Special], those belongs to this rank are fierce men who hunt for magic books in dungeons or demon countries――]

[Yes yes, enough enough. The talk will not stop, so let’s stop there……then that guy is telling the truth?]

[Yes. There is no problem on his part. I’ve checked his guild card properly. He is a [★5]. A veteran bookstore employee.]

Then let’s worry about the next thing.
Why is he in such a place? And why did he stop us?
I need to investigate about that.

[……alright. Then ask him why he stopped us.]

[Should I do that?]

After exchanging a word or two with my wives, I went to Siros-san, confronting him.

[You are――Siros-san is indeed a bookstore clerk. Then why are you, a bookstore clerk, doing in such a place? And why do you feel the need to bother us?]

[Yes. Actually there is a customer order for me to search for specific spell book……ah, the customer order means that I have to obtain a certain book that is designated by the customer…..]

[Ah, there is no need to explain that thoroughly.]

I wonder why. But this guy has the same smell as Floyd.

[… the way, a spell book?]

[Ee, the book title is “Spellbook of the Great Sage”. Somehow, according to what the famous Sage Inaizu-sama said, depending on who uses it, it’s a forbidden book that records what was said to be the ultimate magic.]

……Great Sage Inaizu? ……no idea.

[……errrr, that means you are in the middle of searching for that book?]

[Yes. Actually, the female manager-sama’s older sister’s children’s friend’s parent’s acquaintance of the boss’ business partners of the president’s son-in-law’s secretary of the shop where I’m working at and my old man’s girlfriend’s sister’s best friend’s tutor’s colleague’s boyfriend’s mother’s office vice manager as well as a friend of a junior who just joined the store recently told the female shop manager about the rumour. The female shop manager got interested so she wrote a customer note and asked me carry it out.] [ED note: basically something like a “I’ve heard of it from an acquaintance’s acquaintance”.]

[…..excuse me?]

[“I’m aware that it’s a forbidden book and I was looking for it under the instruction of the greedy female shop manager-sama.” or something like that]

[…….you should’ve just say so from the beginning]

[Pardon me. It’s my habit to organize the information neatly and correctly.]

There are a lot of parts I really want to refute.

What’s with that female manager-sama? And also, why do you look somewhat happy despite having to search for something like that?
But, it’ll only get more complicated so I remained silent about that.
Moreover, when he mentioned the forbidden part, his eyeglasses were brimming with light.
It’s flowing in a bad direction.
However, should I say that my intuition was correct?
This person is just as bad as Floyd.

[….We~ell, I understand that you are searching for that spellbook, but why did you stop us?]

[Yes. Actually……I got lost.]


[I got lost. According to the rumours, there seems to be a residence of a wise man in this forest, but I became confused as soon as I entered the forest. It’s as if my sense of direction had become crazy.]

[Are you sure about that?]

[I wish that I’m not. After all, I’m also a B-rank adventurer.]

Siros-san had a troubled smile on his face.
I was quite surprised with his high adventurer rank but I am more worried about him being lost.
Losing his way in this forest?
On our part, we were progressing normally and I didn’t feel that I’ve lost my sense of direction.
……what on earth is happening here?
I put my finger on my chin to think this through, but the answer popped out pretty quick.

[Will you listen to me for a bit? Isn’t the “Forest of Hesitation” just around here?]

Salona came closer to me, and said so.

[Forest of Hesitation?]

[Yeah. It was a hot topic among the elves. It’s said that there is a forest which is protected by a barrier that disoriented anyone who passes through. Perhaps, that forest is around here somewhere. He seems to be lost due to that, I guess?]

[But, how come it doesn’t affect us?]

[That…well, I guess our standard is too high for it to affect us….]

Ah, I see now.
Floyd is a God of Creation while I am some sort of a God as well. I guess that’s why the barrier doesn’t affect us?
That somewhat convinced me.
If that’s the case, Siros-san won’t get lost again so long as he’s travelling with us, and we can still proceed to our destination as normal….
If I simply say [Alright, good bye] then, Siros-san will continue to be lost in here….that’ll leave a bad aftertaste.
Besidely, Kagane is watching me as if expecting me to do something, I don’t actually have any desire to obtain it but.
Well, I guess nothing’s wrong with guiding him out of here.



[Since our group can traverse the forest normally, would you want to travel with us if it’s okay with you?]

Siros-san smiled happily upon my offer.

[Will it be fine? Since I’m already at a loss here, that’ll truly save me, you know? Will I be intruding though?]

[It’s alright. We also need to meet someone here. There is no problem if it’s just guiding you through the forest….. Moreover, I have someone in my group who is also interested in that book so if it’s okay, we also want to read the content of the book a little in exchange for us guiding you through the forest.]

When I looked back at Kagane, she repeatedly nodded with a smile on her face.
It seems that it pleased her.
I guess it’s also my duty as Kagane’s brother and husband, to try and please her.
My other wives also nodded in approval.
Seeing them like this, I can only smile.
Floyd? There is no need confirm his intention.
Because whatever things I like, he’ll say that he like it as well.

[Since it’s been decided, I’ll be in your care. Thank you very much.]

After receiving gratitude from Siros-san, we were shown a map of the forest with a circle that’s supposed to be around here and with that, we proceeded to our destination.


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