My Impression of Amayui Castle Meister + Teaser for the Incoming English Interface Patch

Sup guys, Raizu is here.

As the title said, I’ll share my impression and maybe a bit of review about Amayui.

Amayui Castle Meister is the latest RPG Strategy Eroge from Eushully.
You can check the info on VNDB or Eushully site.

The interface patch is out!
Download Link on here

Without further ado, let’s begin.
Amayui 33

Background of Story

Avaro the MC, is working as technomancer which specialise in labyrinth construction and restoration. After trapped in the cave-in, he accidentely met and awaken Fia, the self-claimed Goddess.

Then, after some talk and Avaro made contract with Fia, they will go together to a certain place. For that very reason, they have formed a Jack-of-all trades shop, accepting the villager requests, helping the surrounding areas, recruiting more (girl)friends and (male+Spirits) companions, and overcome any obstacles ahead.

This game have a simple linear plot. Along their way to reach the destination, the pair of Goddess and Apostle will meeting many conflicts and confront other forces that interested with the moving Fortress.

Oh also, don’t expect multiple routes, okay? Because the main heroine has been decided from the beginning.


I recorded one of my gameplay. Sorry if I’m bad on it XD
The gameplay-wise is similar with Kamidori (+undo feature), so it’ll took you a lot of time to decide the strategy in the battle.

As you watched above, Amayui is like combination between Kamidori Alchemy, Madou Koukaku, and Himegari Dungeon. (I’ll share some of the screenshots below)
Kamidori -> Gameplay and Crafting system.
Madou Koukaku -> Town building and its effect to party.
Himegari -> Katorito’s growth. (Since this is a spoiler, I won’t tell much about her. You can consider this as Uchi no Musume – Eushully vers.).

If someone said this game is spiritual sequel of Kamidori Alchemy, no, that’s wrong. It’s only have same gameplay mechanic. The story and background is completely different.

Sneak peek on the english Interface Patch

Amayui 34
Character menu.
You can change your character weapon, equipment, and even skills.

Amayui 40
Main Story menu.
Incase you’re confused on what-to-do next.

Amayui 38

It’s contain explanation about Eushully world history. It has relation with the other Eushully games.

Amayui 35

Amayui 39
Workshop menu.
You can pick one of three options there. Crafting, Breaking, and Upgrading.
You can craft item for equipment, building, and event in here.

Amayui 42
Training Area menu.
You can see your captured monsters via this building. The captured monsters is needed to level-up your Spirits Status, include getting new skills.

Amayui 37Fortress menu
You can check the effects of your building and Formation bonus in the Fortress via this menu. It can show you the bonus status that we gained and the amount of money we got for everyday.

Amayui 42

Amayui 41

World Map menu.
Whenever you pick a location/dungeon, it’ll show you what kinds of loots and what kinds of enemies over there. Make sure to reach maximum Fortress Effects to get a lot of mats.

Amayui 39

Amayui 37
Option menu.
It has some basic options such as System Setting, Text Setting, Sound Setting, etc.


I guess that’s all.

Amayui is really fun game. You’re most likely spend a lot of time on farming items than doing main story. If you’re enjoying RPG game and farming items, then you can try this game. 😀

You can follow the progress of the patch on ZAP Translation:

Oh yeah, if you have question why I can get the interface patch, it’s easy to answer. I’m currently helping on the project as their translator. 😉
It might gonna slowing down my pace on my current projects, but worry not, I’ll try to post a chapter for every 3-4 days. Sorry about that.

7 thoughts on “My Impression of Amayui Castle Meister + Teaser for the Incoming English Interface Patch

    1. I went with anything that give status bonus.
      Especially the one which have formations, such as box, line, etc.

      If there is open space, I use the building which give mats loots bonus from mining and harvest.

      Oh, I put two monster jails too, so I can capture a lot of them during main story.


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